2391. PROVERBS — Singles 04

  1. Feminism and Femininity are mutually exclusive. The former attracts women; the latter attracts men. Trying to blend a couple tends to exclude compatibility.
  2. Feminism dilutes mutual respect and makes unconditional respect (e.g., chivalry) practically non-existent within a couple. It’s a compatibility toxin.
  3. Feminism makes women think more like men, especially ‘me before you’ and ‘me before us’. Thus, they lose their natural expertise for holding a man.
  4. Feminists claim female independence as a woman’s right. Men let them have it and welcome the watering down of family responsibility and accountability.
  5. Flower gifts to men indirectly inflict guilt that her money was wasted at his cause. But, if it pleases her….
  6. Girls and women who play hard-to-get know what they do. Those who don’t do it teach males to benefit by using their own hard-to-get model, e.g., players.
  7. Girls don’t condition boys to respect females and domesticity, but they either help along the process that moms start or men don’t have it.
  8. Hard-headed feminine gentleness born out of her soft-hearted nature beguiles males. It adds to both her mystique and influence, because she’s so unlike men.
  9. Former relationships may be known to her man, but no mention should EVER be made or details disclosed about ex-boyfriends or ex-husbands.
  10. He practically begs to know her sexual history. He uses it to expect her sexual fidelity with him and may use it against her in disputes. Non-disclosure works best.


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11 responses to “2391. PROVERBS — Singles 04

  1. Magnolia

    About #6- I am playing hard to get with the man that I am dating and we both love it. I ration the time we spend together and he works ever harder to set up dates and see me more often.

    Hard to get puts men squarely in the role of the seller and forces them to try harder to win you over. It drives them crazy, but in a good way. And it is not mean. That’s what men say and women believe them.

    Female hard to get is what nature intended for the beautiful dance of the yin and the yang. It counterbalances male dominance and male resistance to commitment. Too many women nowadays fall for vague and unavailable and sadly place themselves in the role of the seller instead of placing the man in that role. That’s why they keep losing out.

    Your Highness Magnolia,
    Well described, phrased, and accurate. Well done both in life and writing. Thanks.

  2. Sarina

    Often I hear men say how they appreciate a female partner who’s ‘direct’ cause women (so they claim) are impossible to guess and understand, but I prefer Sir Guy’s method of being more subtle.
    Now, regarding point 6, besides players and guy who purposely become vague and unavailable, there’s a category of shy guys who I also think should be avoided. This type of man might have potential once you get to know him, but the pulling, trying so hard to initiate contact with him while he stays indifferent turns it into another type of emotional pain. A frustrating experience where the woman makes efforts because he’s too cautious of making attempts. Too much hassle for a woman who will drain herself before he ‘opens’ up.

    Your Highness Sarina,
    Treat them as players. Drop a hint or two and shut up, initiate nothing, and force them to come to you IF they are interested. It’s part of your screening process.

    • Magnolia

      Yes, Sarina. Most women don’t know how to deal with that kind of man and waste years of the lives pining and go through a lot of heartache instead of ignoring the man for good and paying attention to the men who are pursuing them. They become fixated. A woman who is interested in a long-term relationship that will lead to marriage shouldn’t bother with that.

      Men do not have the same desire for said long-term relationships, and therefore we women need to wise up and date around, as Sir Guy says. We just need to keep it moving until we find a candidate who is the most able (or the fittest). If he refuses to put himself in the role of the seller, he is not good enough for us. Too many women wonder and wonder about this as if it matters. (Does he like me?/Why doesn’t he like me?/Am I not pretty enough?/Why isn’t he calling?) It doesn’t really matter why he isn’t reaching out. What matters is that he is not reaching out, so we get busy with others. Otherwise, as I said, it’s just a colossal waste of time and energy, not to mention precious fertility time (and we all know that biology waits for no one). Even if we’ve already had children or can no longer have them, all we’ll achieve by obsessing over someone *who has made it clear that he doesn’t want to be with us*, other than waste time, is having him call us a “crazy bitch”. The ladies of this blog are better than that.

      • gonemaverick

        Magnolia and Sarina, you are very good students.

      • That Horse Is Dead

        Lady Magnolia,

        I think the problem is that it’s not always black and white or clear. There are nuances to a relationship that you wonder, “Should I be patient with this man?” After all, patience is what will help a woman determine whether a man is Mr. Good Enough. I have been on many dates in the last 10 years with men who pursued me who were probably also sociopaths. When you finally meet a man who makes a connection that you haven’t experienced in a long time, it’s easy to become hopeful (which I prefer to say rather than fixated). Especially when he is individualistic, good work ethic, ruggedly masculine, generous, has parents who are still married after 50 years, and you run in the same social circles so see each other frequently. I’m not disagreeing with what you say, but it can be hard to put a man back into the parade when it is the fittest you’ve seen in a decade. But, you do get your fill (eventually) and realize it was another growing experience along the path to meeting Mr. Good Enough:)

        • Magnolia

          Hello Lady THID,

          I hope my comment didn’t come off as critical. It’s not how I meant it. Just wanted to help anyone who might be interested. I have a lot of respect for the ladies who read and follow this blog. You all are precious jewels. Cream of the crop.

          • That Horse Is Dead

            Hello:) I enjoy reading your contributions, Lady Magnolia! I agree with you that all the ladies here are jewels. We all help each other coming from different backgrounds and phases in life.

            • Magnolia

              Lady THID,

              I will be writing more tips that I’ve picked up along the way that have helped me sprint instead of walk in my dating life for anyone who might be interested. What you read here is only the tip of the iceberg. Some things can make a huge difference. Stay tuned. 😉

    • Meow Meow

      Yeah I think this kind of man “shy” as you call him, or maybe “reticent”/”stoic” can be particularly frustrating for ladies who try to put themselves in the driver’s seat…. He is a good guy in the sense that he may not be a player, may even be a chivalrous man who is good to his mom, builds houses for Habitat for Humanity, and saves Sea Turtles (All wonderful things I may add) but is TRULY emotionally unavailable at present. Perhaps divorced, world weary, through with LTR’s or marriages, so he says, or too busy with his job or taking care of his kids/family. Maybe he’s ill, physically or mentally, maybe not…but a straight up guy nonetheless. He may or may not talk about his reasons for not wanting to be in a relationship right now. But many women are obsessed with this kind of guy’s potential as a life partner, and for good reason—-he IS a decent man, and not easily dismissed as a player. But he runs on his own time table. He may be constantly changing his mind about dating. He may be reticent, or half-interested in you—then retreat into his own shell when things get too intense. And the time you spend emotionally investing into fantasies about him can go on for years!

  3. Lilac

    Dear Sir Guy,

    Can I check with you whether it’s Feminist idea or not? This is the teaching from my aunties and uncles (in their 60’s) :
    As a single woman, you need not rush to get married. You have your own job. You can be independent. You do not have to rely on a man.

    Thanks for your reply!

    Your Highness Lilac,
    Yes, their advice is primarily feminist. It flies in the face of how females are born. Their natural hopes and dreams envision long-term marriage, dependence on a man, developing their nest and his castle, and raising children. Not all are born that way but most are as anthropological history and political evolution shows. Your aunties and uncles entered adolescence after the leftist political changes of the Sixties swayed public opinion away from the male and female natures.

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