2427. Journey to Feminine — Group 01

I like the title above as coined by Kristiane at 2404. I presume some ladies may be interested in living a more feminine lifestyle. I’m unsure where this post will take us. It might have the potential for any item below to grow when fertilized by your comments and questions.

Your enthusiasm shown for the core competence series (2404-05) convinced me to consider this subject. Much has already been written on the blog, but perhaps it’s time to review or select some of the best.

I extend my gratitude to ladies who think they may like to live a more feminine life. As a man, I appreciate that if not in my world, at least your world will become more respectable and you more respected, attractive, and, consequently, more likeable to one man. I offer a smorgasbord of ideas and hints, but you have to select, accept, and exploit those you can make work for you.

Feminine includes qualities that are not common in society today. The females’ primal need for a brighter future darkens as women desire to have a man for status or enjoy sex for pleasure. Female resistance to conquest drowns in sexual pleasure that outranks desire for lifetime marriage. Women fall for masculine claims that they should test for sexual compatibility before marriage. Feminine mystique is made obsolete by sex appeal. Modesty is suppressed by full body exposure and sexual history disclosure. Monogamous spirit is chipped away by notches on female bed posts. Marital fidelity lies crushed under masculine-style sexual freedom. Marital stability cracks and crumbles from premarital sex.

More femininity causes women to believe their gender to be superior. Oh, not in value or worth but in ability to manage relationships. The female nature that operates as the superior gender—but never mentioned to men—brings out the most respectable and gentlemanly behavior, because men are attracted most by what they admire. Feminine uniqueness makes men conclude it admirable.

The following behaviors promote femininity; it’s a steep learning curve, which is quick and good. Girls are often groomed to know or learn these things easy and fairly well. But they are often diverted by peers from living it as adults.

  1. Set your sights on screening the best candidates for marriage from out of the rest.
  2. Lure, screen, capture, and stick with your choice of the Mr. Good Enoughs.
  3. Coach indirectly and favorably whomever you select to live a good domestic life with you.
  4. With respect,  indirectness, and patience, convince each man that you are respectable enough to be listened to.
  5. Dampen your demands of men with indirectness, feminine charm, silent persistence, and female patience that’s available within your heart.
  6. Find out from boyfriend or fiancé his definition and expectations of a good wife. Generate and produce mutual likeability as a couple.
  7. Shape your behavior and personal expressions such that he finds you likeable to be with, to enjoy each other’s company.
  8. Enable your man to see that he’s very likeable to you and you’re loyal to him. Together, it’s up to you to produce a great life of mutual enjoyment.
  9. Make him a better man; not directly but indirectly by making yourself a better woman and wife.
  10. Dream often both asleep and before your mirror of success as a good wife.

EDITOR’S NOTE: I hope to stir you gals to study your roles in life where you live. We need much more of the ‘feminine’ shining in womanly behavior. Every little bit can help restore female domination of our Judeo-Christian culture, energize men to more dutifully respect females and children, and strengthen the wifely unity and determination that built American exceptionalism over three centuries. Womanly influence deteriorates nowadays from male domination, political excesses, and ever-decreasing number of wives influencing husbands to fix the ills of society.

Much more follows about the social and individual benefits of femininity.


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37 responses to “2427. Journey to Feminine — Group 01

  1. How charming it is to see femininity valued and appreciated! That’s lacking in the world today and it reduces our quality of life all the way around. Women ourselves tend to be happier when we embrace our femininity. It is natural, innate, who we are, like being in a state of celebration rather than resistance. Defining what is feminine has become nearly as problematic as defining what is masculine because the world has stepped in and made a mess of things.

    It is somewhat amusing to me, when we embrace the truly feminine, it does start to feel superior, not as in lording power over anyone, but as in having some genuine confidence about who and what you are in the world. That’s contagious and soon others begin to feel good about themselves too.

    • Your comment is reasly ebcouraging. Celebration of the feminine is what feminists are supposedly all about, but they’be all been at the wrong party for years. Definitely time to start a new party.

  2. Sarina

    This new series is exactly what’s needed for me, I think it’s possible to change, my views have modified quite a lot by learning about men.
    Not being able to understand and accept what men are makes it a confusing and frustrating world for women. I wish mothers would train daughters on how to properly behave with and when around guys, oftentimes while growing up, girls are never taught about the gender differences, they treat boys as they would treat another female friend.

