2408. CAUSES and EFFECTS — Group 08

  1. Woman is made to control her own destiny. It starts at the mirror and learning to use her prettiness in order to grow her self-importance and self-gratitude, fulfill her desire to do good by helping someone, reap the rewards of her hopes and dreams, and much more. All of it merged into overall ability to convince one man of her feminine mystery, admirable qualities, and dependence on him that she’s willing to apply monogamously.
  2. A good man can lose a good woman when he’s unwilling to let her demo her importance to him. Demanding submission weakens her quality to him and his legitimacy as a good leader.
  3. In today’s marketplace, it’s a SWAG you have to take if you intend to marry. Since promiscuity breeds more promiscuous behavior as men practice it, they expect the same applies to women. Men should not bet on it. Not to say that some women aren’t promiscuous, but most have other and deeper interests than sex of which men, and especially promiscuous men, are unaware. Much more easily than men, women give up habits that might endanger their prospects for marriage or relations within it.
  4. Women find this out through firsthand experience and usually the hard way. The man’s outlook on a couple’s relationship changes dramatically after he conquers her. Their first sex together bonds her, but not him. It frees him of further pursuit of her. He accomplished his goal; he proved himself good enough to win her. Now he takes her for granted sexually and ‘owns’ her and their sexual agenda. His words don’t count. She doesn’t know whether she’s a keeper, booty, or dumpee until time passes and she observes his actions.



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4 responses to “2408. CAUSES and EFFECTS — Group 08

  1. That Horse Is Dead

    Sir Guy, I just found this video on YouTube and thought it goes along well with what you say today, especially point #4. In the video (calling women to “close your legs”) he discusses why it takes a classy woman to make men out of boys.

    Your Highness That Horse Is Dead,
    Thanks for the lead. It’s a great show. He knows what women need to do. On the blog I describe why what he says works. His idiom makes his arguments more relevant and appropriate in today’s social marketplace.
    I recommend it for all readers.

  2. Sarina

    Sir Guy, when would you say it’s acceptable to scream and cause a scene with a man? I’m aware of situations like sexual assault, but except for that, do you think it’s acceptable to fight a man for his ‘filthy’ words? You know already how some guys can be rude and it’s hard to not answer back. Personally, I wouldn’t want to aggravate the situation, men don’t react nicely to scolding so it’s hard to choose a method.

    Your Highness Sarina,

    It’s highly desirable for you to represent all women and to “fight a man for his ‘filthy’ words.”

    The method you use, however, can make a big difference. Don’t scream to cause a scene; that’s not the female way. It won’t impact him and his buds nearly as much as you exploiting your femininity to shame him with a harsh stare and unexpected silence to capture the attention of witnesses. Then you can finish up with a few words, such as “You make your mother cringe at what she produced or she turns beet red in her grave out of shame.” Then, dismiss such guys with a wave of the hand to make them appear insignificant before you turn and walk away.

    Also, the more calmness you display and softly you say it, the greater will be the effect because people listen more attentively when they have to strain to hear you.


    • Sarina

      Thanks for explaining better, Sir Guy. As women, I think we should try and display more self-control when it comes to anger, we are definitely capable. Most of the time, I was advised to use gross insults as comebacks, but I can’t do it, I’m not the person. Some women can be more ‘boyish’ and do it properly, but your advice is more plausible.

  3. Yes to all but especially #1. I can’t believe the difference it has made in my attitude and outlook. It has touched every aspect of my life.

    Your Highness Jenny,
    Welcome aboard. It’s a great day when another pretty woman joins us on this cruise to WhatWomenNeverHear.

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