2410. PROVERBS — Singles 08

  1. Romantic love—mostly based on infatuation and lust—doesn’t require a man’s respect, which is required if enduring love is to supersede romantic love.
  2. Self-respect and duty slut are mutually exclusive. To not respect and ration one’s assets is to disrespect self.
  3. She appears more respectful and respectable in the eyes of men who cannot conquer her, and respect for a woman is required for a man’s love.
  4. She settles for less than she deserves when she yields to a conqueror without marriage. She’s as valuable to a conqueror as the cost he has to pay for her.
  5. It’s Nature at the subliminal level: One pursues sex without marriage, the other pursues marriage before sex. He sells his worth, she awaits better offers.
  6. Two conquerors face off. The most pressure comes from the seller, normally the man. When she yields sex, she then has to sell marriage to a conqueror.
  7. Spitefully, feminists begrudge men notching their bedpost as disrespectful of females. So, women initiate sex and notch bedposts to show disrespect for men.
  8. Submissiveness is a cooperative spirit. Regardless of its name and who possesses it when and where, marriage doesn’t work without that spirit.
  9. The best candidates for marriage have unconditional respect for the opposite sex that exceeds respect for their own gender. Women should screen for it.
  10. The foundation of a man’s love is respect for a woman, which is best detected by  actions that demonstrate devotion to her. That is, please himself by pleasing her.



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5 responses to “2410. PROVERBS — Singles 08

  1. Magnolia

    Great post as always, Sir Guy!

    What happened to the one that was published on the 5th.? I loved it because it challenges us to be at our best weight. Now that spring is around the corner, I get out and exercise (and get ready for swimsuit season) Your post was a good reminder and I always go back and re-read. Love the self-improvement side of this blog!

    Your Highness Magnolia,
    I removed the post of the 5th, temporarily I think, as it works better with another post coming up, I think. It’s very sensitive and I’m trying my best to keep from driving readers away.

    • Magnolia

      Great. Thanks!

    • Miss Gina

      Dear Sir Guy,

      I agree that it is a sensitive subject and appreciate your effort to treat your readers with care so that we can best receive your words. Somehow, we do need to get back to the idea of high character in every aspect of life, including taking care of our bodies. There is so much trash philosophy out there. Thanks for challenging it and challenging us to better things. Always good stuff.

      • My Husband's Wife

        I agree, Miss Gina—this is very important for us ladies. I see two extremes out there right now: Women who don’t take care of themselves and dress sloppily and end up looking like a man, and the women who seem overly concerned with their looks, fitness and eating in a narcissistic way. I’ve noticed that the best-looking, most put-together group of women I see at the grocery store are aged 60 and up. I believe that we we see on the outside reflects what’s there on the inside.

        • Miss Gina

          Your Highness MHW,

          Exactly. What’s going on with a person is usually evident with a cursory glance; especially so after a few moments of interaction. It’s sobering to realize the signals we broadcast to the world. Like you, I look to older generations for good examples of femininity. There are not so many where I live, even over 60, but the women of my childhood live on in my memories. Nearly all of them maintained a healthy weight and attractive appearance without excess. I am grateful for their examples, as well as for the inspiration of this blog.

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