2490. Friendly Reminders — 07

  • A satisfied need no longer motivates. If he says I love you, and she lets him know that he’s admired, they can both turn to other things and get on with life.
  • As wives women gravitate toward the center of the bed and politics. It’s great for sex but lousy for female political leadership.
  • As women go so goes society. The more women respect the male sex unconditionally, the more husbands become more responsive and responsible toward women, children, and families.
  • Males have this major shortcoming relative to females. When the female ego flares up, the emotional disturbance drives males to rely on dominance as opposed to being objective, empathetic, or willing to listen. Why? It’s a natural reflex against losing a competition and losing to a woman affects a man’s sense of significance.
  • Immobilized and unmovable minds have all they need to know except how to listen.
  • Single females compete with guys to make them respect feminine virtues and standards. Guys learn what they are taught. From those experiences, women learn how to get their way without competing with their husbands.
  • If a woman doesn’t respect her conscience, she loses self-respect and self-confidence, which undermines her relationship expertise. It can make her a stranger in her own body.
  • Women create this dilemma. A person’s preparation and appearance helps shape their attitude and expectations of others. By today’s standards, modern women earn, deserve, and receive male treatment as just other guys.
  • When women outshine men in everyday appearance—neat, classy, pretty, prideful, and virtuous—they capture continuous manly attention. Just think! How many guys with higher standards pass you by because you don’t look good enough to catch their eye?


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2 responses to “2490. Friendly Reminders — 07

  1. My Husband's Wife

    More gems!

    I especially like, “A satisfied need no longer motivates. If he says I love you, and she lets him know that he’s admired, they can both turn to other things and get on with life.” I once read that we weren’t designed to exist in a permanent state of romantic/infatuation as society today promotes as nothing would ever get done: child rearing/home maintenance/working for the family first. Also stated was that marriage is the venue where we learn to become adults. I know many people my age (40s) who are returning to/reliving adolescent states with the goal of “fun!” in mind with hopes of entering a state of romantic/infatuation, leaving adulthood responsibilities behind.

    I’ve been contemplating the mid-life crisis lately in both men and women and have come to see it as a turning point for many as it is a period in life that produces self-reflection and can create emotional discomfort: some use it as a positive thing to spur on healthy changes and growth, others choose to regress backwards which seems to throw a kink into the idea of “getting on with life.”

    Your Highness My Husband’s Wife,
    I love it when pretty women think so clearly.

  2. Does, “Immobilized and unmovable minds have all they need to know except how to listen,” mean arrogant people won’t listen to others? And, how exactly is it meant here? More for the woman or man to be warned about, or equally for both? Another good one, Sir Guy. I’ve been absent for a while. So glad to come back to your articles.

    Your Highness Sharonwithmaryandmartha,

    I love it when pretty women return to the readers’ corral.

    Exactly as you presume. Except they don’t have to be arrogant. Just unwilling to listen to someone else. If they know it all, they’re arrogant. If they won’t listen to you, you likely assign the A-word to them. However, if beliefs are involved, they may not be arrogant.

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