2397. PROVERBS — Singles 05

  1. Her love magnifies with dreams. It intensifies as she realizes that her man of choice will adjust himself to help fulfill her girlhood hopes and dreams.
  2. Her past appears closer to virginity, when his imagination figures that all those other men must have failed too, because he can’t conquer her.
  3. Her refusals to permit a man’s conquest in spite of his maximum effort registers deep inside him as greater respect for her.
  4. Her unmarried sexual activity and his respect of her restraint work like a zero-sum game. The less activity, the more respect and vice versa.
  5. Holding out during a long courtship enables her to determine his true character and intention. She eventually figures out whether he’s after her or just sex.
  6. Hook up but no call? Shack up but no joy? Married but no peace? Then she better change herself, because men don’t or won’t.
  7. If he mistakes her friendliness for something else, she has uniquely subtle ways to turn him off without offense and the character to dissuade him with offense.
  8. If women don’t want to brighten their world by making themselves femininely attractive, men are released and will ‘uglify’ their world to their liking and style.
  9. In addition to encouraging more unmarried sex, feminist thinking prompts women to blame men for the consequent need of relationship maintenance.
  10. It’s poor choice to expect new man’s empathy or sympathy about her ex. He’s more curious to figure out how her behavior then will impact him now.



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8 responses to “2397. PROVERBS — Singles 05

  1. That Horse Is Dead

    Sir Guy,

    You’ve mentioned elsewhere on the blog, but I feel NOT hugging men is important with point #7. I think it’s something women do without thinking about the message it sends. The other evening at a Super Bowl get together, a man who hosted the party with an apparent interest in me walked me to the door. I politely had my hands full of food and thanked him without the hug and plenty of space between us as I left.

    Your Highness That Horse is Dead,
    I agree. Women should not hug men except husbands, boyfriends, fathers, and brothers. It’s a tease that modern women seem to enjoy OR they know no better. Men feel a female body and think of sex, which makes it the tease.

  2. Meow Meow

    I honestly don’t think it enters most women’s mind that a hug could provoke thoughts of sex in men and come off as a tease. Growing up i certainly didn’t. Actually this is one of the things you have written about that has surprised me the most! Now, unless a man initiates a hug, (which is pretty rare) I just don’t do it! My innocent hugging days are over….

  3. Meow Meow

    Re #6—Radio psychologist Dr. Toni Grant once said “Women don’t have nagging rights. They have leaving rights.” This seems along the same lines. Find ways to change the bad situation (that don’t involve nagging) or, if its that bad, leave. Pretty tough stuff! But better to be gone than a doormat….

  4. SouthernBelle

    Sir Guy

    Regarding #10 will you elaborate please. I see this as being a good thing if certain things are revealed (not full disclosure) that he sees her actions on how she handles men in relationships. Almost a warning of sorts if he ever consider mistreating her.

    Your Highness Southern Belle,

    You’re using woman-think. It’s quite natural to figure that more info helps someone else understand you.

    However, dealing with new man about an ex works opposite to your wishes. Oh, he might sympathize at the moment and call your ex a cad or worse, but the other side will emerge after living with you awhile. It may not favor you.

    Until he’s observed you in action as his mate, he doesn’t know if or how the ex was provoked. He may learn to shift his empathy or sympathy away from you and toward the ex. That’s why non-disclosure about exes is superior to sharing details or soliciting confirmation that you were right and ex was wrong.

    Moreover, he’s not very interested in “how she handles men in relationships.” Except with him, that is.


    • SouthernBelle

      Thank you Sir Guy. I don’t know how to answer these questions when they come up after deflecting for months. Avoiding answering directly just feels like secrecy and if someone interfaced that way with me I would be highly suspect that they’re hiding something “bad” they do t want me to know. I wonder if I’ll ever really understand men.

      Your Highness Southern Belle,

      We’re on different wavelengths. I was talking about volunteering/complaining about exes. You are now talking about fielding questions from new man about your ex.

      It’s the same but different: Never complain about an ex and answer questions with the least amount of info and no invective or complaints. How you describe your ex and exes reveals your likely behavior under domestic pressures. Men judge beforehand and figure out how women disappointed by other men will react to their leadership.

      You already understand men. You’re just judging, measuring, and expecting them to act like women and they won’t and don’t. Revise your thinking to see them as totally different from women, and then look for the ways they are different. Your understanding will amaze you.


  5. Sarina

    Pop culture has a damaging effect on single women, regardless of age. I’ve seen how they lust after some pop singer’s body because he sings ‘smoothly’, does ‘hip thrusts’ and looks attractive. The adolescent mindset prevails. Music companies know how to lure fangirls by creating a ‘cool’ guy image which is fake since most pop singers are caught in scandals sooner or later.
    This is a huge threat to young girls, having sexual songs pumped into their heads daily while they sensually obsess over some guy on stage that doesn’t even care about their existence.

    Your Highness Sarina,
    Amen, sister, Amen. And male dominance continues to grow to excess.

  6. Lilac

    Dear Sir Guy,

    I am wondering what you think about men taking handbags for their wives/girlfriends. Is this act a gentleman’s act? Or sth that robs men’s masculinity?
    I have a no stand about this. I thought of this question when I read from the newspaper about a sewing course for men… the sewing product is a female’s personal product… The course aims to let participants know more about the monthly cycle of their girlfriends/wives and the feelings/pain associated with it. Sounds very counter-cultural to me!!! What do you think about it?

    Your Highness Lilac,
    1st para: It’s okay if she’s just tying her shoe or something like that.
    2nd para: It’s feminist BS. He won’t be known as a “real man” afterwards. It may be a good way to come out of the closet.


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