2463. Journey to Feminine — Group 15

I continue trying to make feminine-think more beneficial to women than feminist-think.

  • Listen closely to what men have to say about their gender as if it’s all great news. Then call their bluff and expect them to prove it. (Keep them off balance so they can’t interrogate you or talk about sex.)
  • It’s overstated that men are the enemy. Question them to bring them over to the female side. By acknowledging their importance with friendliness, you also earn their respect. (Keep them uncomfortable, if they can get into your mind they can get in your panties.)
  • The feminine woman knows not to blame a man, at least not verbalize it. It puts him on the defensive and establishes the need to prove her wrong and nothing else registers with him until he wins in some form of a final encounter. (It also applies to cheating but that opens a whole new subject.)
  • With so many women open to provide sex to married men, pressures mount for husbands to cheat. Feminine wives know their best hope is to trust first and ‘spectacularize’ their own fidelity and remain silent about doubt and suspicion. Does it work? Over the long run the end results favor the wife, because confrontation shifts the high ground to him.
  • Feminine women listen only to men about Feminism. They look for ways to assuage the blame inflicted on men and the guilt aimed at them, which they assertively and even aggressively resist. They confirm that only men know how men should, would, or could act, and that feminine women understand.
  • Feminine mothers bring up daughters to please father, especially with old school maturity-before-sex rather than new school sex-before-maturity. When daughters live up to father’s expectations, they mature better and don’t lose their identity in adolescence. It also develops their intuitive ability to hold onto one man later in life.
  • Feminine women hide their superior role by not competing with husband, by celebrating husband’s accomplishments, and by complimenting his sense of significance among others. It highlights and justifies an us-centered cooperative rather than a self-centered competitive spirit. Proactively filling such a role confirms a man’s sense of significance, any loss of which is his greatest fear and especially loss of face to his wife.
  • Feminine women promote chastity, honor lengthy courtship, and highly value marital longevity. It keeps the Marrying Man on track to earn what he seeks, a unique wife.
  • Feminine women claim dependence on their man and keep looking for ways to be grateful, both of which reflect respect that every man expects from his woman. It also encourages his sense of family responsibility.

And so, it ain’t easy to be feminine in today’s marketplace and domestic scene. But outcomes benefit women by more easily pleasing than blaming men.


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16 responses to “2463. Journey to Feminine — Group 15

  1. Meow Meow

    Great stuff Sir Guy. Every point is so clear and reinforces the basic principles of a delightful femininity. I have a question—what do you mean by ‘spectacularize” her own fidelity? How best can a wife do that after marriage?

    Your Highness Meow Meow,
    She hangs on his every word, pays little attention to other men, and focuses on his presence when other men are around. IOW, not the least suspicion about her creeps into his mind. That’s what I had in mind when I coined the term.

    • Kristiane

      Isn’t Nancy Reagan a good example of this?
      Everyone in the media notes how attentive she was to Ronald Reagan, and how this added to his adoration of her. I’m praying to one day be a devoted wife, so I like to see a real example of your teachings to model.

    • Southernbelle

      Sir Guy,
      Is this different in courtship? Seems to me if she’s that “into him” then he doesn’t perceive there’s any competition for her attention and affections and he doesn’t have a challenge to rise to anymore.

      Your Highness SouthernBelle,

      Yes, an astute conclusion and verbalized well. Thank you.

      It’s another feminine trait intuitively used before marriage. Seeking to conquer him before he conquers her, she makes him earn her. She acts as buyer, he as seller. She does little to make him like her, or make his job easier. The more effort he expends winning her hand, the more deeply he invests himself, and that’s the foundation of devotion.


      • Beloved

        I was wondering the same thing. I hope Guy answers this one.

        Your Highness Beloved,
        Astute of you to sense something missing. I responded as you asked.

    • gonemaverick

      that is the sense i got out of the term too. i’ve been here too long and i ain’t going nowhere. #smiling

    • Cinnamon

      Sir Guy,

      This answer is perfect – please put it in the “Favorite Quotes” section as a reminder. This is an area where married and attached females can never be too vigilant!

      Your Highness Cinnamon,
      Good idea and done.

  2. Sarina

    Being feminine also means abstaining from cussing at a guy in all situations. Sometimes, it can be difficult when they make crude remarks, but it’s much better than to have them hear such unflattering words from a woman’s mouth.

    Your Highness Sarina,
    It’s an obsolete custom, but old school women used cussing to establish their feminine expectations and modest standards by letting men know cussing was not acceptable in their presence. It laid a foundation for other standards too.

    • gonemaverick

      Sarina, i just feel perturbed when a woman cusses. so unattractive.

      • anon...

