2393. PROVERBS — Sex 03

  1. Women have a primary motivation for sex, the expectation of significant intimacy. Meanwhile, men enter it seeking to confirm dominion of a female.
  2. A guy may take a woman to orgasm, but it’s not the same thing as great lovemaking. Lengthy arousal before and intimacy after intercourse trump orgasm for most women.
  3. About her sexual history, the smartest women neither complain nor explain. They disclose the absolute least possible, because men harshly judge such info.
  4. After conquest, the man takes ownership of their sexual agenda if he has lingering interest in keeping her available for more.
  5. After-play intimacy depends on a satisfying ritual of holding, hugging, snuggling, and confirming her importance with kisses and whispers.
  6. Arousal has different sources in foreplay, intercourse, and after-play. He’s in charge; he’s as good a lover as she enjoys sustained periods of arousal.
  7. Arousal is that exhilarating thrill of female sensuousness that arises and is sustained by continuous physical contact that if sustained can lead to orgasm.
  8. Female promiscuity poisons the social marketplace. The de-civilizing effect on males weakens cultural standards by females and de-domesticates males.
  9. Guys don’t think they need it, but there’s room for improvement if they become better informed of how the female body works and responds to a man’s stimulation.
  10. His unstoppable urge is penetration and mission accomplished. His climax will likely occur without regard for what she does. It’s his primal sex urge acted out.



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8 responses to “2393. PROVERBS — Sex 03

  1. “Female promiscuity poisons the social marketplace. The de-civilizing effect on males weakens cultural standards by females and de-domesticates males.”

    This is so wise. Men rise to the standards set by women in a cultural context. When women set low expectations for male behavior, men tend to drop to that expectation, too. It’s one area in life where men tend to really take the lead from women.

    • Magnolia

      True! Women are the emotional leaders of the relationship. We set the tone for it.

    • Miss Gina

      Well said, insanitybytes22.

      Taking off from this point, I have to say that I’ve been really encouraged in the last day or two by the responses I’ve seen online to Beyonce’s “performance” at the Super Bowl, on both the anti-police and the sexual counts.

      People of both sexes are condemning it, but I’ve noticed in particular that a lot of men have been calling her whorish dancing, costuming, lyrics, and general persona “trash.” For instance, my cable company “news” page showed her in a positive light yesterday as the main story. They asked what readers thought of her performance. There were only nine comments, but most or all were from males, saying she was a disgusting skank. I think there are still a lot of guys out there who have some level of decency instilled by women in their lives, but I don’t know that they speak out very often. Maybe holding in opinions is one of those male things, but it’s been nice to hear from them.

  2. A.GuyMaligned


    Her Highness Insanitybytes22 often contributes here with wise observation and counsel. Now, I understand. She has her own blog worthy of daily check-in as matter of habit or get emails of her latest posts.

    Her writing is superlative, her thoughts politically incorrect, and the sweep of her Christian intelligence much broader than that to which most of us are exposed. She spotlights solution where most of us see only problem, if that.

    I recommend her website as worthy of the attention of anyone hoping to improve their own lives.


    • My Husband's Wife

      Thank you for the blog recommendation—I’ve always enjoyed reading Insanitybyte’s comments and words of wisdom and I’ll be adding her blog to my list .

    • Cinnamon

      Sir Guy,

      I may be totally out to lunch here, but I can’t seem to find a link to WWNH on your Gravatar profile. That means that when you leave a comment on another blog (such as Insanitybytes’s), there is no link back to this blog.

      If I am correct that there is no link, this means that when you leave a comment on Insanitybyes’s blog, her readers will not be able to link back to your blog when they view your Gravatar profile, which would be a shame because I think many of them would like this blog very much.

      If I am wrong about this missing link, my apologies to your tech guru!

      Your Highness Cinnamon,
      I think I know what you’re saying but haven’t the foggiest of what to do except refer it to my guru. Will do.

  3. Thank you for your kindness Sir Guy, it is much appreciated. Also, thank you for the words of wisdom you share with us everyday.

    I believe what Cinnamon is suggesting, is simply that you add your website to your gravatar picture, so people can find you easily. I think it is just a matter of clicking your little photo, clicking on “profile,” and than clicking, “add website.”

    Your Highness Insanitybytes22,
    Thank you. I shall try.

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