2446. Male Dominance and Who Handles It: Part II

Men instinctively live the dominant role, and women are left to live with it. In spirit, men strut, pound their chest, and expect to fight to prove their dominance or protect what they own as proof of their stature.

Most everyday signs of male dominance go unnoticed by the conscious mind. We’re all programmed that it’s just the way things are and our subconscious mind guides us into generally accepting it. We learn in childhood to live with it.

We also live without recognizing the superior role played by the other gender. Women possess a uniqueness that enables them to get their way by neutralizing male dominance. Oh, not the kind of superiority one notices, because it operates in background mode.

Women sense their superior ability but know better than to claim it, because it challenges men to prove claimants wrong. Actually and mostly learned in childhood, females develop habits of behavior that hide their superior relationship abilities from men. Doing so makes it unnecessary for men to protect and defend their dominance, which enables women to mostly ignore it. Thus, women neutralize male aggression outside the perception of men, who aren’t paying attention anyway—until their dominance is challenged, and women mostly know how to avoid it.

Women instinctively and intuitively exploit their relationship expertise. It enables and empowers each to brighten her future by building and sustaining a successful relationship with a man. It’s the purpose of female superiority, if one accepts the evidence of millennial history.

Thus, the sexes follow their own genetic and hormonal game plan. Their competitive self-development finally grows into mutual self-interest and they couple up as compatible mates. In fact, their self-development began soon after their conscious minds opened in the third year of life and they discovered they too were a person and soon after learned they are boy or girl.

Self-development, it’s next.

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One response to “2446. Male Dominance and Who Handles It: Part II

  1. Sarina

    Male dominance was the exact factor that seemed repulsive to me. This site has enabled me to better understand men, but not only that. My personal relationship with men from my family has improved a lot. I used to be so hateful and grudging towards males in general, especially since feminist propaganda was constantly pushed in my university years. I was miserable by constantly abhorring men with the exception of family members.
    A woman is not happy when she hates men, it destroys her inside. And this happened while I never experienced any major wrongdoings from any man, honestly, I’ve never been truly insulted by anyone in real life, but I hated their guts because of feminist perception. Anyway, I’ve finally understood how men operate with action when they love someone. I used to be frustrated because I would rarely hear warm words from male relatives, but when I look back, I remember how all the time they’ve protected, provided in many ways and not to mention sacrificed themselves for me. I couldn’t see it then because I only wanted ‘sweet, sugary words’ and I couldn’t appreciate action.

    Your Highness Sarina,
    This is worth repeating many times, and I expect to do so with credit, of course. “A woman is not happy when she hates men, it destroys her inside.”

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