2420. PROVERBS — Singles 12

  1. In favor of woman-think, women ignore man-think. By also ignoring the male nature, women make many mistakes.
  2. Women like to claim that men are only after sex. Were it true, men would never marry. To husband a wife and to father well, men need much more than sex.
  3. Women who don’t exemplify religious morality find they don’t have what it takes to civilize, tame, and domesticate the male beast—especially their own.
  4. Males are born with the natural ability but are not motivated to do good. Women are designed to do good and become good by inspiring men to do good.
  5. Modern women don’t know jack about Jack, and women don’t know enough about Jill. Their compatibility crumbles beneath her ignorance.
  6. Women intuitively know better than to tell husband how to make love better. It reduces his sense of significance. Yet she needs him to improve.
  7. Women measure a man’s love by her standards and expectations, and so he repeatedly falls short of delivering enough affection.
  8. Both sexes are born to be naturally compatible with a mate and primarily aimed at procreation with add-on sex drives to ensure that both carry through. (Details coming soon in the post about premarital sex.)
  9. Women are born with self-love. Before puberty, girls are stripped of loving themselves by lack of daily tasks that tend to amplify their sense of self-importance.
  10. Men are born with self-respect. Before puberty, boys lose their self-respect if not assigned daily tasks, supervised to do their duty, and enabled to earn self-admiration.

NOTE: The article that explains the benefits of avoiding premarital sex has been delayed for need of improvement. I regret over-promising to Shermy, but I will start posting it in a day or two.


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3 responses to “2420. PROVERBS — Singles 12

  1. anon...

    Religious =Judeo -Christian ethics over any other, IMO. Even Buddhist and Islam

    Your Highness Anon…
    Yes, our Judeo-Christian culture was the foundation for my proverbs.

  2. Beloved

    #2-“Women like to claim that men are only after sex. Were it true, men would never marry”…………..But, you always say he marries for access to frequent and convenient sex. And, I have heard it said many times that men marry for sex. I know you’ve said he marries for additional reasons, but what is a woman to think? IOW, what are his hierarchy of reasons to marry? if that’s possible to even answer. And, isn’t it true that men also marry for love?

    Your Highness Beloved,

    I’ve never said or even suggested that “he marries for access to frequent and convenient sex.” He wants and even longs for that, but he won’t marry for it. Why her? All vaginas are alike when being used. Little Willie is one-eyed but still blind, and men rely on and evaluate with their eyes.

    Even if she refuses to yield sex until after marriage, it doesn’t ‘buy’ him. He must be captivated enough by her virtues, fascination, and the promise he perceives in her (and not what she claims as her promise). His imaginings about their future must hold notions that affirm her dependence on and respect for him. Those conditions invite him and he can accept to marry, or else he won’t for some other reason that can be minute in her life. Her negatives are far more influential in getting a man to avoid marriage with her.

    There is no hierarchy except possibly in the mind of one man. Or, perhaps in the negatives that men seek to dodge before they have to put up with them. Examples: blaming, demanding, scolding, nagging. Or perhaps changing from the gal he married; expecting him to change to suit her; not attracted by his manner in bed; small signs that she may not be loyal now or later. Or perhaps she makes him look bad in front of others; she’s unlikeable about something in daily life; she possesses a sour attitude.

    Yes, men marry for love but it’s not how women love, expect, or define it. He won’t admit he loves someone until he gropes with himself to find these conditions fulfilled: She’s likeable enough to always be with when off work, and he commits himself loyal to her. He’s likeable to her and loyal to him. Then the risk of her dumping him matches her risk that he may drop her. If any of those ingredients are missing and he pursues or they court, more than likely he’s only after sex and not her for marriage.

    “What is a woman to think?” That she’s in charge of developing successful relationships, and if marriage is to follow, she must do most of the work. It includes less of describing who and what she is, and letting a man find that out for himself. He can even walk himself to the altar as described in post 2180.


    • Beloved

      Thanks for the reply Sir Guy, and sorry for the misunderstanding but I swear I have seen it written, …”frequent and convenient access to sex, for which he married.” It was the “for which he married” that gave me that impression that that is why men marry. Even though I knew you said it wasn’t the only reason.

      Your Highness Beloved,
      We will just have to dangle in disagreement. My search proved that it’s not worth the effort to resolve it. So I accept your position as likely and remain steadfast to spotlight it if it appears.

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