2419. PROVERBS — Singles 11

  1. When a woman believes in little, mushy thinking pushes her to believe in anything. It turns her soft-headed, and frustrations harden her heart.
  2. If a man doesn’t have to make himself worthy of a woman, she has to find and capture one. Many women try unmarried sex, but it has a very poor record of success.
  3. Wise women plan to minimize disclosure of their sexual history long before new relationships begin. They earn more respect with mystery.
  4. Women are born pretty. Men are born handy. Unless they are changed by poor parenting, they develop with the potential of a compatible adult matchup!
  5. Women are born to be grateful for others. When they show it, they become important in others’ eyes, which earns them both self-importance and happiness.
  6. Women are born very capable of changing in order to do what’s necessary to have their mate help fulfill girlhood hopes and dreams. Men are not born so capable.
  7. Women cheapen themselves by giving unobligated sex. It makes males more dominant, independent, and aggressive against female interests.
  8. Women complain that men don’t act gentlemanly. The high self-respect and self-worth of ladies inspires men to act gentlemanly. Women set the standards. [NOTE: To loosen up moral values, radical feminists five decades ago shamed out of existence the social construct of the lady. Gentlemanly respect, chivalry, and courtesy faded rapidly thereafter.]
  9. Women expect their man’s words to program his heart. Not true. His actions program his heart. His words reflect his heart—if he’s truthful.
  10. Women have a far superior and unique capability to make choices dealing with the opposite sex, but only when they use it to guard their natural self-interest.


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5 responses to “2419. PROVERBS — Singles 11

  1. Sarina

    8. There’s also an opposite inspiration: when woment act like men, men start treating them like fellow guys. I’ve noticed this mainly in arguments, how guys won’t back down from winning debates or certain topics, the more persistent a woman tries to win with words and insults, the more a guy uses a double portion of insults and comebacks to throw her off. And I wonder: why won’t women stop? I can’t understand how they enjoy these fights.

    Your Highness Sarina,
    They probably think they are obligated to compete with men, because it confirms they are equal and similar political drivel and propaganda. Too bad; it obstructs both capturing and keeping a man.

  2. Meggrz

    On a related note, I work in a masculine office culture (engineering) and I have found that using a feminine approach is much more effective for forwarding my agenda. As unfortunate as it is, I have had more success in decision-making-meetings by getting a male colleague to champion my ideas than to try to make the technical arguments myself.

    Sure, it’s a lot more legwork to go one-by-one to all the key stakeholders and get their buy-in before meetings – especially on purely technical decisions, where cold logic SHOULD be the deciding factor – but despite being 100% technically sound, my ideas often get overlooked in the actual meetings otherwise.

    The downside is I don’t always get credit where credit is due. But I can’t change the biases people have overnight. The system is stacked, and not in my favor – and I have to figure out how to work around it… *sigh*.

    I’m already creating a network of male colleagues who will help in this slow change. One in particular, after a few discussions with me about it, has done a great job of cutting off others who talk over me in meetings. It’s a matter of framing – if you can make a man feel like a hero for helping to create more respect and equality in the workplace, you are one step closer to that ideal. What most Feminist neglect is that we NEED men to achieve our objectives. Men aren’t the enemy, they are a vital ally.

    Anyway, yeah, I -am- on the side of Feminism. And, I have no problem reconciling this with the blanket ‘Feminism’ so often vilified on this blog.

    Think of it this way: if femininity were respected in the workplace, it wouldn’t be so hard for women to turn it on when they get home, would it?

    Well that comment got a lot longer than I originally intended… but it seems like an important discussion to have, and I can’t be the only woman reading this who has struggled to reconcile Feminism and femininity in this way…

    • My Husband's Wife

      Dear Meggrz,

      Really interesting on what you’ve experienced and how you handle the work place. The work place is pretty rough these days, for both men and women! I thought what you said here was really profound and WWNH: “What most Feminists neglect is that we NEED men to achieve our objectives. Men aren’t the enemy, they are a vital ally.” This made me think in a different way today… thank you, I needed that!

    • Miss Gina

      Dear Lady Meggrz,

      From my perspective, I think you’ve found a great way to handle the issue! I am all for equal opportunities for women, but as a practical matter, I personally am not going to wait around for the male nature to change. However, I have heard it said that influence is stronger than power, and influence is what your method is developing for you. Two thoughts on that…George Washington was known to use the same method–he rarely spoke in meetings but worked behind the scenes; I believe this is one of many things that earned him so much respect. Also, winning people behind the scenes is a very feminine way of handling things (GW notwithstanding) and is a brilliant counterpoint to the male’s natural use of raw power.

      • Miss Gina

        Your point about women needing men is well-taken. It was men who voted to give women the vote…And men respect whomever they respect. We can’t demand it; we can only win it.

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