2476. Leftover Thoughts on Marriage — 03

  • Their future together lays in her lap, since men don’t change and hubby expects her to remain the woman he married.
  • If she insists on being the seller and makes him the buyer, he’s left to figure out what price he has to pay PLUS if she’s worth it. This is the seller’s dance; she has to prove that she’s worth more than he thinks. It takes time; he’s a slow learner about the ways of women, but what he figures out means much more than what she tells him.
  • The higher the risk of losing her that he overcomes in courtship, the more self-admiration and self-satisfaction he has earned; it’s his marital glue. His efforts and accomplishments satisfy as foundation for his wanting to keep her around in his present life.
  • Marital coldness sets in if wife becomes dissatisfied or unhappy. She may have screened poorly, married wrongly, or become frustrated at being unable to change husband into whatever she expects him to be or become. Her pressures  for husband to change, however, can stimulate manly coldness and even worse.
  • Deeply embedded in the conqueror’s nature, he has rights that become evident as he changes after conquest. He earns her by paying her price for yielding, and it entitles him to ownership of their sexual agenda in his heart and mind.
  • Feminists can’t accept a man as is. They think all men need womanly corrections and especially the squashing of male dominance. It’s quite the opposite of what men believe and marriage needs.
  • Feminists reverse the marital arrangement. They expect their man to serve as husband and father and freely give up his freedom because that’s what women would do if they were men. They measure their man’s worth by female values, standards, and expectations and willingness to match female behavior.
  • Women by their nature think in terms of swimming toward the norm; they don’t care to be different from society. But moderns fail to accept and respect that men differ from women. So, too many easily join the ex- crowd. Some never find success with a man.


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2 responses to “2476. Leftover Thoughts on Marriage — 03

  1. Cote

    My boyfriend of two years has been asking me the ff:
    1) when do you want to get married?
    2) when do you want to have children? Coz it’s in his opinion that getting pregnant gets harder as you approach mid-thirties

    I tell him I can think about having children once I’m married. BUT when to get married is a bit tricky. The short answer of course is, I’ll want to get married once he proposes. But I can’t steer the conversation towards that direction. It’s hard to give a general answer since at this point i can somewhat assume he’s sort of asking when he wants us to get married (and not just when do I want to get married in the general sense). Any advice would be appreciated.

    Your Highness Cote:

    Don’t answer his questions except in general sense, but you might try these:

    1) When the man I select as good enough for me stands and proposes boldly, or kneels and proposes meekly in words that are direct and emphasized by his determination to get what he wants.

    2) When my husband and I decide it’s time to act.

    You’ve done well so far. If you don’t like my suggestions, I’ll take no offense. They are just ideas to keep from being specific about you but aimed at making him braver to be more definite.


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