2399. PROVERBS — Sex 05

  1. Born with instinct for intercourse, men move on to next target. Lacking respect for women who yield easily, they care too little and underperform as lovers.
  2. Men show off their competence as lovers by respecting sex partners enough to provide foreplay and after-play to satisfy a woman’s desire for intimacy.
  3. Passionate stimulation of erogenous zones arouses her. However, it takes more than foreplay and satisfying intercourse to satisfy need for intimacy.
  4. Bypass foreplay and rush to intercourse releases him to aim for his orgasm, and she may well be forgotten except for being present to receive his effort.
  5. Sexual relations and lovemaking are not the same. The former is just action, the latter is refined achievements primarily aimed at satisfying her with oodles of intimacy.
  6. After being romanced and before intercourse, she needs to be aroused and made eager. Those first two steps are essential to satisfy her need for intimacy.
  7. It’s desired thus by women. Her lover maintains a high level of arousal for extended periods with his whispers confirming her worth/importance to him.
  8. The male sex drive arises out of his instinctive and hormonal urge to dominate females and go where other men have not; it provides self-admiration.
  9. The most primitive sex urge—after conquest, that is—also arises out of a man’s physiological urge to copulate and psychological urge to find satisfaction with self.
  10. Tender and extended foreplay signifies his willingness to forego his dominance and please himself by pleasing her. It’s civilized, unselfish, and adds intimacy for her.



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2 responses to “2399. PROVERBS — Sex 05

  1. As a woman with a very high sex drive, I find that the actual intercourse needs to be lengthy regardless of foreplay for me to feel physically satisfied. So, when pressed for time, I’d rather miss some of the foreplay than shorten the intercourse. And I’d rather have a quickie than nothing at all. BUT, that said, once the physical side is got out of the way, I need to enjoy some very close contact and peace and quiet with Jon. I think the time when our heartrates are back to normal is the appropriate time to even consider starting talking and/or moving again!

    Just because I am a very physical woman doesn’t mean I’m not a woman at the end of the day. The priorities list just gets flipped around. I’d rather shut up my body first.

    Your Highness Superslaviswife,
    You sound pretty normal to me. I think most women would choose that path when sex is less than perfect for them.

  2. Miss Gina

    “Civilized” and “unselfish”–two words that our civilization sorely needs us to repeat and repeat again…to our children, to our friends, to our families, to co-workers…to everyone we meet.

    Your Highness Miss Gina,
    You’re right. I find the common but missing ingredient to be self-respect. You can’t give what’s not in your heart, and the ingredient missing that civilizes and lowers selfishness is respect for others and someone else respectively.

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