2426. Marriage Can Last — Part 6 Final Opinion

This blog is devoted to comparing the different natures with which sexes are born. Out of sex differences, I describe the likely outcomes of interactions. Causes and effects: This will most likely do that and that will most likely produce this. After a decade of study and analysis, I conclude the following.

I advocate marriage before conquest, because it better fits the male and female natures when they join as couples. As women go, so goes society, and premarital sex promoted by masculine style sexual freedom undermines both relationships and the institution of family.

Men and women are hard-wired to be subconsciously motivated to produce and provide for offspring. Specifically, he’s driven to conquer and becomes more determined when denied; she’s driven to resist and knows instinctively that yielding prematurely downgrades her future interests. If they live by their inborn natures, procreation happens when resistance prevails until conqueror obligates himself for future protection and providing for their children.

It happens that way naturally. However, as we see today, politicized cultural values and immature moral standards prompt people to use social pressures to opt out. Even then, however, in the background of everyday life, the process continues to lure both sexes to do what God enabled with his design and plans. (Pardon the hubris, but it is so obvious. I hope it’s presented clearly.)

The more closely couples follow their own nature, the more successful they are at improving their relationship and family and, thus, the next generation. Those motivational forces are visible but the purposes are not. By reviewing the process those motivational forces impose upon all of us, we can see a better way to bond as couples and raise better children.

IOW, when we follow our respective natures, we produce better babies and more effectively grow them into mature adults. Unfortunately today with pop culture focus on sexual freedom, people are not all that interested in following their natures or making better babies. Consequently, we damage the natural process and turn children out as immature adults. The culprit is premarital sex.

It’s a major life decision. Conquest before marriage exposes the woman to grave risk for her future. Oh, she believes she knows her man well enough to predict how responsible and reliable he will be after conquest. He loves her, she positively knows it too. She also is convinced that his love will increase after she yields, that he will value her vagina more than others, but the male nature does not agree with that premise. She thinks she knows where she will fit in his life after conquest, but what lies beyond is territory known only to the guy.

There are several possible results. With some couples, a fulfilling marriage follows premarital sex. With others, marriage breaks down but doesn’t collapse. With still others, marriage turns to separation/divorce. And with still others, one or the other decides to avoid the altar, likely he dumps her.

The hopeful bride is one hundred percent convinced that hers will be a stable, permanent, and fulfilling marriage. Looking at the marital scene today, however, many women end up getting what they don’t want; they seem to marry wrongly, which I attribute to premarital sex.

I dump the issue in the female’s lap. Each is responsible to provide, protect, and maintain her sexual assets, so who am I to presume to advise? OTOH, I do advise, because premarital sexual activity is the major behavior to avoid if females hope to avoid being dumped without notice, disadvantaged by males, and left with unpredictable impacts on present and future children.

Premarital sex is as wrong as it ill-serves the individual woman, be it morally, legally, or the result of manly escape, irresponsibility, or barely meeting her expectations. The wrongness extends to children, if any are present or created.

Consequently, I recommend withholding sex during the pursuit of marriage. Courtship time spent learning each other pays off for her. Exposure of his true character while she denies sex separates his stature to either admirable or unreliable manhood. Her choice to opt in or out.

Withholding conquest attracts and strengthens a man’s investment in a woman, which improves the likelihood of devotion forming in his heart, which helps replace temporary romantic love with long-range enduring love, which makes him more permanent in her life, which makes him more responsible as a mate, which motivates him to get the best results out of his masculine ability and accomplishments, which promotes her ability to breathe harmony into their home, which enables her to better support his job obligations, and which breathes even more harmony into the home.

This series presented the reasons why I protest premarital sex and judge it contrary to women achieving what they seek in marriage. Let the rock throwing begin.


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4 responses to “2426. Marriage Can Last — Part 6 Final Opinion

  1. Shermy

    No rocks from me, I get it now. Thanks Sir Guy!

    Your Highness Shermy,
    I love it when pretty women don’t throw rocks at me.

  2. Aidos

    No rock throwing. Quite the opposite.

    I’ve been reading this blog for years, but this is my first comment.

    I have a promiscuous past, and I can attest that it’s never produced anything close to a satisfying relationship – and certainly not marriage.

    Next week I’ll be 49, and it’s taken me this long to finally submit and confess that’s God’s guidelines for male-female relationships are right, and my ways have been completely wrong.

    I made this stand to myself only a month ago – no more sex and no more ‘boyfriends’. Both have only brought heartache to me, and never a genuine commitment from a man.

    Now I accept dates, and I’m willing to see multiple men at the same time, but exclusivity, the privileges of intimacy, and my heart will only be given to a man who consistently demonstrates his devotion and seeks marriage.

    I’ve told many, many people about this blog, including my daughters. It’s a priceless gift to me, and I’m so thankful for everything you share.

    Your Highness Aidos,

    Welcome aboard. It’s a great day when another pretty woman joins us on this cruise to WhatWomenNeverHear.

    I love it when pretty women show so much wisdom.


  3. gonemaverick

    you teach nothing but the truth. no rock throwing.

    Your Highness Gonemaverick,
    I love it when pretty women don’t throw rocks at me.

  4. Let the bouquet throwing begin.

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