2436. Journey to Feminine — Group 07

T’would be nice if feminine were a simple womanly subject. But it’s clouded and crowded with leftist politics and propaganda called Feminism. People have to respond to pressure from outside themselves, and women have endured it for decades. I perceive that women have had about enough of the political side and seek to restore the individual and personal side. This series exposes some background, and it may help.

  1. Feminism politically empowers females to act like roosters and displace the man as leader of the house. Feminists seek to dominate men in the present. OTOH, Femininity endows the wife with the self-worth, self-image, and self-confidence to rule her rooster by enabling him to rule the roost. IOW, almost without objection she enables husband to dominate the present so she can dominate their future together. It’s a tradeoff made natural by how the sexes are designed to function differently.
  2. Feminism produces an attitude of ingratitude for manly behavior. It alienates and pushes men away from relationships except in pursuit of sex. Femininity produces an attitude of gratitude that attracts men and uses each female’s personal assets and appealing attractions to hold onto one man, hopefully a permanent mate.
  3. Feminism elevates sex above marriage, encourages eroticism, promotes sex for pleasure, accepts promiscuity, stimulates pornography, allows sexual activity among children, and fails to discourage such things and moral issues when opened for public discussion. Femininity subordinates sex to marriage, rejects eroticism out of modesty, disdains promiscuity as alien to relationship success, educates against porn as destructive to kids and family, protects children from adult sexual license, promotes morality as best interest of women, and expects domestic behavior to confine sex to the marital bed and thus extend relationship longevity.
  4. Feminism discourages women from supporting men who exploit their masculine advantages. Feminists expect to alter the male nature to reduce masculine strengths. OTOH, Femininity capitalizes on male strengths, compensates for weaknesses of both sexes, and eagerly helps build and maintain a man’s castle. It happens naturally. Women are made compatible with men by their drive to nest, nurture, and nestle with loved ones and a man’s need for a place to flop, eat, throw his things, and prepare to fight tomorrow’s dragons.
  5. Feminism relies on and promotes the masculine games of might makes right, rule of man, winning is more important than how one plays the game, and the end justifies the mean. Femininity relies on and promotes the females’ instinctive preference for right makes might, rule of law, how one plays the game shows respect for others, and respectable means deliver admirable ends.
  6. Feminism focuses on making men unnecessary and dispensable in order to uplift females in legal, political, economic, social, and domestic stature. Men have to lose for women to gain, as if a zero-sum game. OTOH, Femininity focuses on the high value and indispensability of men in order to uplift women and children above the common place and into a brighter future.

Femininity softens a woman’s heart against blaming others. Embedded in her heart, it is her more productive side for dealing with men. Keeping herself out of the combative mode of feminists, her man is encouraged to think about staying rather than escaping her.


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6 responses to “2436. Journey to Feminine — Group 07

  1. Miss Gina

    Dear Sir Guy,

    Feminism is such an ugly belief system. Putting others down is *never* the way up. I appreciate your way of examining the excellencies of femininity, as we ladies may be too close to it to see clearly.

    • Shermy

      There’s a couple things I think we’re forgetting about a lot of these feminist ideals that we’re putting down. Remember when women couldn’t be educated, hold property or had to give their inheritances to the men they married or couldn’t vote on issues that affected us? Which is the uglier belief system? That women are inferior and don’t deserve the same rights as men? Or that men stood in the way of women fully realizing their potential as human beings and maybe we should examine that? Yes, white American feminism did a lot to destroy the traditional family and the dynamics of relationships which we are reeling from today, but I for one am grateful for the opportunity to fully develop myself as best I can. Everything requires a balance. I think it’s healthy to examine a system of beliefs for effectiveness in the results you’re after, but blanket judgement about a system fails to increase the effectiveness of said system.

      Your Highness Shermy,
      Thanks, you’re so right. I’ve been remiss this series. For over eight years I have separated Feminism into two parts. Feminism exploded on the legal, economic, and political scenes. It produced many significant and some great advancements for women. The fallout, however, is disruptive for relationships. All that I write is aimed at the radioactive fallout for couples and homes.

      • Miss Gina

        Dear Sir Guy,

        By referring to feminism, I refer to the mid-twentieth century leftist social movement that adopted that name. Even the name implies the lifting of one gender over the other, in contrast to a harmonious equality of the sexes.

        I would just like to share some information I found that backs up your separation of modern leftist feminist agitprop from the sincere efforts to improve the lot of women in the U.S. that have been going on since colonial times.

        By the time leftist feminism came along in the middle of the twentieth century, women in the U.S. had little to complain about in comparison to their sisters around the world. The harpies of the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s like to take credit for much, but in truth, their actions did little but offend men and cause more problems. Yes, there were still some social prejudices and a law here and there that needed to be changed. However, the greatest strides in improving women’s conditions had already been made, most in the name of Christianity, and the nation already had a great momentum toward equality for women. *Many of the advances came because of men.* Resolving the remaining issues was simply a matter of time. Modern feminists just rode the wave for their own purposes.

