2416. PROVERBS — Marriage 09

  1. Wives who exemplify mystery, modesty, and Christian values smooth out husbandly domination, aggression, and violence and it carries over to their sons.
  2. Wives have to provide more than sex to enhance life together and compensate husbands for loss of their independence. Inborn relationship skills empower them.
  3. Wives who endlessly complain, find fault, and impose guilt are supremely unattractive. Husbands, even if the main cause, seek an easier life elsewhere.
  4. Women are partially ignorant about men and much of what they know is wrong. Consequently, a woman’s relationship expertise doesn’t always work.
  5. Women are the relationship experts. Men go along and expect a smooth and maintenance-free ride. To men, a relationship just is; no need for maintenance.
  6. Women fear abandonment. Men fear insignificance. By promoting their man’s significance, women reduce their fear. It also enhances compatibility.
  7. Women generate unhappiness by focusing negatively on their man’s shortcomings, which worsen precisely because of endless attention.
  8. Women have one mission, to live well and have a good life for them and theirs. They work endlessly to make the day better and their future brighter.
  9. Each woman qualifies her man for marriage, conditions him to accept her values and standards, but shouldn’t try to change him after first sex together.
  10. Mother doesn’t respect her son as a self-developer and teach that he’s different from and obligated to please females. Such a childhood makes a poor husband.


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