    Your Highness Sarina,

    You hit the nail perfectly on the head. The more daughters and women act feminine, the easier, faster, and more accurately they learn about boys and men. Males admire uniqueness in females. Each feminine quality admired is a virtue, and they want to marry a virtuous woman. So, men teach themselves to screen for the most virtuous; it’s the natural byproduct of reaching for sex and being denied.

    The male search for virtue enables feminine females to earn masculine respect; it’s the natural reaction of females being hard-to-get.

    Both sexes are confused and appear weaker as individuals when members act like the opposite sex. Men especially lose confidence in acting their nature, when women do what men can’t respect, i.e., easy to conquer.


  3. Well that is my morning prayer answered. Thank you Sir Guy! I truly prayed, “Lord help me understand how I can be more feminine” this very morning. Should have known the answer would have come from a very wise Sir Guy 😉

  4. Excellent topic. As woman of a certain age, who was skinny and never even close to sexy as a young woman, I have nevertheless developed a new interest in letting the world know I am definitely NOT a man.

    I want my behavior and appearance to say that I am the right lady for the right knight in shining armor. In the kitchen, in the bedroom, on the battlements, in the garden, in the chapel, on the drawbridge. I am the one; my gifts and graces are waiting quietly, confidently, and patiently for that warrior.

    (My ideals were very much shaped in childhood by fables, fairy stories, and the like. Feminism has always pooh-poohed Cinderella and her sisters, but she has always has a place in my heart.)

  5. KitKat

    Feminine equals asexuality ? Women should not enjoy sex? My sexuality doesn’t matter only his? Male pre-marital also harms future marriage? A player before marriage is going to be a cheater after no matter if the woman was a virgin or not. He just is. I wouldn’t even expect anything else. The only way to avoid a cheater, probably would be to marry someone not very attractive to the opposite sex. All men will cheat if he can find a willing partner at the wrong time. Hence marry a man who will have very few if any willing partners, he is just too ugly.

    Your Highness KitKat,

    You’re an expert and perhaps political junkie. You read the opposite of what’s written to make it fit your agenda. You ignore both the male and female natures on which this blog is based and on which I carefully manage the theme. So, we don’t exchange thoughts on the same wavelength.

    Example: “Feminine equals asexuality ? Women should not enjoy sex? My sexuality doesn’t matter only his??” Please point to the writing from which you concluded those things, and I shall engage in debate with you. Otherwise, your comments make only unjustified conclusions designed to make me look bad to readers.

    I have already explained this comment of yours in considerable detail at posts 2421 through 2426: “Male pre-marital also harms future marriage.”


    • Wow, you have a pretty low view of men, their ambitions, and their ability to delay gratification in the short-term for something meaningful in the long-term.

      The only way to get a guy who doesn’t cheat is to find one who is ugly (so no other woman wants him)? Again, wow.

      You apparently don’t think much of women either if you think the best way for both sexes to have a lasting relationship is to cynically manipulate each other’s insecurities.

      Your Highness Edith Mcklveen,
      Nice response. I love it when pretty women take issue with others who don’t understand the scenarios being analyzed and examined on this blog.

      • KitKat

        I was being somewhat sarcastic and bit over the top. Obviously, it is not true of ALL men. I did have a mother of a boy, tell give my looks as the reason he should not marry me, I was too pretty to marry. So, why not, had I been ugly or more “average” he would not have to worry about me. So I just flipped the script.

        “You apparently don’t think much of women either if you think the best way for both sexes to have a lasting relationship is to cynically manipulate each other’s insecurities.”

        Ah contraire — I would say — but isn’t this exactly what Sir Guy advises, “manipulate, manipulate, manipulate,”

        actually, I do not have a low opinion of men at all. They have a good sense of humor, and some of them can actually dance. But I don’t “need” a man to pay my rent.

        Your Highness KitKat,
        There you go again with “manipulate….” Show me, if you can.

        • Miss Gina

          There is a difference between manipulation and working with the male appreciation for indirectness.

          Men have a need to be needed, as well. But some women don’t really care about men’s higher needs. The ego boost of meeting his baser needs appears on the surface to be enough. Why inspire a man to be better than he would otherwise when one can use him until a more interesting one comes along?

          There is a difference between easily attracting lots of random men for sex and having a satisfying lifelong relationship with a man of high character in which both parties grow.

          I’m curious as to what attracts a female to a blog like this when she clearly knows enough about men to have supremely satisfying interactions with them in every situation. Or maybe something is missing and she secretly hopes to find it here.

