2387. PROVERBS — Singles 03

  1. Ensuring that his devotion goes beyond mere commitment minimizes her being taken for granted after marriage.
  2. Female gentleness is far removed from a weakness. To men it’s unique and mysterious. Much like modesty, it defies understanding, which makes it strong.
  3. Wifely-designed and female-upheld customs and manners calm men and teach domestic standards and expectations.
  4. Females are programmed to hope for the present and dream for the future. Success in each phase requires their different but sincere behaviors.
  5. Females are too easily convinced to go along to get along, but premarital sex adds strength, authenticity, and right-mindedness to male domination.
  6. Females who pursue equal right to be unfaithful actually redouble the masculine effort to exploit their natural dominance and sexual freedom.
  7. Feminine adherence to highly moral and Christian religious standards earns masculine respect, the foundation of manly love of a woman.
  8. Feminine mystique, female modesty, religious morality, unconditional sexual fidelity, female-defined manners, and holy matrimony earn respect.
  9. Femininity adds color to a man’s black and white world. [For this I credit an anonymous woman in one of Alison A. Armstrong’s books.]
  10. Femininity is the philosophy of attractiveness for men, the creed of mutual devotion with a man, and the gospel of faithfulness to one man.

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One response to “2387. PROVERBS — Singles 03

  1. Sarina

    There is a constant trend nowadays for women to be butch, loud and strong in attitude and language, I’m happy to know that being gentle and calm is still appreciated by men, but for today’s society women must acquire some manly traits in order to succeed in the workplace which is a negative pressure. Also, the women that want to stand out will be made fun of so it’s not easy to be different from the crowd cause words do hurt when people mock.

    Your Highness Sarina,

    I agree with what you say. But I’ve noticed this. Feminine women are better leaders of men than masculine-like women. They may, however, also be the slowest promoted because their bosses think duplicating bosses is complimentary and, therefore, more valuable than effective leadership at lower levels.

    IOW, feminine ladies seem to bosses to be too easy, whereas toughness shows up in faux masculinity. I found very feminine women to be tougher than men about business principles, and the morale and effectiveness of underlings to be the opposite of what bosses expect.

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