2415. PROVERBS — Singles 09

  1. To have a boyfriend women give up femininity, modesty, high moral standards, and other female strengths. Thus, they become expendable.
  2. The harder she is to conquer, the more trophy-like she appears to him. A ‘trophy’ is not who she is but who he perceives as a promise for his life.
  3. The less trustful his character, the more intense he is to learn her sexual past.
  4. The longer and justifiably a woman holds out for marriage before first sex together, the more admiration and lasting respect she earns from him.
  5. Men seek to marry a virtuous woman. Each quality a man detects, confirms, and admires is a virtue to him. With enough time, more grows into virtuous.
  6. The longer she puts off having first sex with him, the greater her worthiness to be his wife for life—his perception. Resistance suggests loyalty and other men failed.
  7. The more neat, clean, modest, feminine, and chaste she appears, the more unique and possibly extraordinary she appeals to a man.
  8. The sexes have opposing and competing strains of A.D.D. Women suffer from Affection Deficit Men from Affection Delivery Disorder.
  9. As a man probes for information about her sexual history, the wiser woman refuses, rejects, and if necessary calls it improper and none of his business.
  10. These are masculine expressions of affection: opening her car door, seating her at table, repairing broken things, and especially bringing home the bacon.


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3 responses to “2415. PROVERBS — Singles 09

  1. Southernbelle

    Sir Guy,

    Will you please expound on this idea? “The less trustful his character, the more intense he is to learn her sexual past.”

    Your Highness Southernbelle,

    Trustful character. The more you take risks by intuitively trusting people for no reason other than it be proper or necessary, the less you have to know about their background. You trust your judgment that you perceive them well enough that neither perfection nor more info is needed. You have learned enough, and so you can be comfortable risking such decisions without further evidence.

    Less trustful character. If your nature is to be cautious of risk, fearful of being tricked, suspicious of what you don’t know, then you have an innate need to inquire into others’ backgrounds. It enables you to refine whatever trusting judgment you have in order to add comfort to your decisions.

    As to a woman’s sexual past, the trustful man can more easily honor her wishes to keep it undisclosed. He doesn’t determine a woman’s worth by sex alone. IOW, a trustful man can more easily love a woman as a whole person. A less trustful man is not so blessed; he needs much more self-determined promise that his expectations will be met.

    The ‘formula’ looks like this: More self-respect arises out of accomplishments done out of the need for self-admiration. High self-respect means easier to respect others, which means easier to trust, which works out to be easier to love deeply and more than temporarily.

    Low self-respect motivates men to lead lives that are essentially opposite.


  2. “The harder she is to conquer, the more trophy-like she appears to him.”

    I loved this, it made me think of dragon slayers and conquering knights and romantic adventures. Women have known this wisdom for a long time, we often play hard to get, but not so hard to get that he can’t catch us at all. The need for loyalty is also something really innate to men and I think that concept is being lost in the modern world.

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