          Your Highness Miss Gina,
          Another of your blue ribbon responses.

          • KitKat

            Who said I’d had lots of random sex with all the men I’ve met? If I had I would have had sex with 300 or 400 men. And neither did I say I had no need of men. As to what attracts me to blog, can’t really answer in all honesty. But I didn’t have sex before I met my husband, made less than zero difference, we are divorced anyway. My fault somehow I know, regardless of the circumstances. What I’m curious about is what “proof” Sir Guy has. His own experience? Did he conduct surveys? Interview men and women? He is certainly entitled to write a blog about his opinion.
            When both the man and women have zero pre-marital sex or (still pretty good chance) just with who they marry. Better than average chance of staying married. So I actually almost agree with Sir Guy on this one.
            Was going to rank the rest (best to worst) decided why bother.

            • Meow Meow

              KitKat—-I don’t think Miss Gina was saying you personally had sex with lots of different men, rather that its actually easy for almost any woman to have sex with lots of men if she wants to….But that whats much harder is to maintain a relationship with one man over a long time/lifetime. I think most of us can agree on that!

              I don’t think marriage is for everyone. It’s a risk and an adventure and no happy ending is guaranteed, for sure. Sometimes its a lot of hard work and people can change for reasons we cannot predict or control. This blog has given me a lot of insights into the male nature from Guy’s perspective…..some I don’t like and some I find solace in….but it confirms my feeling, that men and women are not the same. How different the thought processes are, I didn’t know!

              And yes ITA that we women are very sexual beings —-to me this is one of the biggest secrets in the for that reason it would be a terrible idea to marry a guy you didn’t find attractive and respect in some way! I like your honest opinions even if you do come across as a bit sarcastic/cynical and hope you do get something helpful out of this blog even if you may not agree with everything Guy writes about. At the very least his perspective gets you thinking, and he does say you should maintain your independent spirit as long as you are single. I do find his vision of femininity inspiring though personally I rarely can live up to it!

              • KitKat

                My sense of humor isn’t for everyone. What comes across a lot of times in this blog is I just wouldn’t want a man if they are ALL like Sir Guys’ opinion. As I know the woman I am is not the one he describes as being how women are in general. I once in a while do get his point, but I just seem to have had so many experiences the exact opposite. Like someone who dated me and when he did marry, he married within a few months, pardon the expression, basically the past of a porn star with out getting paid, and it sure wasn’t cause she was prettier. I was Ms. Universe in comparison. No, we didn’t have sex. They did on the first date. But I got the last laugh, and I do LOVE to laugh. Maybe this blog is really written for people that wants to marry and go to church together and have kids that they all go to church together on Sundays.

        • “I do not have a low opinion of men at all. They have a good sense of humor, and some of them can actually dance. But I don’t “need” a man to pay my rent.”

          I don’t NEED a man to pay my rent, either, since I am a homeowner who was able to pay off her mortgage last year thanks to an inheritance.

          I don’t NEED a man for sexual stimulation if it comes to that. Masturbation is a time-honored tradition for both sexes.

          I don’t NEED a man for anything in the clinging, I-have-no-identity-and-no-spine-and-no-reason-to-exist-unless-you-give-it-to-me-way.

          What human beings, male and female, most NEED from other human beings is the recognition that we each have value and purpose in this world and cannot exist in any meaningful way in it when we view one another as objects for someone else’s selfish gratification.

          What human beings, male and female, most NEED from one another is the recognition that we each have unique personalities and ways of trying to understand and deal with life.

          If we run rough-shod over one another and don’t respect one another’s differences and struggles, we cut off any possibility of loving and trusting one another as fellow human beings.

          If we go too far in the other direction and hide our true intentions in relationships because we are fearful, cynical, angry, selfish, or otherwise lacking in confidence . . . if we are so full of disappointment, rejection, or whatever that we cannot believe in the possibility of honest communication at all . . . we also cut off any possibility of truly loving and trusting one another as fellow human beings.

          It IS possible to live as a woman without ever truly loving and trusting a man or ever admitting a desire for emotional connection.

          It is possible to put on an “I don’t give a crap” attitude that protects very well from the possibility of hurt (but it also protects very well from the possibility of ever feeling true love).

          It is also very possible to get a job, get status, get material possessions, and even develop a circle of so-called friends to hang out with when being alone becomes too much.

          Until I met someone four years ago who just overwhelmed me with his genuine humanity (not perfect but struggling to be genuine), I was living the life described above.

