2400. PROVERBS — Singles 06

  1. Some people excessively want to be liked by others. It’s caused by lack of faith in one’s natural self-interest and self-centered persona (as opposed to selfish).
  2. Large-breast fixation in a man is adolescent and immature. It makes enlargement self-defeating to capture and keep the more mature man.
  3. Living with or pursuing women with small breasts signifies the man is more likely to focus more on all of her; that is, more on the woman than just sex.
  4. Long before the wedding date, commitment to spending, financial decision-making, and ultimate success is a foundation pillar of marital compatibility.
  5. Males naturally insist on sex without marriage. Impatience floods the conqueror’s spirit and marriage threatens his independence.
  6. Masculine-style sexual freedom for women nullifies the female’s advantage. It reduces womanly influence over male dominance and aggression by men.
  7. Men are driven to compete. As hunter-conquerors they target high-value prey. No rabbit heads mounted in their den; unattractive women can be passed up.
  8. She’s admired. Men respect a woman that routinely, proudly, and defiantly presents an attractive appearance, because men think it unnecessary for themselves.
  9. Men enjoy the challenge of chasing the unconquerable. If they don’t enjoy the challenge, they lack ambition for other things too.
  10. Men judge a woman’s character by her apparent sexual availability; a monogamous spirit earns the greatest respect if not attention.



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16 responses to “2400. PROVERBS — Singles 06

  1. Magnolia

    Number 9 is so true no matter what men say! If he doesn’t want to chase it’s time to make an about face, ladies!

    • anon...

      I KNOW…. and sometimes guys get ‘weaker’ when women chase them, or women are attracted to guys who seem to have ambition, even when they don’t….(chasing the ‘bad boy’)

      • Magnolia

        Yeah, some women are attracted to unworthy men and then complain that “men are this and that.” So do men, by the way. I’ve seen them go on and on that “women like jerks” and the like. Yet, they keep choosing the same type again and again. When someone tries to point it out to them, they deny it. It’s always the other sex where the problem lies, you see. Very disturbing to watch, but we should just leave them to their own deluded thinking. I try to help those who help themselves and wash my hands of those who don’t.

        Your Highness Magnolia,
        More wise advice. Thanks.

  2. Maddy

    Hi Sir Guy

    An off-topic question for you if I may!

    Last night my husband suggested we start trying for a baby soon. My heart was overjoyed! I think he would be a wonderful father. He is already a wonderful husband.

    I asked him what his thoughts might be if tests in utero showed that the baby had a birth defect or down syndrome. I regret asking so bluntly but this has been on my mind a lot recently as we both know couples with disabled children. He was very clever and asked what I thought first before sharing his thoughts.

    My thoughts – if down syndrome or another condition that would not cause pain or significantly reduce quality of life for the baby/child I would like to keep the baby. Overall, keep the baby as generally the unknowns of life quality could not be determined until after the baby is born. And then we would take care of the baby as best we can.

    His thoughts – if down syndrome or a condition which would require care from us as parents for the rest of our natural lives – he would have some concerns/reservations. He did not say he would want me to terminate the pregnancy but essentially implied it without the exact words. He said he would think it unfair on both the baby and us.

    I responded briefly to say that I was sure we would love a child we made together regardless and he just was quiet and reflective. So I left the conversation at that.

    What to do now? Nothing? Something? What if it does eventuate and we have to make such a decision? How to discuss this appropriately and with due consideration?


    Your Highness Maddy,

    I can’t answer your questions. I suggest you study the comments of the ladies below.

    I recommend letting the issue subside over some interval of time. Over that time, read his character and watch his actions for hints as to perhaps a change in his thinking. Then, follow your instinct in figuring out how to again broach the subject. Find a way first to NOT turn him OFF; keep him friendly and willing to talk.


    • Ari

      Hello Maddy,
      I was waiting for Sir Guy’s response to you out of curiosity for what that would be but I am going to share something of my life with you. I don’t mean to butt in here but maybe help you make an informed decision.

