2395. PROVERBS — Sex 04

  1. Men are born naturally self-convinced of their sexual ability to perform excellently. They’re difficult to change, and only highly respected women can.
  2. Men have two independent sexual urges. 1) To conquer sexually attractive females they think possible. 2) To have frequent and convenient access to sex.
  3. The hunter-conqueror’s primary sex urge motivates a man to conquer attractive women, who then become either keeper, booty, or disposable.
  4. Of men’s two sexual urges, to conquer for first-time sex is strongest. The second urge is the most promising for women to satisfy and overcome the first.
  5. Women have this natural understanding: To capture and keep a mate by satisfying his urge for frequent and convenient access. Lose the obligation and lose him.
  6. Lovemaking comes in three acts: foreplay, intercourse, and after-play. The first and last—if done ‘right’—satisfy women and the middle satisfies men.
  7. When women are not regularly fulfilled in both foreplay and after-play, they can’t convince themselves that intercourse makes their man a lover.
  8. Loving her means greater arousal than intercourse alone generates. Foreplay arouses her with an eager heart, after-play pleasingly confirms her importance.
  9. Women need intimacy; men don’t. After sex, sustained holding, cuddling, and affectionate whispers confirm her importance and worth to him.
  10. Except as one well-respected woman convinces him to ignore his urge to conquer other women, he’s free to move on after each target is conquered.

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