          I thought, given a history of molestation by a neighbor in childhood, bullying in school, and serial rejection as an adult, that I was doomed to be alone my whole life. And I tried to create a life in which that possibility disturbed my life as little as possible.

          If you find yourself content and satisfied dealing with the challenges of male/female relationships by putting up a front and crushing your tender emotions under the weight of well-developed sarcasm and dismissiveness, you are a rare human being.

          I did it for years and years and got nothing except a world full of loneliness. I can’t do it anymore.

  6. Kristiane

    Thoughtful Sir Guy,
    I am grateful I could inspire you to write a series that is useful for the other ladies. I am finishing up my first year of college, and I hope to gain a summer job. I will be adding dresses, and bright colors to my wardrobe with the extra money. My more feminine spirit helps keep me hopeful for a brighter future. Maybe one day I will blessed with capturing a Mr. Good Enough on my journey to femininity. Men are never more handsome than when they help ladies in need of guidance.

    Your Highness Kristiane,
    I love it when pretty women figure out their life, where they’re going, and how to get there. Congratulations.

  7. prettybeans

    Ms Insanitybytes22, what a beautiful way to capture the truth

    Sir Guy,
    As you know, I am in desperate need of fully embracing my feminine spirit inspire of the challenges surrounding me in my world.

    If for nothing else I want to always go to sleep proud of the fact that I’m being the best lady that I can be.
    Head head high 🙂

    Your Highness Prettybeans,

    Your feminine spirit and ladylike behavior need only time to pay off as you expect. You’re already the crown jewel that conscientious men desire.

    By the way, are you having to work very long hours? (Great to hear from you, honey.)


    • prettybeans

      Most Handsome Sir Guy,

      How thoughtful of you to ask about work. I’m adamant about going home at 5 otherwise my boss will keep me in the office til very late at night and that is neither desirable not safe.

      He keeps reminding me that this is no way to get a promotion and I keep trying to respectfully communicate that staying at the office until 10 pm is no way to get a life..

      Other than that I’m enjoying singing in the choir 🙂 and someone asked me the other day where I get all my pretty dresses. Score, huh?

      I smiled and said, ‘well pretty girls are always on the look out for pretty things’

      Your Highness Prettybeans,
      I’m proud of you, darling. I wish you could bring your effectiveness in role modeling to my country.

  8. Beloved

    Hello Sir Guy, I was just reading through some of your older articles on here and realizing what a gift your blog is (and you are) to me as I continue to learn (and accept) the things I read on here. I know I have challenged you several times in the past about men and how unfair it all seems for women, but I do recognize your incredible wisdom and that you really are just the messenger. So, no questions, no complaints, just…..thank you.

  9. Shermy

    This is an excellent series I’m looking forward to! I think another concept to start with is receptivity. I believe that this is the concept that today’s woman struggles with when relating to men and to themselves as women. We have to begin with the question what am I willing to receive? What type of treatment? Both from myself and from others. What kind of ideas? What am I taking in that is nourishing to my femininity? Do I have a strong enough concept of what it means to NOT be in control of everything? Today’s woman has become very skilled at doing everything for herself, then realizes no one is willing to help someone who rejects when something is offered. Pretty soon NOTHING is offered, then you’re left wondering why you have to do EVERYTHING yourself. My father taught me to be independent and to not have to depend on a man for ANYTHING. That’s a huge barrier to relating to men in relationships because you aren’t receptive to what they have to offer. The skill in femininity is in discerning what a good offer actually is. This is the training and strategy that is missing for today’s woman. Thank you Guy for helping us to better understand how to make our future’s brighter!

    Your Highness Shermy,
    Nice description of a problem I’ve not recognized.

    • prettybeans

      Again Sir Guy,
      Might Ms Shermy’s wonderful insights inspire a helpful article from you on how we can maintain our independence as ladies in the ‘I can hold it down quite capably if I must’ but still be capable of communicating that ‘I am happy to welcome and receive your different way to improve my life’

      Your Highness Prettybeans,
      I wondered if I could and kinda passed as beyond my ken. But, I love it when pretty women challenge me to do more, so I will reconsider and try my best.

      • Shermy

        Guy, I would love it if you tried. My girlfriends and I often hear from men “You’re so independent” as if that’s all we want to be. I am because I have to, because there is no man around, I’d otherwise relinquish that independence in favor of interdependence and building a life with a suitable man. But if a man looks at you and decides he’s of no use to you because you can do everything yourself, there isn’t much room to grow anything because he seems unwilling to give anything.

