2439. Limbo: Not for Ladies

At post 2438, Her Highness That Horse Is Dead described two middle aged single women who eagerly intruded and did the limbo planned for kids at a church sponsored event. She thinks it prudish and unladylike. Is it, she asks? Or should she just relax and join the fun?

Prudish? Not at all. All women should have such taste; it’s their nature until they give it up. Not for moral reasons, although that helps, but ladylike for the necessaries to capture and hold a man for life. Men want to marry a virtuous woman, and feminine women start off appearing more virtuous than others.

Since perception is reality, highly feminine behavior initiates virtuous thoughts in a man and inspires gentlemanly behavior. More importantly, it diverts a man’s interest away from her as sex object and reinforces her as potential candidate for something else. Ladies are more easily looked at for likeability than for thoughts of what never ceases, conquest.

Ladies neither show off their talents nor show off as men do. They rely on more feminine styles, such as indirectness, cooperation, and charm. By not showing off talents and skills that are not obvious, it suggests that men have to look deep to uncover female goodness. A lady comes across as a challenge to uncover what she has to offer as a mate, and any woman does it best by pushing sex into the background before it can be brought up.

Showing off as men do indicates that she is available for unobligated sex, since that’s what men do. Duplicating masculine behavior and thoughts springs from dislike of herself as a woman, which prompts women unwittingly and with minimal prompting to divulge weaknesses.

Ladies use indirectness and patiently encourage men important to them to discover their qualities more accidentally. It makes qualities more easily admired, which converts qualities into virtues, which accumulate to make her virtuous, which can fulfill a man’s desire to marry a virtuous woman, which causes him to find her fascinating, which tickles his fancy to have her as his woman, which encourages him to consider marriage, which makes her appear promising as an asset for his present life, which prompts him to shop for a ring and finalize his thoughts, which enables him to finally accumulate the courage to act, which brings a proposal out of him, which invites her acceptance, which he then escapes ceremonial matters by turning them over to her and her mother, which enables him to just arrive at the altar at the appointed time.

IOW, he will go along with marriage if she qualifies in his heart, if it’s his idea, and if she does all the work expect nudge, nag, or pressure him.

By exploiting the motivational forces that men and women inherit at birth, that’s how ladies wring out a proposal of marriage. The easy stage first. He uncovers her interest in him, which comes easily to her when these are present: infatuation, lust, imagination, and curiosity about possibilities as she sees the future. Second stage, he earns her as potential mate; that is, he proves to her that she is truly important to him now and hopefully will be forever. Her infatuation blossoms into love, which is a necessary step for mutual love to develop. Third stage: He finds her so likeable that he can devote his interests to her, which opens the door for his love to develop. Fourth stage: Their love becomes mutual when he sees that he’s likeable enough to her to be loyal to him.

Doing the limbo broadcasts to men that she has boobs, which reminds she also has a vagina. But all that advertising does little to take middle age single women closer to marriage. Maybe closer to sex and companionship, but not marriage.

So, That Horse Is Dead correctly presumes that spreading female legs under the limbo bar does not serve women well for what most hope to achieve in life.


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18 responses to “2439. Limbo: Not for Ladies

  1. Interesting point. We have similar issue here, where single, middle aged, women are often stepping into activities designed for children.

    I completely believe in aging backwards, in delighting like a child in all things, but it has actually grown annoying because these women are seeking all the attention, they are now competing with the kids, not playing with them.

    Your Highness Insanitybytes22,
    Exactly, thus signifying teen mindset in adult bodies.

    • That Horse Is Dead

      Sir Guy,

      I’m happy to read that my instinct was right. I also agree with Lady insanitybytes22’s comment that these women seemed to be competing with the children rather than enjoying them. The question for me was whether this was “delighting like a child” or attention-seeking, masculine style behavior. One of the women has a boyfriend and I thought it reflected poorly on him to have her acting like that.

      Your Highness That Horse Is Dead,
      My guess: The one with boyfriend was “delighting like a child.” She has a bf so she’s out to enjoy herself. The one without bf I’d guess was advertising.

  2. Miss Gina

    Dear Sir Guy,

    Thank you for mentioning good taste. When I think of my own mother, that’s one of her chief qualities that I admire.

    I agree with their ladyships insanitybytes22 and THID. Certainly we want to cultivate a childlike appreciation of life, but ladies don’t just do any old thing that comes to hand. I think we can balance playfulness with dignity.

    It makes me think they might have been harkening back to drunken party days. A drunk female is pretty much at her worst, so bringing that association in is not appropriate for the children or in her favor by any means.

    I also question the maternal instinct of these women…at an event for children, women should be cheering them on and keeping the spotlight on the kids, making sure they are all enjoying themselves, helping out the shy or uncoordinated ones, etc., it seems to me.

    This brings up another thought. Young ladies need to be instructed in how to have physical self-awareness; it doesn’t happen by default. Gracefulness is a wonderful way to be feminine.

    The female body is a gift that needs cultivation and appreciation by its owner. Crossing legs when wearing a dress or skirt; not bending forward at the hips with derriere in the air and showing cleavage (but rather bending at the knees and keeping torso upright), would be examples. This would also include learning to stand and walk. There is even a proper way of putting on and removing a coat, both with and without a gentleman’s help. And of course, not drawing attention to oneself inadvertently in a sexual way is important. These were things once taught in charm or finishing schools or by mothers to daughters; I suppose now YouTube might have helpful videos. Just being aware that others are watching is a first step.