        The leftist feminist misinformation campaign in which they get all the credit for helping women is a bit of a bugaboo for me, being a history buff and having attended a women’s college (Hood College). Its predecessor institution was founded in 1840, largely by Christian men who believed it was a good thing to further female education. Later, the school was endowed by an alumna born in 1833, Margaret Scholl Hood, who lived a rich and full life, very active in local business and civic affairs both before and after her marriage at age 40. She was known for her cheerful attitude, and I seriously doubt she would have called herself “oppressed.” But I digress.

        In the colonies and the U.S., women have always had higher literacy rates than anywhere else in the world.

        Laws against girls attending school were eradicated by the 1790’s. These restrictions were local laws in most but not all New England towns, and girls did go to school long enough to learn to read. It did not preclude study at home. It was the men on the town councils who put a stop to it. At the same time, men like Ben Franklin and Thomas Jefferson were advocating equal academic education for girls. (Side note: The abilities of girls in the Mid-Atlantic states–under Quaker and Moravian Christian influence–were celebrated and consciously developed equivalently to those of boys. Leftist feminists forget to mention this.)

        The first female college students were admitted to Oberlin College by a male board in 1837, in the name of Christian belief in the equality of women. As an outgrowth of the Second Great (Christian) Awakening, women’s institutions of higher learning were founded during this time across the country, and some male-only colleges started admitting women. Many of these schools founded for women are now among the best in the nation. Many, if not most, of these institutions were founded by, financed, and run by men who believed in advancing women’s education.

        Reform of laws that limited married womens’ property rights began in 1809 and continued on a state-by-state basis throughout the nineteenth century. Going back to English common law, which transferred here, single women generally were allowed to own property and conduct business. (There was even a single woman in colonial Maryland who was executor of the governor’s will and who had power of attorney to conduct business for the colony’s proprietor, Lord Baltimore.) Married women often conducted business before the reforms; they simply did it under the names of their husbands. It was men in the state legislatures who proposed and passed reforms to the laws.

        Only American men could have opened the vote to American women, and a majority of them did. Women’s suffrage was granted in 1920.

        Betty Friedan and Gloria Steinem and friends came along decades after those wrongs were made right.

        Though there were women who worked hard for these reforms, they did not identify themselves as feminists in the sense of creating an adversarial relationship with men. They simply made an argument for fairness and cultivation of the gifts of females. Nor did they attempt to disrespect men or blame them for the ills of society. Nor did they desire to tip the scales in favor of women (as the divorce and custody laws often do now, for instance).

        One of the tipoffs to the leftist agenda of the feminist movement as I describe it is that it has chosen the richest, most prosperous, and most open society for women in the entire world for its agitation projects. Meanwhile, here is what women face in various countries around the world: Little girls in many other countries can be sold into sex slavery and forced into marriages with much older men they don’t even know before they reach puberty. In many places, women still can’t drive and are forbidden to go to school. They cannot go out without an escort and must be entirely covered from head to foot when they do go out. Husbands can and do brutally beat their wives with impunity. They can be legally killed by family members for such offenses as wearing the wrong clothes or exercising freedom of conscience. Yet the leftist feminist agitators in the U.S. are silent on these horrific abuses.

        Leftist feminists prefer to beat up on the very nation of men who have opened the doors for women that those men could well have kept shut. This furthers their goal of causing social upheaval to advance their worldview and government systems. Basically, modern feminists want to replace fathers and men in general with the government to expand their power base–and this is exactly what we see played out in our society today with welfare perpetuating and increasing single motherhood (though there does seem to be a backlash rising).

        You know this better than I do, having seen more of it play out, but as a woman, I want to speak out on behalf of you and all men, for you also have suffered some injustices. I would have preferred that this read less like a research paper and more like a conversation. If we were sitting down in person over coffee, it would be more of an exchange…but I guess I still would be doing a lot of talking. 🙂

        So, in essence, Sir Guy, I make the same distinction as you between positive advancements for women and negative effects of leftist feminist agitprop, but my opinion is that the modern leftist feminists deserve zero credit for any of the positive advances.

        Rather, I would give the credit to American men and women working together throughout the history of this nation.

        I wish I could have made this shorter; it’s just that American men deserve so much credit that they haven’t been getting.

        (Sources: National Women’s History Museum, Maryland Archives, Hood College)

        Your Highness Miss Gina,
        Thank you. Well written, clear, and much appreciated for relevance.

        • Shermy

          Miss Gina, an excellent overview! Please also note, that despite being legally allowed to vote in 1920, African-American women experienced violent disenfranchisement under Jim Crow laws in the south until the Voting Rights Act was passed in 1965. In addition, the work of African American women and men during the Civil Rights Era made it possible for the advancement of the largest group to benefit from affirmative action, white women. I think it’s important to understand this issue from many viewpoints. We cannot speak about American history as if everyone had the same experience. They most certainly did not.

      • Shermy

        Sir Guy, you are never more handsome than when you tip your hat to us ladies and clarify your intentions. Thank you! And I am grateful for having learned so much about how to make relationships more harmonious by critically examining ineffective belief systems.

  2. anon...

    its also a reason, you start to see women fight in public,,, that has NEVER been normal.
    Also, there could be a reason, some people have odd names;
    its rare today, to see little girls with BABY DOLLS after the 1970s.. in which they gave them ‘odd names’, i did as a child, so by the time, they are having children, they give them dolls type names….(just a thought)

    Your Highness Anon.,
    Very interesting about names.

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