        • prettybeans

          Ms Shermy,

          I was discussing the very same thing with a girlfriend yesterday and we concluded that we are in a bit of a pickle because right now, we do have to be diligent with our resources and manage our lives as best as possible – including making financially savvy investments.

          But when a man looks at you and concludes that from your apartment and the type of car that you drive you’re ‘obviously too independent’ then what’s a girl to do?

          A male friend of mine actually warned me about buying a house (which has been my dream since I was a child, which I hoped to achieve before 30, which God has graciously made possible and which I will likely close in a couple of weeks) because it will make men feel independent.
          I didn’t know what to say so I smiled and thanked him for being concerned for my well-being.

          But is this true?

          • Shermy

            @prettybeans, I think it depends on whether the man believes he can give you more. Again, Guy can correct my assumptions about this, but I believe a man will be threatened by what you have unless he feels like he can add more. And then there is the danger in the man who wants to coast off of what you built for yourself. I think it’s tricky.

          • prettybeans

            *make men feel intimidated
            Ms Shermy indeed it is tricky.
            Let us wait for Sir Guy to work his magic and clue us in..

            Your Highness Prettybeans,
            You gals give me work faster than I can resolve my problems (see 2431 today). Depend on a man the same way and you’ll have fewer problems winning or keeping him. (Not a complaint but a hint, a seed for you to water.)

            P.S. Your ability and his acceptance to depend on him depends on the respect and gratitude for him that resides in your heart and flourishes in your relationship.

          • Cinnamon


            Congratulations on your house purchase! This is actually a non-problem. A woman who is able to purchase her own house with money she has earned is actually a big plus to a Mr Goodenough (frugality and self-discipline are desirable traits), but only if he discovers this fact about her for himself. In other words, use feminine indirectness (don’t brag about it). By analogy, do you enjoy drinking beer and watching sports? Don’t put this on an internet dating profile or bring it up during a dinner date. Instead, allow him to discover it for himself as he gets to know you better. He will love it when he does.

            As I have written here before, a man doesn’t care if you are Head of Neurosurgery at Harvard or a waitress at Denny’s so long as you are feminine.

            In sum, independence is actually a very feminine trait so long as it isn’t “in your face.”

        • Meow Meow

          Shermy I know! I hate the comment “Wow! You must be a Superwoman!” Because I work 2–3 jobs, home schooling my kid, help looking after my neighbor’s kids and pets (that they are safe, etc.) do most of the chores, etc….the fact is I do not WANT to be doing all this, it is due to financial and other kinds of duress, debts, concerns. I know its meant as a compliment, I guess, but it just makes me feel worse and i don’t know why. I’m in a panic all the time and always late, but somehow I should have the cheery positive nature and perfect hair of Wonder Woman, or it presents the image that I like running around not thinking about the future and living in the moment but….I don’t. In fact people than think I am happy/efficient doing all this and give me more things to do! I have gotten better about saying no, but there is still much to do. There are a lot of women I know like this shouldering lots of responsibility…..but I don’t really consider being so capable “Independent” but rather just things that need to be done and I’m the only one who can or will do them. This is from a married perspective and i know you are talking about single womanhood, but be aware that it can happen in married/family life too if you don’t be aware of it….

          Your Highness Meow Meow,
          I recall this maxim from my navy days. When you want a job done well, you assign it to the busiest man available. I’d say you’re doing everything very well, or you wouldn’t be so busy.


          • Meow Meow

            Yes my husband always said, “If you want something done, ask a busy person to do it!” Unfortunately I did not realize he was capable of applying this maxim to me, even if unconsciously….I felt like an overworked lioness married to a lazy although kingly lion…. Now I am trying to step back from taking on too many tasks and responsibilities, but he and others are now puzzled/upset by my withdrawal and attempts to carve out some time for myself……I unwittingly gave the impression I liked being a busy bee. Now I’m looking at my new role model…Cats! For inspiration. (hence my moniker) Feminine, sweet, independent, good moms, flexible, and also spending a lot of time resting.

            People will believe you based on how you portray yourself, so feminine mystery may be important, but make sure your true personality shines through or you may find yourself cast in a “role” that isn’t true to what you value.

      • prettybeans

        ‘Beyond your ken..’ Hardly Sir!
        What you have before you is a surmountable challenge 😉

        Your knightly conduct wouldn’t allow you to leave all these damsels in distress now would it?


