2435. Journey to Feminine — Group 06

Women no longer appreciate that femininity adds color to a man’s black and white world. At least one woman says so in Alison Armstrong’s book, Keys to the Kingdom. Perhaps as this series continues, it may help restore appreciation, just as that book does.

I use and capitalize the terms Feminism and Femininity. They are polarized. That is, opposites of thought, attitude, and behavior. Both sides have trouble dealing with men.

  1. Feminism demeans the male nature in order to promote the status and political power of radical females. Femininity appreciates the male nature, applauds manliness, and encourages and rewards men to provide relationship stability, safety, and security. All of which brightens the future for feminine women and their children.
  2. Calling it undeserved, Feminism rejects both castle-building and hut maintenance for a man. Femininity kisses frogs, treats princes as royalty, and specializes in lavishing warmth on everyone in the king’s castle or her man’s hut. Her feminine nature senses that a wonderful family can arise out of it, especially when she does what she does best.
  3. Feminine women act more ladylike, which inspires men to act more gentlemanly. Ladies, especially wives, were once a unique source of power, stature, and status for females. Feminists purposely made such women objects of scorn and ridicule. They deliberately demeaned the concept of ‘lady’ out of existence. Gentlemanly behavior faded away soon after.
  4. Feminists treat men as undeserving of special attention and care. To neutralize male objections and perhaps vengeance, feminists eagerly compensate with frequent, reputable, convenient, inexpensive, and unobligated sex. It stymies feminine women several ways: The Marrying Man becomes less courageous about marriage. Sex for pleasure replaces sex for love and reproduction. Availability of unmarried sex separates families. Girls follow the examples set by single women and fail to teach boys the requirements and feminine expectations for domestic life. All of which make newly feminine women stand out as unique and more attractive to men who see pleasure and comfort in mating permanently.

Feminism versus Femininity. Both sides have trouble dealing with men. One side goes negative with no track record of success, and which seems progressively to be fading from too much legal success and relationship failure. The other side shines as positive influence with centuries of history endorse its return for wifely success.


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4 responses to “2435. Journey to Feminine — Group 06

  1. “Feminism versus Femininity. Both sides have trouble dealing with men.”

    I love this. So true! If you go the femininity route however, it will soon have you rejoicing over the “trouble with men.” In all seriousness, I can think of no better trouble to have. 🙂

  2. Beloved

    “…..which seems progressively to be fading….” Are you talking about feminism fading? Is this what you see? I hope so. It’s just that I’m not sure total femininity is coming back. It seems more about women looking and dressing more feminine but behaving sort of like whorish (and not sweet!) women in pretty dresses.

    Your Highness Beloved,

    These trendy things seem to be fading or lessening: personal pride in Feminism, women proclaiming or admitting they are feminists, minor incidents being called sexual harassment, trashy clothing and grooming, colorless lips, shapeless appearance of breasts, feminists preaching about the evils of men, and females fearful of any man who approaches them.

    Wish I could say fewer heavyweight women, but that seems to be spreading as women continue to duplicate masculine behavior. Actually, women reduce their self-respect, lose pride, and shrink their worth to others by trying to prove their equality.

    I see more of these things that swing Feminism to the faded side of cultural values: interest in femininity, little girls in dresses, women in high heels, color matching with clothes and accessories, red lipstick, public politeness, more easily expressed smiling countenance, more interest in religious and moral issues, willingness to pause and listen to a man with a question, more deliberate and fashionable grooming, women with a more willing, smiling, and friendly attitude toward men.

    I am not personally familiar with “whorish (and not sweet women) in pretty dresses.” I don’t know if the ones I encounter are not that way or if my presence deters them, but I hear about much of it from guys.

    It’s one of the options that continues from the trend of women duplicating men, which is fallout from Feminism. It seems personified this way: Women who acknowledge that they are pretty and highly value themselves, do as you describe them. Those who don’t believe or can’t accept they are pretty and highly valued, tend to join others in growing obese. They become vulnerable for recruiting by lesbians and conquest by men of a different race.

    Although interest in Femininity seems to be growing, I’m favored to see it on the blog. Being the opposite of Feminism, however, any major return toward more feminine women will likely take some modified form. Styles don’t return the same as before, because younger generations don’t copy older ones.


    • Meow Meow

      I have noticed this too Beloved. There does seem to be a trend in fashion back to girly and sweet, but the feminine attitude is missing. I’m not sure I’d call it “Whorish” but just ignorant about what this blog is trying to teach us. There have been so many generations since ladylike behavior was supported and taught from mom to daughter that young ladies just are completely bewildered or uncaring about their natural feminine instincts, no surprise when men reward the opposite behavior with attention. Then without support even the few girls who want to hold back on overdisplaying their assets eventually give in unless there is an alternative viewpoint around and easily accessible.

    • Beloved

      Let me clarify, ‘whorish (and not sweet) women in pretty dresses.” Think,, women on the news stations; They are wearing low cut dresses=whorish, (but it’s not just the dress, it’s like a sexual, trashy attitude they convey, I guess, or at least that is what I see at times). They have nowhere near a sweet disposition as they are very outspoken and at times, argumentative (which might be part of their job actually). I don’t know, maybe I am being too harsh and need to take a second look.

      Your Highness Beloved,

      I agree with you and approve your standards. Unfortunately, TV provides too much role-model and celebrity exposure, and media women have to follow the directions of men who have to hold the attention of viewers with sex.

      If and when the day comes that single females abandon celebrities to model themselves after good and successful wives who produce good and successful husbands, we may see a change that benefits all women and children. The route to good wifeing begins with feminine. It’s the most attractive female model for attracting good men, those who can put sex aside long enough to highly value the nature of a good woman.


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