2401. PROVERBS — Marriage 06

I extend my apology for not keeping you informed last week. For reasons beyond my control, I unexpectedly went missing (in full health though). I am back but preoccupied until Wednesday 2/24, and will respond to unanswered questions soonest. I did post a new article today.


  1. She can be more respectable. When not shown, he responds with less affection. Yes, wife’s respectability reflects on him and generates appreciation.
  2. To show devotion to your spouse, don’t shirk responsibility and don’t overspend what you share in the domains for which you are responsible.
  3. The feminist spirit makes women ‘stand up inside’. Disappointment and anger stir them to look continually for flaws instead of benefits or blessings.
  4. Think and act as if you’re ‘standing up inside’, anger showing, feet off the ground, and you’ll not be cherished very long.
  5. A couple’s dominant/submissive arrangement at conquest continues unchanged thereafter. The easier she yields, the bossier he becomes and remains.
  6. The issue of who submits to whom revolves around who fears most losing the other. The one most fearful submits on critical matters.
  7. The taproot of a good man or good woman is respect for the opposite sex greater than respect for their own gender.
  8. Four major impediments to a sound marriage are lack of mutual respect, kids outrank husband, wife ungrateful for herself, and disagreement on sex issues.
  9. Self-centeredness is natural. Too much becomes narcissism. Neither is the same as selfish (relative to someone else) or self-interest (one’s prime motivation).
  10. Self-interest motivates everyone. Self-centeredness motivates you. Us-centeredness motivates a couple. Selfishness de-motivates others.

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One response to “2401. PROVERBS — Marriage 06

  1. “The taproot of a good man or good woman is respect for the opposite sex greater than respect for their own gender.”

    These are wise words here. My husband genuinely likes and enjoys women, he empathizes even. Conversely I really like men. That sounds so simple and obvious, marriage must begin with some genuine affection for the other gender, but the world we live in tends to produce the precise opposite. There are many seeking relationships that don’t even really like the other gender, in fact, sometimes there is huge resentment.

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