        It used to be taboo, to do this, even if a person did.
        Women were brought up to be ladies, and in that way, had more power over men.
        I used to see my mom talk the HP out of a ticket by smiling.
        A male cop of course.
        My mom was never without a boyfriend when my dad died.
        Also, years ago, my uncle on my dads side, bought me skirts because he was tired of seeing me in pants.
        He had only boys

  3. No, feminine women DO NOT only listen to men about feminism.

    Feminism fought for and won the right for feminine women to vote 100 years ago. Feminism made sure feminine women won the right to have bank and credit card accounts in their own name, inherit property and own it in their own name, and obtained the right for feminine women to gain custody of children that they birth.

    Why? Because men abused their authority, leaving their women and children destitute and with no legal protections.

    BTW, destitute women and children are an uncivilized way to organize society.

    Sometimes I wonder if you are simply old and senile or just engaged in wishful thinking.

    Your Highness Godsgrace55,
    You again miss the theme. This blog is about the effects of Feminism in the social and domestic arenas, i.e., at the level of couples, man and woman

    • 1jarofclay

      Ms. Miller,

      While I don’t completely disagree with you, I believe that there is a better way to get your point across without being disrespectful and insulting to Sir Guy. We love and respect him very much and are very grateful to him and for him. I don’t agree 100 percent with him all the time, and guess what? It’s ok!

      Sir Guy, you’re a brilliant man. Please keep up the good work that you do here. Sometimes I get teary-eyed thinking about you and your tireless and selfless work here at WWNH. We’re blessed to have you!


      PS. To the readership of WWNH: Don’t you all wish that every man were as sharp, gentlemanlike and kind as Sir Guy? I know I do!

      • Meow Meow

        Agreed, points well taken and I do not take for granted the progress made in helping protect women and children and the effort it took to organize for women’s rights and freedom. Which, in many countries do not exist at all. We are truly fortunate here in the US to have these basic protections and we must maintain them. I don’t think Sir Guy believes in turning back the clock on that! However, this blog points out male-female dynamics that although often unpleasant and scary do ring true to me. Even Sir Guy isn’t saying he likes it but rather that it is true to how most men think. And that by learning about how men think/see the world, women can learn how best to deal with them. Which ultimately leads to a safer, kinder and more stable “civilized” society for women and children.

        • Magnolia

          Exactly, Meow Meow. In the “About” section of this blog Sir Guy says:

          “I applaud the legal, political, and economic gains wrought by women fighting under the feminist banner. However, the domestic, social, and cultural consequences work directly against females. I accept the gains as well-earned on the battlefield of politics. I attack the fallout of Feminism as unwitting penalty to women, children, and families.”

          He is very matter-of-fact and practical about shunning feminism and exploiting patriarchy in the household, however. (I agree– feminism is great at the work place, but not at home.) That doesn’t sit well with a lot of people. I am very practical as well and think this blog is genius. I believe that it’s within the reach of every woman who follows this blog to marry and have a successful marriage. We just have to find a mate who is a man of character and then put into practice WWNH’s principles. Not saying that it will be a walk in the park always, but it’s worth it.

          This blog and Sir Guy have been such a blessing in my life, I just don’t have words that adequately express my deep gratitude. I believe with all my heart that God has and will continue to bless Sir Guy abundantly for his amazing work at WWNH.


          • Meow Meow

            Thanks Magnolia…I knew I had seen a quote like that somewhere on the blog, when I was first introduced to it, I just forgot where! It was the fact that Sir Guy acknowledged the bravely won, important legal/political gains that protect the basic rights of women (and by extension children) and ALSO acknowledged the social problems and relationship confusion that began to happen when women and men began to be thought of as basically “the same” that made me interested to keep reading. These aren’t the confused rantings of a young “red pill” or “player” man who curses women and wants to take them back to “The Stone Age” (Guys who want to have it both ways: learns skills to have lots of sex with lots of women but then complains how women will have sex with just anybody, where are the good ones etc.) It is the blog of a gentleman who has lived through a more civilized time and is passing on his thoughts about how relationships used to work and how they have changed, it is completely unique and we are so lucky to have this. I don’t agree with him on every little thing but so much (the majority) of what he writes about is so observable and true and clears up so much of the confusion i have personally lived with for many years, as a feminine woman who often invalidated my own feelings and beliefs.

      • gonemaverick


        most of us here have learned not to respond to argumentative and disrespectful guests. Sir Guy has an uncanny ability to tell people who cross the line off so eloquently that i have had years of feeling smug after he’s done it. i’m sure he knows most of us here adore him and we echo your sentiments on everything he has done for us.

        • Magnolia

          Yes, Gonemaverick. Sir Guy certainly can defend himself and I will let him take it from here. I was just hurt by the disrespect and insults that Mary Alice threw his way.

          Anyway, ladies, off to see a good play. Have a nice rest of the weekend and best wishes to all. ❤


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