2461. Journey to Feminine — Part 13

The prevalence of doubt about Feminism in the social and domestic domains has energized much more thought of restoring feminine behavior. Feminine thinking and behavior guides women to make fewer mistakes dealing with men. So, this series continues to promote the feminine over the feminist.

  • The popular feminist attitude supports equal sharing of housekeeping and childcare responsibilities. Harsh female intentions to equalize workload weaken a man’s loyalty. Her likeability plummets and his love follows. Husbands resent, resist, and may retaliate against the friction caused in the expectation of marital equality. Most men don’t mind helping and cooperating, but they all recognize that equality is impossible to both achieve and sustain. Therefore, it has no place in their home; it’s not the wife so much as her politics.
  • Feminist-inspired women seem inept at winning the battle of the sexes. They face doubts or immense troubles whether trying to attract a good man, avoiding hit-and-run relationships, expecting a Mr. Right, screening for Mr. Good Enough, identifying worthless men before yielding sex, dodging the Manipulating Man, avoiding the violent man, capturing the Marrying Man, avoiding accumulation of troublesome ‘baggage’, buying into faithfulness, expecting to be loyal, avoiding the man’s game of shack up, living with a man for more than a few years, focusing on being likeable, growing into the right person to hold a man for life, and finding the right path that all women seek—the one to happiness.
  • Some even adopt stupid rationalizations: I can get pregnant to capture or hold a man. A married man is better than nothing. If we don’t cohabit, I’ll lose him. We’re great in bed, so he both loves me and can’t stay away from our great sex.

OTOH, a woman lives life with men or a man more successfully, when she lives it according to the feminine side of her female nature—so she favors maturity! She does not absolutely need a man, but she wants company or assistance at specific times in life—so she takes time! She wants a dependable relationship with someone stronger and perhaps more influential in shaping events that impact her and her children—so she generates patience! She wants help to brighten her future in a society dominated by catastrophes, powerful people, and unexpected events—so she judges carefully! She wants comfort in needy times and seeks companionship to prevent loneliness—so she sacrifices in the present to brighten her future! She particularly wants all those things by late in life—so she earns what she wants!

Feminist theory, dogma, and propaganda brought troublesome conditions to women dealing with men, and men have gained the upper hand. Male dominance continues to expand in sync with expansion of more sex as the standard female pursuit. Fortunately, mature women are beginning to see a brighter light in Femininity. More to follow.


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5 responses to “2461. Journey to Feminine — Part 13

  1. Shermy

    Great post!

  2. Etu

    Sir Guy, will you give us a commentary on the situation with bathrooms in the US now, particularly in relation to the President’s order to public schools and also Targets new policy. I thought big corporations were afraid of being sued? Very much wanting to hear you on it. Thanks!

    Your Highness Etu,

    For those destroying the United States, it’s just the next routine and progressive step toward enslavement by elitists. It’s been moving progressively along a secret and well-planned bankster (banker-shyster) conspiracy formulated in 1910. (There’s that conspiracy word that everyone dismisses, but history is always the story of conspiracy.)

    We have been purposely kept ignorant and concerned with petty stuff. If you want to catch up, you can do so with these books. You will be greatly surprised and fearful:
    • The Creature from Jekyll Island (it’s the best one)
    • Battle Hymn by John Scura and Dane Phillips

    Not enslaved yet? I think we are. What else when females are so first ignored and then denigrated, demeaned, and reduced to non-persons and held helpless by their own governments, both local and central.

    As Tocqueville said over a century ago, “Morals are the work of woman.” Until millions of them march on Congress and the White House, we will get more of what we already have foisted in our face. And even that will only slow the banksters and their bought-off politicians. I know you can’t believe me, so read those books and pass the word to friends and family. Everything will then make sense to you about what’s coming.


    • My Husband's Wife

      Dear Sir Guy (and Etu)—I have come to the same conclusion as Sir Guy has after researching who is behind all this…just follow the people and money and you get to the elite bankster globalists in every case. Another interesting facet is that those elite banksters use their foundations and grass root non-profits to fund and promote these causes such as feminism so that they appear virtuous, compassionate, sincere and ultimately guilt the population into accepting whatever they’re promoting.

      • My Husband's Wife

        oops, forgot to say to Etu…and so I believe that the transgender movement hype is just the next distraction and way to divide/conquer/degrade the population by the elite. Part of the method of their madness is to keep things changing rapidly so that there is no sense of security, people live in perpetual fear and uncertainty. So much of these tensions will be highly exaggerated as a fearful population is easier to control. (If you think about it, transgendered people have existed forever and there were no bathroom issues. So WHY now and WHO is making this an issue?)

  3. If men are expected to keep their barracks and equipment clean in the military they can be expected to help keep their home clean. Their wife is not their maid.

    Your Highness Godsgrace55,
    You continue to comment from the belief that the sexes are more alike than different, more equal than unequal, and more interested in portraying the opposite sex than their own. That is, how you think they should relate instead of what generates compatibility for the long-term. It’s good politics in the feminist mind, but it’s lousy politics for couples to live successfully in a pleasant marriage.

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