    • I’m largely Scotch-Irish pioneer stock on one side, Scotch-Irish canny entrepreneur stock on the other. Both my parents taught me how to do a lot for myself. That’s good because it means I don’t end up being dead weight in a relationship; I can carry my end of a load. But it does mean that I often miss opportunities for a man to show off his muscles and be a hero.

      And! Just because I CAN do a lot for myself doesn’t mean I SHOULD do a lot, even with women friends. I find joy in serving others; I should be willing to give others that joy as well.

      • Shermy

        But see Edith, I don’t believe that men actually consider whether you’d “carry your end of the load” when they’re looking to settle down. Guy please correct me if I’m wrong, but it seems they’re more concerned with the awe inspiring femininity that would spur THEM into carrying loads!

      • My Husband's Wife

        Dear Lady Edith,

        I find myself relating to much of what you write and describe about “self-sufficiency.” And you write beautifully, by-the-way! Just like you, my parents also reinforced work, self-sufficiency—I come from German stock which adds an natural streak of stubborn to the mix. As a result, I’ve had issues with putting work first over husband (in the past) and allowing him to lead in general (I tend to be a bit of a Do-It-Myself type). So I’m here daily learning and have had better results. Still learning, it’s a process—but fun on most days. I do have days where I get crabby though or frustrated/resentful with hubby as I don’t think I’m doing well enough yet.

        I want to share with you an story of something that happened this week regarding “tough” femininity that surprised me. Our neighbors had an elderly pet sitter stay at their home. My husband met her and after more than an hour came home all lit up saying he just met the coolest lady. At 80 years young, she lives on a farm with horses/dogs/cats and she also takes care of other people’s pets/livestock. Her parents were German farmers and mother and husband worked side-by-side daily for long hours. She grew up doing the same. So this woman was a tough, self-sufficient bird. I thought to myself—is she really “manly” as “tough” as she sounds? Then I met her. A little bit overweight, wearing farm clothes because she was out working…but sweet as pie, cheerful with a sparkle in her eye is what I would describe. My husband said she reminded him of his grandmother whom he adored. At my husband’s prompting, we went over to see her every evening to visit to see if everything was ok.

        My point is: Despite the “tough” things she did, and she was clearly self-sufficient, she had a feminine interior—which my husband clearly responded well to. Of course he had to tease her and she would laugh her head off at his jokes. Really sweet. I’ve found that men and women of this generation are such treasures as they still retain their natural masculinity or femininity that is really attractive. This woman clearly made both of us smile—and it was something so difficult to describe as to why—despite being externally “tough.”

        Another story I love is of Martin Luther (the theologian) and Katy Luther his wife. Katy ended up running the farm and home, raising children + hosting guests, brewing beer, creating herb medications for Luther’s illnesses. This was one tough woman—all while Martin was out writing / studying / teaching. She managed a LOT. And he knew he would be pretty lost without her. (If you look at a picture of her, not a looker—the way he wrote of her you would have thought she was the most beautiful woman on the earth). It seems as though she helped him accomplish his mission by taking care of him as well as many other things he couldn’t do on his own.

        I would be also be interested in hearing Sir Guy’s thoughts on this type of “strong” woman that I’ve described. I believe that God is pretty creative as femininity looks the same at the core, yet outside it can come in all sorts of packages to help men accomplish their missions. It’s not cookie cutter at all.

        Your Highness My Husband’s Wife,

        Nice and relevant stories. Thanks.

        Your last paragraph describes the wellspring of femininity. Internally capable of making any relationship compatible. Externally capable of refining the toughest into the doable. And, if required, do it all singlehandedly with nothing but the self-rewards that come from faith in self usually strengthened by faith in God. It makes hers the superior gender.


        • My Husband's Wife

          Correction: Oops, I noticed a line read wrong: I don’t believe my issues of putting work over husband were due to father promoting a work ethic and self reliance—more about growing up under the influence of feminism and confusing the two.

        • Shermy

          You also have to remember that women in this generation had fantastic role models for behavior like this. The current generation is seeing a VERY different model for behavior that runs the gamut of results. There is no consistency. That has generated a new generation of women who are confused about their true natures and the nature of femininity.

          Your Highness Shermy,
          Amen, sister. And their confusion confuses men, which feminist-leaning, anti-feminine women use to justify blaming men for women’s problems.

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