2411. PROVERBS — Marriage 08

  1. Wife thinks and acts ugly, and husband sees more than he hears opposite to it.
  2. To help wife fulfill her needs and wants, husband expects to be rewarded for husbanding and fathering. Wife is burdened to generate his satisfaction first.
  3. Men expect the rewards of husbanding and fathering to be respected and admired by competitors. Wife thus inherits a burden to help him look good.
  4. Unless boys are taught to frequently speak of gratitude to the females in their lives, as men they suffer from ADD, affection delivery disorder.
  5. Until taught differently by women, the male nature needs neither morality nor religion. Each can care for himself without that which promotes female superiority.
  6. We each are self-centered and with our own self-interest. Selfish is one’s self-interest being invoked to unfairly treat another person.
  7. When a man forgives his woman for something, his sincerity or claimed forgiveness depends more on his good character than her offense.
  8. If conquered and her man likes her way of doing something, he submits if there’s no watering down of his authority or threat to his dominance.
  9. When a couple focuses primarily on sex, she fails to understand and figure out how to recruit his ability to help fulfill her girlhood hopes and dreams.
  10. Whereas women focus their efforts on the future, a man’s primary concern about it revolves around what he should do today. He stays focused on the present.



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2 responses to “2411. PROVERBS — Marriage 08

  1. Maddy

    Thank you Sir Guy, I always feel uplifted knowing that you are here to guide us. I have two question: how should husband and wife apologise to each other? Does it matter who is at fault? Should wives be direct to correct a misunderstanding?

    Your Highness Maddy,

    I reverse your questions.

    “Should wives be direct to correct a misunderstanding?” Not unless indirectness fails. Laughing about mistakes is good indirectness. It fosters recovery, which is the most important.

    “Does it matter who is at fault?” Not really in a good marriage, where forgiveness should be easy and always at hand. To find fault is to blame. Harmony can too easily end with blaming the other, especially husband. To accept oneself as being at fault avoids offending the other, which makes it much easier for both to forget and move on with life together.

    “How should husband and wife apologise to each other?” Don’t apologize unless one party demands it, which is a good indication that the relationship is strained. We all make mistakes, so try to laugh it off. Develop the habit of accepting each other’s foibles, so that apology is unnecessary. When apology is expected or demanded, it points the finger of blame, and wife should do almost everything but blame husband. He doesn’t take kindly to it, because it disturbs his sense of competence. If one or the other offers apology out of their conscience, it’s another matter, acceptable, and should automatically trigger forgiveness and be dropped and forgotten.

    There’s an old saying loaded with truth: You can’t go wrong by taking the blame to close an issue. It takes pressure off everyone else involved and makes them grateful.


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