2433. Journey to Feminine — Group 04

Unfortunately, contrary lessons learned in life often interfere and make relationships difficult and even unmanageable. Specifically, lessons that originate within Feminism, pop culture, and adultolescence (aka immature teen mind in a mature adult body). But there’s a better way open to women—reinvigorate their intentions and specialize at using the feminine side of their nature.

  1. Learn to twist undesired subjects to your advantage. Example: Date or boyfriend tries to talk about sex, you turn the subject to marriage. And do it every time until he learns better. Similarly, develop alternatives for other matters too sensitive for new guys. Delay till they earn it, in order to learn it.
  2. The concept of full-disclosure is OUT for feminine behavior. For reasons described in next item, guys should have to earn every tidbit of info they find out about you. You volunteer little or nothing personal. Answer questions honestly but no more than necessary to be courteous, more restrained than candid. (Alternatively, shift the spotlight and ask him: “How do you do those things?” and other inquiries that empower him to dominate conversations.)
  3. Femininity heightens a woman’s non-sexual attractiveness, and restraint and perhaps shyness elevates her to the buyer’s role. To her, men are sellers of themselves, which is accomplished by awaiting their displays of what they have to offer. The most promising suitor sells himself and becomes qualified for permanence with her, and she gets to choose. (And you say, heck, that doesn’t happen these days. You’re right, but feminine traits provide the most and best advantages to make it work that way for you.)
  4. Chastity is the ultimate expression of feminine to the male mind. It’s the best prod to energize the conquering sex drive of men and, therefore, the thing that works best to hold his attention and slowly earn his respect. (Men don’t respect people until they earn it, which is the effect that naturally accumulates from chastity, and which endows the feminine woman with her most influential persuader for energizing masculine pursuit.)
  5. A man can’t truly appreciate a woman unless he earns her. If he asks for her hand, he’s sold himself by investing himself to please both her and him. He won’t find her worthy if he doesn’t invest himself. Several reasons it works that way. 1) Men don’t appreciate unearned gifts. 2) If he doesn’t invest himself in pursuit, she’s not interesting enough and he won’t appreciate her sufficiently to stay around (except for conquest or conquered sex). His investment makes her worthy to him and desirable to keep her nearby—even chastely—as return on investment. 3) A major part of his investment is talking about himself. Braggadocio enlarges a man’s ego and convinces him that he’s chasing the right woman. At the moment he’s talking at least, any dolly deserves to learn of his significance; it’s his sales presentation.

Her Highness Cocoa dropped this encouraging note in my lap. “As I see it, [feminine women] will identify the shining star in the darkness of feminism.” More coming in the next post.


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9 responses to “2433. Journey to Feminine — Group 04

  1. Shermy

    YES, YES, YES, to all of this!!!!!

  2. Sarina

    Sir Guy, would you classify this as an adultolescent behavior from a man? Him warning about some other guy: ‘he doesn’t deserve you’; ‘I know him personally and he plans to lead you on’, ‘I want a better guy for you cause I know I don’t stand a chance’ etc…those sort of things he mentioned about a man that is interested in me. Not sure how to respond properly, I’m glad he’s concerned, but he tries too hard and I will make my own decision.

    Your Highness Sarina,
    Yes, it’s at least borderline adultolescent. Immature because he tries to interfere with you life, or he’s trying to win you favor for himself. Nothing wrong with the second part, but poorly designed to get there.

  3. gonemaverick

    when one applies what they learn here, point 3 happens ALL the time. of course, those not man enough retreat and that is a good thing.

    Your Highness Gonemaverick,
    Yes, masculine self-elimination works well for women.

  4. KitKat

    What if the man is ALREADY in love either love at first sight or after dating? We will assume the women is already in love or considers him Mr. Good Enough.

    Your Highness KitKat,
    You’re at the startup of a relationship. Can you make it a good one?

    • KitKat

      Sorry about misunderstanding, the man who fell in love at first sight is still in love with me after years. We were separated due to unfortunate circumstances, but he has always considered me the love of his life.

  5. Em

    Hello Sir Guy

    I have read this blog for a long time now. Thank you for so openly sharing your thoughts.

    If you have time, could you write a post on “Disclosure after Marriage”?Should a wife in a loving and secure marriage disclose her worries about matters (outside her marriage) to her husband? Or should she appear to have sufficient internal strength to attend to these matters on her own? Does the “type” of matter make a difference when considering what and what not to share with husband?


    Your Highness Em,
    Except for a woman’s sexual history, I can’t get my mind around what you ask. Could you be more clear with examples of the subject matter?

  6. Em

    Hello Sir Guy
    Thank you for following up. An example might be if a wife is worried about not being able to get pregnant and confiding this to husband. Another example might be if wife is concerned his female work colleague or one of his female friends is smitten with husband – and husband is unaware but aware (and confused) why they are less friendly to wife than husband (possibly due to jealousy of wife)
    I have refrained from consulting anyone (except you) about this as I am mindful not to gossip (in case such gossip is ill founded or becomes a self fulfilling prophecy or returns to bite me in the derriere!)

    Your Highness Em,

    As to getting pregnant, lay the question in his lap. Let him take charge of how it will be handled. It shows respect and that you trust his judgment.

    As to smitten females, ignore them. Keep reinforcing your trust in him. The best way is to show more and greater respect for him, especially about his work environment without mentioning dollies who may be interested in him. You should show proactive faith in your marriage, vows, promises, and his dominance in handling present day affairs.

    You’ll need to learn how later in life, so why not now? Expand your abilities and make all of your words and actions—even when frustrated, angered, or disappointed in him—show unique and feminine respect of him. Keep lathering respect (but not sickening excess) until an aura of respect surrounds him and reflects as his trust of you. Good and well respected men don’t betray those they trust. No guarantees, but deep faith, uncommon respect, and mutual trust works best for a feminine women, when she hopes to protect her most vital interests.

    In the process of adding respect, make sure it becomes obvious throughout the family that the husband is the most important ‘clan member’ and everyone has to respect him as absolutely essential to home, family, and lover. Double it up if you can; he can’t get too much if you want to keep him close to home.


    • Miss Gina

      Thanks, Sir Guy, I needed to hear that. 🙂

    • Em

      Thank you Sir Guy. Spot on! I have another question! You mentioned in a previous post that being overly nice is a reflection of low self esteem and low self worth? I can’t recall the name/number of your post – it was just the first bullet point and I wonder if you could elaborate on your point?

      I have a tendency to be overly nice and I wonder if this just causes them to lose respect for me? “She’s a push-over” or “She’s not genuine” etc. I suspect that the answer is yes and if it is, what can I do to improve?

      Your Highness Em,

      I can’t find the source, but I think you’re referring to the following.

      The natural reaction to your one’s self-esteem or low self-worth is to seek affirmation, approbation, or special recognition. It causes one to be overly nice and try too hard to be liked. It comes across as insincere. Also, those with whom you interact can’t see your reasons and don’t think they deserve so much affirming endorsement. And so they become suspicious and/or disrespectful of you.

      Think yourself through the process that you go through when someone is overly nice to you or tries too hard to be liked. Others are the same way.

      How to improve? Keep rehearsing this thought over and over in your mind until it becomes habitual each time you encounter anyone for whatever reason. ‘I am God’s child, important to Him, and satisfied with who and what I am.’ Begin all meet-ups with that confirming thought in your heart; it only takes dedicated practice to get there.


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