    Your Highness Miss Gina,
    Marvelous contribution. Thanks.

    • SapphireYagami

      there’s a proper way to put on a coat,really? i already to the other stuff plus i no longer eat ice cream cones in public thanks to high school. So now there’s a proper way to put on a coat?

      Your Highness SapphireYagami,
      Welcome aboard. It’s a great day when another pretty woman joins us on this cruise to WhatWomenNeverHear.

      • Miss Gina

        Dear Sir Guy,

        You are very kind. You serve up one delicious morsel for thought after another.

        Dearest Lady Sapphire,

        Yes, there is a way to put on and remove a coat, which I would guess has been around for a century or two at least. There was a time when this was general knowledge among all of the female species. I haven’t checked, but I would bet there is a YouTube video. I would bet you could also spot it in old movies. Great idea about the ice cream.

    • A.GuyMaligned

      Your Highness Miss Gina,
      P.S. I can’t resist an opinion to your mention of a drunk female being at her worst. I have only seen a few, but ugly isn’t enough to describe such a woman. Self-respect, feminine worth, female dignity, irresistible charm, and gender superiority precede the vomit down the drain. All is unrecoverable to male witnesses.

  3. prettybeans


    Join me in wishing our most handsome Sir Guy a Happy Happy Birthday today.

    How we admire the great lengths you go to so that we may be wiser, more capable and at our best feminine selves.

    • Rosie

      Dearest Sir Guy,
      A very happy birthday to you today! May the Lord richly bless you today and in the year ahead. I’m so thankful for all your wisdom that you graciously share with us. Reading your blog and putting your wise words into action in my life, has enriched, and created greater joy and closeness in my marriage and my home. Your words have made a great impact in the lives of my daughters as well (and a dramatic and beautiful change in one of them). Yesterday, while I cleaned my kitchen, I listened to the documentary you encouraged us to listen to. It was enlightening to say the least! I plan to share it with others….
      Thank you for all you do for us ladies! Enjoy your special day!
      Blessings, Rosie

    • Miss Gina

      Thank you for the reminder, Lady Prettybeans! This is a wonderful opportunity to express appreciation for all your hard work providing explanations and conversation-starters, Sir Guy. Best wishes for many, many more birthdays. May today be a blessed one.

    • Oh, how delightful! By all means, Happy Happy Birthday, Sir Guy!

  4. Cocoa

    Sir Guy and lady THID, did I get the meaning of *prudish* wrong?! In the previous post and in my response to lady THID, I mentioned sit back in your prudishness and watch how many guys will approach these women…etc… I am hoping I did not, in my ignorance, offend THID. I see being prudisha as a good thing – a virtue. But reading sir Guy response I have the feeling that prudish is not that appreciated? Am I confused or I do not fully understand the meaning of the word? I my mind as I am not from an English speaking background , I understand prudish as shy and reserved in matters to do with private, intimate and sexual inclination. I could be very wrong though 😥

    I hope I didn’t offend you THID. all I meant is to sit back nice, relaxed and ladylike and enjoy all the attention , while these participating women will get attention for sure but I doubt it, big time, that it will be from respectable honourable men.

    Your Highness Cocoa,
    The Encarta English Dictionary defines prudish this way: “Somebody who is easily offended by matters relating to sex or nudity.” IOW, out of the ordinary for women inspired by or desirous of seeing by feminine behavior.

    • Cocoa

      So sir Guy, do you see that easily offended females as out of the ordinary?! I ask as I think I easily am offended or rather embarrassed by these matters…

      Your Highness Cocoa,
      Your reactions are very ordinary but may not be popular these days, at least on the surface. Modern women, copying men, hide their embarrassment. They fear being different and laughed at.

      • Cocoa

        Happy birthday sir Guy! All the best on this special day. May the Lord reward you for all your hard work and patience with the female specie. 🎂🎉

      • gonemaverick

        “rather embarrassed by these matters…” that’s my definition of prudish and the countenance if men upon seeing that reaction? priceless. #giggling

    • That Horse Is Dead

      Lady Cocoa,

      I took your comment at post 2438 in fun, as if you were saying even if I am labeled as “prudish” that I can sit back in my prudishness because it signifies that I’m not like the other women. In my opinion, whether for attention or delighting like a child, the limbo made the women appear less lady-like.

      • Cocoa

        I am glad and relieved that you took no offence. Phewww!
        I agree with you. In general I don’t like lots and fast movement by women unless they are helping or serving, you know when we invite family and friends over and you don’t stop… But in public, in parties, at church or wherever I see sitting tight is more ladylike. With delighting like a child I still do that believe it or not with my sons , they are taller than I am now, but only at home in our relaxed privacy. Outside home it’s different. I love though joking and engaging with younger kids, maybe colouring, reading asking them hard questions to see their priceless reactions 😊.

        Lady gonemaverick, I agree and am smiling as I type because there are men at work who just enjoy looking at my confusion and embarrassment and sometimes I don’t even understand what they are talking about ☹.
        Some or one decent man might come later to explain to me in plain terms what they were referring to that I completely missed. I appreciate these guys. I think they also like what they do when trying to explain to me. I am just hopeless and that’s why I ask a lot, that’s why also I was afraid that using the term prudish might have offended anyone. Looks like it’s all good. Or so I hope.

  5. Aidos

    Happy Birthday, Sir Guy! 😀

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