2441. Free Constitution Course for You

As follow-up to yesterday’s post, I recommend you investigate the free educational opportunities presented online by Hillsdale College. (It has never taken federal government money, so it hasn’t been bought off by the left.) You can sign up for free courses on government, liberty, and the constitution. The latter is at https://freeconstitutioncourse.com. Several others of interest are also available at https://online.hillsdale.edu/?_ga=1.268591921.1765047930.1461064043 or hillsdale.edu.

They come up with new courses periodically. Unfortunately, I am unable to find my way to their full array of online courses. Perhaps you young folks can find it.



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4 responses to “2441. Free Constitution Course for You

  1. Shermy

    This is awesome, thanks so much!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Hillsdale was sued by the Federal government and won! That’s when I started paying attention to them :-).

  3. My Husband's Wife

    This is great, Sir Guy! Thank you, I had no idea that this was available and will check it out. I’ve heard they’re a fantastic college.
    (P.S. Happy B-lated birthday! I hope you had a wonderful day!)

  4. Jen

    My husband graduated from Hillsdale (I wished to attend long before meeting him, but did not have enough in savings, so married in!). Their courses are wonderful, and Sir Guy, if you have not already recommended it, I highly recommend (and enjoy) their monthly IMPRIMUS newsletter.

    Your Highness Jen,

    Congratulations on marrying into Hillsdale, a most admirable accomplishment to connect with that outfit directly or indirectly.

    Thank you. I’ve been a subscriber to IMPRIMUS for many years and recommend it for all readers of this blog. It’s always great reading and it’s free too at Hillsdale.edu.


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