      As the parent of special needs children and the mother to a child I decided to abort for fear of having another special needs child I can tell you from personal experience that loving and caring for my special children has not caused me the emotional trauma, regret or bitter tears that I have cried for choosing the end my unborn child’s life. I regret that decision every day. I know that one of my children will probably need care for the rest of his life and that is ok. If I had to do all over again I would choose differently for the other. At the time I felt that was my only choice. I was afraid, overwhelmed, felt shame and was even selfish.

      You should know though, that my special needs children were too much for my ex husband to deal with. I found myself doing all of the work. My marriage ended soon after. He has moved on and has a new family. I regret that I did not choose a better spouse/father for my kids. And you know what?, It has not been as bad as I thought it would be. We survived the difficult times my children and I.

      I will tell you that it is very important that you and your husband are on the same page here. This is one of those “before you get married talk about this” situations. I wish you the best with your decision. I hope you never need to make the tough choices, but if you do I hope you choose to love whatever child you are blessed with. I wish I had. It still hurts.

    • Meow Meow

      I concur with Ari, it is for sure not easy to deal with and some husbands can’t handle the stress (Or perceived failure?) My own hubby is supportive of our learning disabled child and is right there sticking up for her, but it is tough not knowing if she will have to be living with us forever and not able to be independent or function on her own as an adult. We love her just as she is, and are doing everything we can, putting in more time now in hopes it will give her more daily skills for living without us later. (We are a lot older than her and won’t be around for her forever.) But i am lucky. My uncle and aunt divorced after 12 years of marriage as my aunt gave birth to 3 special needs kids…each more severely disabled than the last. My uncle blamed her for the chaos it caused in their household and took solace in an affair.

      This won’t be the case for most families.Your husband might have felt you were “raining on his parade,” to bring up serious issues immediately. But since you brought it up, I guess it is a good time to discuss what you both are prepared to deal with, and do some serious soul searching.

    • Maddy

      Thank you sir guy, appreciate your response. Hope you are well

  3. Mia

    ad 5) There seems to be a huge difference between what men say what they mean and what they really mean. How does a women distinguish? I was recently speaking to a college friend of mine, who has been dating his girlfriend for over 2 years. I asked him if she’s the one (he will marry) and he was very evasive about the subject. In many words he made it clear to me that he really loves her and that they are “enjoying each others company”. To me this sounds like he already knows that there’s nothing more, yet he made his case very believable. I have found this to be the case with other acquaintances. The girls usually see it the same way I do and are later hugely disappointed and lose time. How can we read between the lines?

    Your Highness Mia,
    “How does a women distinguish? … How can we read between the lines?” She has only one choice. Disregard his words and observe and judge his ACTIONS over the course of a lengthy courtship, and even that doesn’t work if she’s providing sex.

  4. Magnolia

    Hello single ladies,

    When a woman is looking for a long-term relationship that will lead to marriage, she should not focus on a particular man or invest in a man based on how much she likes him. The best way is to date as many men as she can and then choose the one with the best character and who is investing in her and pursuing her. Men have a deep need for freedom and they don’t give it up easily; therefore, women are smart if they keep their options open. Don’t fault them for it, but don’t let them lock you down and close your options, either. A while back I asked Sir Guy about something that I had read in a book that said that men want you to be very loyal to them from the get-go while they keep their freedom and Sir Guy said yes, and that it adds to their alpha-ness. So unless a man steps up, I am a free agent. Lol. The example that Mia gave is unfortunate. It happens all the time. Women need to be very defensive when dating. We can get what we want if we are proactive and practical.

