2394. PROVERBS — Marriage 04

  1. Drop or compensate for impulse buying, compulsive shopping, and immediate gratification. It earns self-respect and shows respect for hubby.
  2. Men by nature have little or no interest in nesting, nurturing, or nestling. They have to be taught before puberty by females.
  3. Men by nature have little or no interest in intimate cuddling/snuggling after sex. They learn it from females and adapt best when pleasing her pleases him.
  4. Men escape being parented when they leave their childhood home. They won’t accept it by a wife and especially not in front of others.
  5. Men have multiple missions and work hard to accomplish goals; daily they work, rest, recover, and prepare for tomorrow’s battles with their dragons.
  6. Men marry to ‘own’ frequent and convenient access to sex. Except as his imagination determines otherwise, all vaginas are alike, so she has to be unique.
  7. New school moral relativism breeds abuse and violence of men against women and children. The evil impulses of mankind escape and evade control by individuals.
  8. Only repeated egregious actions by her man shatters her hopes and dreams and, consequently, love. Normally, she’s resilient to his flaws.
  9. Other then connected to sex, women expect to hear affection expressed in multiple ways and need it demonstrated on frequent occasions.
  10. Promiscuously experienced boys make poor mates. Their expectations revolve around sex, and it promotes that more than mate as person/woman/wife/mother.

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One response to “2394. PROVERBS — Marriage 04

  1. Of course men are not interested in the feminine arts of “nesting, nurturing, or nestling.” But men committed to a wife and family will do their damnedest to provide for them materially so that they have a comfortable, safe home.

    And even unattached men want (well, okay, maybe not every one of them, but most of the guys I know) want a living environment in which they can relax from the challenges of a busy day.

    They may not have any desire to spend a Saturday afternoon in pajamas, hanging out with their lady love watching movies, but they want their creature comforts.

    The twice-divorced feral cat I speak of here said once that when he comes home from work, he likes to set the table with good china and cutlery and have a good meal.

    If there’s no woman in his life to take care of him, he’s going to live as if there is.

    I can see how a man committed to a family would expect satisfying, relaxing experiences (and I mean in addition to the obvious experience of sex) as his due reward for going out and sweating and struggling on their behalf.

    It’s all his prize for *doing* something special and amazing as opposed to a woman expecting satisfying, relaxing experiences as her due reward for “being* something special and amazing.

    Seems to me that men and women both want material and emotional prizes for being good to their significant other. They just want them for different reasons.

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