2458. Journey to Feminine — Part 11

The most popular tactics that women have to pique a man’s curiosity, stir his imagination, and hold his interest come naturally to the feminine woman. Moreover, the tactics die in the presence of Feminism.

  • Her heart finds it easy to generate ladylike behavior and inspire it in others.
  • Feminine mystique takes a man’s focus off a single mother’s burdens, status, and expectations. Mystery expands his self-interest toward lifting burdens.
  • Modesty attracts men; its uniqueness creates its own mystique and slows a man’s high flying self-confidence.
  • Modest attire and manner shift male eyes from sex and onto her as a lady. It opens her role as woman and more than just a sex object.

Obeying her feminine heart more dynamically guides a woman. More easily she can bypass feminist-think and slip naturally into behaviors that present her best qualities when dealing with men. Such as these:

♣ Feminine women don’t permit masculine grossness in their presence on the basis that it dishonors female dignity. By defending her dignity, she earns manly respect, which is essential for a man’s love.

♣ Feminine women in principle don’t accept masculine-style sexual freedom as desirable female behavior. It turns love making into coarse primal urges. Expecting her to participate offends those who conscientiously expect to be treated as a lady.

♣ Feminine spirit avoids ‘getting in his face’. Avoidance protects a woman’s ability to win a man’s cooperation and shape his thoughts and behavior.

♣ Feminine women use their natural flexibility. It flows out of female soft-heartedness, mothering instinct, cooperative spirit, and other qualities. All of which is monitored by their inborn hard-headedness. A feminine woman appears that much more unique, because men lack that natural flexibility for identifying much less smoothing out the wrinkles of life.

♣ Feminine women expect no legal assistance to elevate women over men. They know how to overcome male dominance and promote male worthiness. Handling the remainder they face makes their gender superior.

♣ Feminine women keep the political, legal, and economic status of females out of the home. They know it can backfire into turmoil and damage a relationship.

♣ Feminine women know not to use anger and ridicule to put a man ‘in his place’. The proper place for her man is either alongside or pursuing her and not driven away with short temper or vengeful thoughts.

♣ Feminine woman energizes husband to keep his seed at home. Being neither sycophant nor slave, she respects his domination, expresses gratitude for who he is, and confirms with actions her dependence on what he does. She eagerly salutes his sense of significance and just as eager not to weaken his significance in bed.

♣ The feminine spirit makes women think less like men. They find solace in thinking of ‘you before me’ and ‘us before you or me’. Thus enabled, it encourages them to exploit their natural expertise for holding a man.

In addition to more freely yielding unmarried sex, feminist-think prompts younger women to make more fundamental mistakes dealing with men. We look at reversing that next.

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One response to “2458. Journey to Feminine — Part 11

  1. gonemaverick

    lovely reminders. much appreciated.

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