2413. Sexual Attractiveness Fades Away — I

Perhaps it has always been so. Too much truth ignites firestorms of protest. This series may do it here.

A woman’s ambitions, external lures, and social pressures push on her to get what she wants, to get her way, to satisfy her sense of self-importance. Many girls and women fail to succeed; they copy boys and men. They duplicate masculine behaviors that cancel their feminine strengths.

Starting in girlhood and easily frustrated by dissatisfaction, overly excited, and intent on copying their peers, they snack excessively and endlessly sip on high calorie drinks. Trying to go along to get along, they copy and overdo masculine-like excesses that produce toxins for their self-image, self-worth, and social acceptance.

The process ignores inborn female priorities that make body appearance outrank taste buds and prioritize one’s heart above the opinion of others. Snacking too frequently and overeating regularly, they duplicate manly habits and copy peer pressures to remain part of the crowd. They effectively abandon their female nature. They live for the present rather than the future and their size continues to grow. Their natural body shape expands to their disadvantage with men. (More at post 2414 about the effects of fat in the eyes of men.)

They refuse to pay the simple if tough price of deferred gratification. They don’t prioritize their personal habits to brighten their future as mandated by their heart of hearts. Advertising their specialty as sexual availability, they try endlessly and competitively among their peers to gain a boyfriend or elevate one to fiancé or husband. Failing to recognize the cheapness of easy sex and disheartened by failure to get what they seek, frustration turns into depression.

Depressed by their appearance that doesn’t attract what they seek, they blame someone to help quench their hidden shame. They rationalize by blaming boys and men for something or other. It’s as if to say, males don’t deserve to see my natural beauty, which they have let deteriorate with bad habits.

Other bad habits spring out of a woman’s frustrations and then explode with self-doubt and loss of self-image after they see that men have little interest in them except for well-advertised sex.

Again, to convert unacceptable shame to acceptable guilt, they blame men for something—it doesn’t much matter what. However, blaming men makes it worse, because men will not respond favorably to females who blame them. Thus, blame used to assuage shame works directly against what women seek.

In those ways, modern women produce what they don’t want. It all starts with abandoning their female nature to duplicate the habits of men in specific ways that contradict the female nature. As women go, so goes society.

What happens when fat and sexual attractiveness collide? It’s next at 2414.


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4 responses to “2413. Sexual Attractiveness Fades Away — I

  1. Miss Gina

    Dear Sir Guy,

    Absolutely true. There are a couple of other routes to excessive weight that are not well known but which are direct or indirect results of feminism and so actually come around to the same point…1. Birth control pills, injections, inserts, etc., are known to cause hormone imbalances which lead to weight gain, but women are not generally informed of this. 2. Stress and anxiety, which in modern times are often the result of unrealistic expectations for women and/or sick relationships resulting from feminist influence. Stress hormones actually cause hormonal imbalance (especially an excess of estrogen, which specifically causes weight gain) which again leads to a vicious cycle of fatigue, bad moods, and ever-increasing weight gain. I personally experienced this when I had a stress-related adrenal breakdown. Was exercising and hardly eating but still gaining, though my efforts prevented things from getting far out of hand. Very few doctors are aware of these issues. I will find the references that helped me and post shortly.

    • Miss Gina

      Dear Sir Guy,

      There is a great deal of insight in your words. Put your points about mental state and blame together with the facts that women are sold birth control as some sort of salvation, they are often taught that preparing nutritionally balanced meals is a form of slavery and so eat poorly (which messes up the metabolism in multiple synergistic ways), they are taught that historically female pursuits that busy the hands and calm the female mind (like housework, sewing, and embroidery or crafts) are confining, they are pressured into high-stress jobs to appear equal with men and find themselves responsible for everything else at home besides, and they are taught self-defeating relationship techniques, and you have a real witches’ brew of sabotage for good female health. Ultimately, every single aspect of this comes down to our individual responsibility, as you point out. The fact is that historical roles for males and females in Judeo-Christian culture are there for good reason: female bodies rebel and break down otherwise. In my experience, these books would be a help to women of any age struggling with weight issues: “From Hormone Hell To Hormone Well” by Dr. C.W. Randolph, Jr., M. D., and “What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Pre-Menopause” by John R. Lee, M.D., and Jesse Hanley, M.D.

      Your Highness Miss Gina,

      Thanks, darling. Your cause matches my effect to be posted as 2414 early 3/10/16.

      Shucks, I’ll just post it now so I can get out of town earlier in the morning.


      • My Husband's Wife

        Sir Guy: Excellent article, can’t wait to hear more.
        Miss Gina: What you wrote—thought-provoking and true, and thank you for bringing this up. We have the “perfect storm” going on when it comes to women’s health issues in regards to food, drugs, and lifestyle. For a decade or so, I was jacked up on birth control and anti-depressants trying to mask/compensate for hormonal imbalances + poor nutrition + stressed adrenal burnout from work which caused horrific side-effects including weight gain!

  2. Lisa

    “Starting in girlhood and easily frustrated by dissatisfaction, overly excited, and intent on copying their peers, they snack excessively and endlessly sip on high calorie drinks. Trying to go along to get along, they copy and overdo masculine-like excesses that produce toxins for their self-image, self-worth, and social acceptance.”
    Hello, Guy. I find this series interesting. I would like an explanation of the reasons girls/women begin to overeat. As you state above, young girls are easily frustrated by dissatisfaction, overly stimulated, and want to be like others. Could you please give a few examples of how this plays into a girl’s life?
    If a girl has experienced abuse/sexual violation, how can using fat as a shield be reversed? I am dealing with overeating/fear/anxiety that came about from abuse through counseling. How can I see food as fuel and not an emotional pacifier.

    Your Highness Lisa,
    I have to back up. New info with rather startling effect has just entered and modified by thought processes. I will be posting it next week that something else prompts overeating, more hormones than anxieties and emotional pacification. Allow me a little time.

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