2405. Core Competencies: II—Femininity Earns Respect

As described in post 2404, masculine core competencies that match female needs are developed and shaped in response to feminine core competencies. The masculine heart left empty of feminine influence thrives on aggression and even violence against those whom men don’t understand, such as females, competitive opponents, and enemies.

As the male heart lives under the encouraging influence of female-friendly values and standards, men develop habits that program their hearts and minds with empathy for female life. Sincerely feminine women seldom do wrong and avoid doing harm; they lead by example. Under their influence, men learn confirmation of doing wrong, contrition for doing harm, and—most important of all—respect for women and one in particular.

The primal essence of females leading men lies within this paragraph. Women are born to BE good, and they get that way when they DO good. They DO best by INDIRECTLY convincing men to DO good, an achievement for which men are born with the ability but lack the incentive. Under the moral and ethical guidance of sincerely feminine females from mothers to wives and all those in between, men learn to DO good as normal and integral part of masculine life. Thus, they BECOME good (albeit not usually good enough for their mate).

God seems to intend that women serve as His instruments for fulfilling the ambitions of men as mates, to make men whole. He also seems to intend that men BECOME good since he gives them the potential to DO good and the desire to have a good mate. Women are born very capable of fulfilling the ‘instrument’ role. Femininity, which disguises their leadership expertise as well respected and highly sought by good men, makes them capable of exploiting the potential of men to serve women and children (a definition of DOING good that should resonate with females).

In fact, we’re all born able to DO good. We need only to resist, avoid, or fix contrary temptations, lessons learned that produce bad results, and obstructions we create out of emotional turmoil. With God’s free will, liberty, and men being mostly unaware until they are oldsters, exploiting their feminine side enables women to succeed at leading men to DO good.

Feminine women of all ages used to civilize, tame, and domesticate the male beast. Nowadays and unfortunately, highly feminine women are few. Women aren’t proud enough. They are not grateful enough for who and what they are. They are hard to distinguish as unique, and men have mostly given up expecting to find one good for anything but sex.

In fact, men may no longer know how to identify a sincerely feminine woman, much less stick around long enough to find out. The end result: Women can’t seem to earn the respect of men or a man, when a man’s respect earned by one woman is essential to open the door to his heart so he can love her.

I wish it were otherwise; I endorse a society wherein feminine shines so brightly that men become servant leaders in a stable home, his castle. Only femininity breeds that kind of masculine behavior.

(If looking for either blame or details of what feminine looks like, study the 25-part series, Dark Side of Feminism, that begins with post 23. Listing in CONTENT page.)

All the above notwithstanding, as women go, so goes society.


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4 responses to “2405. Core Competencies: II—Femininity Earns Respect

  1. MLaRowe

    This is now my most favorite post and it came at a time when I really needed to read it.

  2. Magnolia

    This is beautiful! The last time I saw my parents, my father told me in front of my mother that he wouldn’t be the man that he is today if it wasn’t for her. After so many years together, she deserves that kind of recognition. She really is the woman of Proverbs 31 and he has told her that as well. One of the best compliments ever and sweet as can be. I just love it! ❤

  3. Cocoa

    “In fact, men may no longer know how to identify a sincerely feminine woman, much less stick around long enough to find out.”
    They WILL identify the feminine lady from miles away. They WILL always stick around her for no reason but to be there. They WILL long to drink femininity from her presences and her softness and her care and her childlike innocence. Like the deer that pants for the water brooks, they WILL pant to the feminine lady. It is so hot and dry out there and they can’t wait to arrive to the water brooks. As I see it, they will identify the shining star in the darkness of feminism…

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