2392. PROVERBS — Sex Differences 04

  1. He competes as a matter of his nature. She senses that competing with him before marriage and cooperating afterward protect her interests that change.
  2. Women do not need a man, but they want help to be ready in difficult times. Men enjoy it when they can rescue a woman, but it isn’t the same.
  3. Women need a brighter future for them and theirs, and trusting husbands leave it for wives to anticipate, cooperate, plan, and coordinate.
  4. Women naturally act as if they need and can depend on a specific man, much more than the reverse. The compliment seduces him to favor her interest.
  5. Women want help when they need it in a world they can’t dominate, but men leave it for women to handle until women depend on their man.
  6. Women work to love. Men love to work. Else, neither makes a compatible mate.
  7. Women are born pretty. Men are born handy. Mates that perceive each other that way promote compatibility.
  8. She fears abandonment the most. He mostly fears insignificance. As wife fails to uphold husband’s sense of significance, she flirts with abandonment.
  9. She’s motivated to seek self-importance. He’s motivated to seek self-admiration. Acceptance and confirmation by one’s mate makes both more worthy.
  10. He wants independence both inside and outside a relationship. She wants togetherness both inside and outside whatever their ‘arrangement’.


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2 responses to “2392. PROVERBS — Sex Differences 04

  1. Kristiane

    Sir Guy,
    Can you give me more details on number 6? I understand the part about its in a man’s nature to love to work. What do you mean women work to love and why is that true?
    Lady in Training

    Your Highness Kristiane,
    I use the term ‘work’ broadly. Whether at home or employed, a woman’s prime motivation is self-importance, which prompts her to find gratitude in self and others, which energizes her to also shower love on them. Hence, whatever her efforts in life, loving someone fits as natural as man’s love of work.

    • Kristiane

      Sir Guy,
      Thank you for the explanation. I find this is true for myself. This is probably the main reason why I don’t enjoy working. I like to do things for people that I care for and appreciate my efforts. Yet there are some women who are not like this and I wonder how is this possible? Is it society shaping their nature or is there a spectrum of personalities where some women resemble male’s nature more? Thank you for your quick responses.
      Lady in Training

      Your Highness Kristiane,
      “Is it society shaping their nature [i.e. their behavior rather than nature] or is there a spectrum of personalities where some women resemble male’s nature more?” It’s mostly the former by a large margin and a small bit of the latter.

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