2407. PROVERBS — Marriage 07

  1. Think and act as if the other parent is worthless to your child, and you’ll produce heart-achy kids.
  2. Think and act as if their other parent is always wrong and not worth an alibi, that you’re always right, and your child’s respect will weaken of your judgment.
  3. Think and act as if your man is valuable and gets more worthy, and your gratefulness will make him better and you happier.
  4. Think and act bitter, and your health will deteriorate, and the attitude of family members will sour against one another. Your examples will be copied.
  5. Think and act disrespectfully of other people, and even your close friends will distrust you.
  6. Think and act careless and dumpy, and you’ll likely become a potential dumpee in your man’s mind if not in fact.
  7. Think and act gracefully and full of gratitude, and it kills selfishness and makes  natural self-centeredness morph into marital us-centeredness.
  8. Think and act that Nature endows and hormones thrust the sexes differently into their work, habits, and living together, and feminists call it blasphemous.
  9. Think and act irresponsibly, and family members will not support you.
  10. Think and act as if you have to parent your man, and you’ll lose him.

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One response to “2407. PROVERBS — Marriage 07

  1. Maddy

    Hi Sir Guy

    Another great article, all points worth remembering.

    You mentioned previously that absence of nagging by wife to husband is like husband giving a gift of flowers to wife (a delightful comparison, btw)

    I have a related question – I predict the possibility that I will become a wife very pre-occupied with having a healthy baby – to the point where I am reluctant to certain risks that husband may consider trivial. I have been eating well, exercising, reading books on pregnancy ever since husband mentioned we should start trying for a baby. I suggested we start buying organic foods (which husband thinks is silly – possibly because it is more expensive to buy organic – but the frustrating part is that most things I want to change are only minor changes and does not cost much – buying organic is only about an extra $10 to our shopping bill and I am already a very low-spending, saving-minded wife). So far, no problems, I have just adjusted where necessary – only buying organic produce when its on sale etc.

    But today, husband has excited suggested we go on a holiday. I would usually be very excited too but there is risk of Zika virus the country he really wants to go to (although it is not on the official travel ban list). As there is a chance I might be pregnant before we go I’m not so excited. For me, foregoing a holiday is a small price to pay for the piece of mind that I am doing best for our future baby.

    But how should I talk to husband about this without sounding too paranoid about Zika and not a “party pooper”?


    Your Highness Maddy,

    There is no simple or easy answer. Any way out is worrisome. Preserving your marriage should be paramount in your thoughts.

    Consequently, I favor asking your husband to please you by staying home. Don’t blame him or a baby or what could happen. Don’t threaten, don’t complain, and don’t explain.

    Present him with one simple issue: You really hope that he will grant your wish for no other reason than to please you because you ask. Don’t try to talk him into your way; ask once or twice and drop it. Give him time to consider, reconsider, and find a way to please himself by pleasing you.

    If he insists nevertheless on going there, overcome your fear and follow his lead willingly and pleasantly. Life is risky. Going against husband is risky. Insisting on your way to his exception is riskier than what you would face on vacation.

    Compare the odds of how taking risks against husband can dominate your later life versus the odds of your getting the disease. Images of infant distortions now make women panic; it’s natural that they would. But it doesn’t mean they should make their lifestyle with a mate deteriorate out of publicized wild guessing converted to paralyzing fear, all born out of highly improbable randomness.


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