2440. I Hope You Watch This Video


I ran across the video below. It’s lengthy but I pray all blog readers will make it worth their attention. I lived during the time the video portrays and what you see happening. With a master’s degree in political science, I was aware and can attest to the truth and accuracy of it.

It summarizes historically how our country is being torn apart. You’ll see how we have been led without knowing it to help Marxists organize, propagandize, and complete their missions. How communism intrudes your life and next door. How we are being unAmerican without trying and the American communist police state is developed with our willingness to accept it.

Be sure you watch the sections that describe the process and damaging results of day care, early education, and family damage. It will impact many of you directly. Also, how the planned eradication of Christianity is so deeply underway.





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9 responses to “2440. I Hope You Watch This Video

  1. My Husband's Wife

    Thank you, Sir Guy, for posting this. I’m looking forward to watching it and learning more. Extremely important subject matter. In my search for an answer in “the decline” years back that now is increasing at warped speed, I’ve concluded Marxism is the cause as well. It’s infiltrated almost every country and organization. A covert war has been/is being waged upon us. We clearly see the terrorists who blow up things that oppose us, but haven’t been able to see (or have been too distracted to noticed) the takeover going on right in front of our faces. Knowing what we’re up against and then doing what’s right is the best way to counteract this.

    I also would like to commend you and your brilliant work on not only exposing Feminism, but creating a recovery plan for us women. Many of us have been duped and are now awake in search of solutions, but don’t have foggiest idea as to what to do. I’m forever grateful for the “online library” and community of wise ladies that you’ve created here at WWNH.

  2. Kim

    Thank you, great video.

    Your Highness Kim,
    Welcome aboard. It’s a great day when another pretty woman joins us on this cruise to WhatWomenNeverHear.

  3. Eric

    Thanks for posting this—excellent analysis of Cultural Marxism. Many don’t realize that the Marxists of the 50s-70s were more deeply influenced by the Maoist/Chinese strain of Communism, which taught infiltration and subversion of a culture from within.

  4. Eric

    As a perfect illustration of how radically far to the Left our culture has shifted, I found this 3-minute clip of President Truman’s 1950 Christmas Address to the nation. I can’t imagine anything like this coming from a US President in recent memory:

    • My Husband's Wife

      Dear Sir Eric,

      What a find this video. Wow, what a contrast with the presidential speeches of today. One benefit of our “age of information” is that we can find/research just about anything. I think that has led to much awakening for many people (including myself) who know “something” is up with our country. And then you discover, it’s been happening slowly over many decades—from within.

      • Eric

        Thanks—I was thinking that it even contrasts with many speeches people hear today from their own churches, let alone from the Government!

        As I’ve seen more material from the early.mid 20th Century, it’s amazing how different the underlying premises and attitudes were. I saw recently an advertisement for an upcoming TV about a Catholic family whose kids ‘come out as gay’. Pfffft. The co-producer is from the city where I live; I know him as a scumbag of the lowest order—a leader of Code Pink and I’ve long suspected him of being involved in some local church desecrations.

        Then I watched a crime drama TV episode from the 1950s. At the end, the hero was leaving the police station to return some recovered money to a bank. His girlfriend was looking at the city map on the wall. He started cuddling with her and said “After we get done at the bank we can have a romantic evening together.” She looked at the map and replied coyly:

        “I see there’s a church right around the corner from the bank. I was thinking that walking down the aisle there would be better than the aisle at the bank. What do you think?”

        Ah…we’re so fortunate not to live in those Dark Ages of Christian Patriarchial Oppression—when presidents told us that prayer was greater than political policy and people thought that marriage was more important than capturing bank robbers. Now, in our enlightened era, we debate over unisex bathrooms and greater access to narcotics…

  5. Cinnamon

    I’ve been watching the U.S. elections with great interest and am heartened by the surge of patriotism that seems to be awakening. By far the most interesting and intelligent social commentary is coming from black social conservatives like Dr. Commonsense and Diamond & Silk, who can all be found on Youtube.

    Dr Commonsense has a new one today on Captain America and Masculinity that is really good. I can’t recommend these people highly enough – they represent the best in the spirit of the American people.

  6. Cinnamon

    Here’s a great little pick-me-up from the magnificent Milo Yiannopolous. Check out his work – he is doing great things these days on American college campuses 🙂

    • Cinnamon

      If that link is not visible go to Youtube and search for “Constable Milo Yionnopolous sings the National Anthem.”

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