2486. Friendly Reminders — 05

  •  Women presume that men are only after sex. Consequently, they believe they can be a man’s heavenly object. Why? Women essentially put out what all others provide. Sexual activity doesn’t make her different; every woman has a vagina and special effects soon lose uniqueness.  To be different, she has to be otherwise unique in the sisterhood.
  • When women are primarily after sex, either for selves of their man, they find they can’t keep him. Sex with the same woman can get tiring, and a whole lot more is required to keep him for life. Women are hardwired to provide it, but the first they have to forget is that sex is not the way.
  • People often crave the food to which they are allergic. The same phenomenon plagues female losers. They crave men that possess character flaws unworthy of attention by other females. Why? Her dislike of self makes her vulnerable and her self-image is insufficient to alert or compensate.
  • Younger women today generally and collectively follow the values and standards of our male-dominated society. When females don’t uphold moral and female-friendly standards and principles against male dominion, men enjoy far greater freedom from women and both family and personal responsibility. Neither sex likes the latter of not getting along well together, but male independence is much preferred over females having their way and say.
  • To their own detriment, women activate the self-fulfilling prophecy against their own relationships. They badmouth their man. They describe his quirks and undesirable habits to female friends. Doing so programs their subconscious minds, and he becomes more and more as she describes him. He doesn’t change. The more she complains, the more her perceptions of him change to fulfill her words.
  • Consider this for early dating and courtship. The easier she is to please, the less he learns about how, what, and when makes her tick. If she seeks to capture him by acting contrary to her own nature, e.g., insincerity or phoniness, then she plants discordant seeds. Her natural self will emerge after marriage, and men don’t like such surprises.

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