2459. Journey to Feminine — Part 12

We have heard for years that men are irresponsible, inadequate, and dysfunctional at helping fulfill female dreams. This post looks closer at the macro scale and ways to reverse the feminist disadvantages that interfere with women who seek a lifetime marriage.

  1. It’s natural. Women seek to regularly get their way. Under certain conditions men tend to go along. However, when women differ politically, men don’t go along and, when pushed, not even to get along. Feminists seek to get their way now; they’re willing to compete and rely on politics to win. Non-feminists aka feminine women seek to get their way someday, and they’re willing to cooperate now to keep their way open for resolution later in their favor.
  2. Women are not ignorant about men, but much of what they know is wrong. Feminism closes the female mind to understanding men and opens it to pressuring men toward feminist-think. Feminists seek to dominate men, which causes the female mind to surrender in favor of using politics and competition to get their way. Men, consequently, just turn off and look for freer sex offered as compensation by feminists.
  3. When their dominance is challenged in the modern home, men grow frustrated, angry, and their dominance strengthens. It fertilizes their natural reluctance that discourages them from staying long with one woman. OTOH, the feminine woman knows how to find another way to get her way.
  4. The end result of masculine-style sexual freedom for women is this. Men become more adroit at sexual hit and run, and women gain more experience living life as ex-girlfriend, -lover, -live in, or -wife. Feminine thought discourages thoughts of sexual freedom.
  5. The more that females exploit their sexual assets to conquer men, the more easily and certainly men will be lured away from their present girlfriend, lover, live in, or wife. Feminine-think discourages sex-think and promotes youth and beauty-think to reverse the feminist cause and effect.
  6. To follow social trends for greater sexual freedom, feminists drop the old school importance of fidelity to please their man. Females pursuing equal rights in unfaithfulness merely redouble the masculine effort to maintain inequality. Feminine-think discourages that cause and effect.
  7. Modern women compete with their man, and they usually lose. Women are endowed with a cooperative spirit, men with a competitive one. Men know the difference and guard their turf aggressively. Femininity enables women to get their way with cooperation.
  8. To loosen their conscience as governor of the soul, women discard Judeo-Christian morality. They give up old school respectability that civilizes and domesticates males. They live by new school moral relativism that breeds abuse and violence of men and women against others. It’s the opposite of femininity.
  9. To loosen up moral values, feminists five decades ago killed the social construct of the Lady. The death of gentlemanly respect and courtesies followed soon thereafter. Now, women turn toward Femininity as they desire to restore chivalrous, responsible, and gentlemanly behavior .
  10. Wives blame husbands for female miseries and fail to acknowledge how they treat it as one-way. Feminists defend such wives as ‘inexperienced’. Feminine women recognize that they also contribute and change themselves to avoid disaster before it strikes their relationship.

Modern women are beginning to sense that the feminist mindset produces the opposite of what they want out of life. They seem aware that the more non-feminist a woman acts, the more easily and accurately she reads the behavior of men relative to how they will treat her in the future. It also leads her to seldom err figuring out one man, which inspires her to learn even more about the male nature.


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5 responses to “2459. Journey to Feminine — Part 12

  1. Sarina

    The more I read about femininity, the more I feel this desire to respect men. I’m really fascinated by the male mind and their overall capabilities, I’m not only talking about architecture, electronics or medicine but also less complex fields where men have greatly shined. I keep hearing local women complain that guys are only worthy for sex and money, no wonder many relationships are really messed up.

    • Miss Gina

      Lady Sarina,

      I agree. When we understand what God was doing when He made men, there is really much to marvel at and admire. Men pick up on this and respond accordingly.

      I really love that Sir Guy says that just the *presence* of a feminine woman can bring healing to a man. I hope that means that just a few of us can restore hope in many, many men, through our daily respectful and feminine interactions with them.

  2. anon...

    It was exactly 5 decades ago, when the feminist ‘killed’ the LADY.
    starting with the 12-35 year olds looking for a husband.

    I also remember the magazine NEW WOMAN, which had cartoons that frowned on the LADY

    • Miss Gina

      Your Highness anon,

      Silly feminists. They can’t kill something true, real, and beautiful.


  3. Shermy

    Amen to that last paragraph Sir Guy!

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