    We can drop a man who isn’t giving us what we want or simply keep him as an option while we date other men. He might step up, but be aware that chances are if he hasn’t after a while of you knowing each other, he won’t, so don’t count on it. Men thrive on challenge. We don’t even have to tell them we are seeing someone else and we shouldn’t, because that would be giving explanations. He’ll know when you are suddenly unavailable and he will either step up or not and you’ll have your answer. I simply can’t be bothered with men who are making me waste my time. With me he should be stepping up from the very beginning.

    If a woman is afraid to date other men or dump her honey altogether when he isn’t giving her what she wants, then she is obviously over-invested as well as the one-down in the relationship.

    Your Highness Magnolia,
    Very accurately and wisely described. Thanks.

    • Mia

      Magnolia, I guess it’s difficult when strong feelings are involved. How can you date a number of men at the same time and develop a strong connection to one of them? I can’t do that. My difficulty is seing through the fog of all that people say. Sir Guy, you once said I should not trust what people say motivates them. But how can one deduce intentions? In the case I described, my friend really convinced me and it might be true after all. I always hope that they really mean it. But when it turns out the other way I’m heartbroken. It’s funny though, when I relay these stories to my father he usually understands what’s going on, way before I do.

      Your Highness Mia,
      As described in your previous comment, she has only one choice. Disregard his words and observe and judge his ACTIONS over the course of a lengthy courtship, and even that doesn’t work if she’s providing sex.

      • Mia

        Sir Guy,
        first of all: hope you’re alright, I was getting worried. 🙂
        I feel like a lost case, because I’ve been reading this blog for so long and still don’t understand how men tick. But you’re right distinguishing actions from words often is not a clear indicator. I wish I could help my friends.

        Your Highness Mia,

        I am fine, darling. Just had some bad luck and need recovery time. Nothing bad, dangerous, or unhealthy.

        Could you be ignoring the point about sex? Clear indicators show up when her legs never uncross. Sorry, honey, but that’s how you get to know the male beast.

        Incidentally, how can you ever hope to get your friends to remain chaste?


        • Mia

          Sir, no. I meant distinguishing actions from words is difficult as is – as a bystander. If sex is involved it seems to be a gamble for the girl.

          Hm.. how can I get my friends to remain chaste. Well, you see, most of them see me as a goodie-goodie and tell me I ought to have “more fun”. I don’t really care about their opinion, I don’t live my life to suit their expectations and their results are not better than mine. Contrarily, male accquaintances have said to me that “I’m their hope” and they don’t want to see my naivité spoilt. Don’t know exactly, if that is condescending or what they mean. Anyway, my female friends wouldn’t take my advice. I usually hope they don’t move-in with their boyfriends so fast, but they probably think I’m jealous. So I tend to not say much and let them find things out for themselves…

          Your Highness Mia,

          You’re very wise, and your last two sentences are about the best you can do.

          About not spoiling your naivete, take such comments as complimentary.


    • Shana

      As always….great advice Magnolia.

  5. newprecendent

    Regarding no.1,5,6 & 7: This is going to read as very bizarre. I’ve noticed that people will behave like seagulls if you allow them and it can be frightening. Seagulls clamor around you and demand that you throw resources to them for absolutely nothing in return. If you throw your entire lunch to them they will take it, fly away and probably dump on you while in the air. It’s hard to resist feeding seagulls when they put lots of pressure and bystanders are entertained by your games. They also appear to be grateful for your presence, that is until all your food runs out. Just because they love being around you, having your time and nurturing actions doesn’t mean they care about you. I see this mistaken belief with girls… it’s not a compliment that a non-committal guy has hung around you for years and adored your one sided devotion and sexual commitment to them, who wouldn’t?

    Your Highness Newprecedent,
    Welcome aboard. It’s a great day when another pretty woman joins us on this cruise to WhatWomenNeverHear.

    • A.GuyMaligned

      I extend my apology for not keeping you informed last week. For reasons beyond my control, I unexpectedly went missing (in full health though). I am back but preoccupied until Wednesday 2/24, and will respond to unanswered questions soonest. I did post a new article today.

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