2491. Friendly Reminders — 08

  • It’s unfortunate. The woman unhappy with herself expects her man to make her happy. But she has little room for him otherwise in her guilt-shrunken heart. She takes instead of giving, and he leaves instead of staying. (Do it with kids and they rebel.)
  • A female showing tattoos or wearing her libido on her sleeve attracts players and temporary husbands but not the Marrying Man. The latter avoids being connected to a female who disses herself to attract men.
  • If a woman has to talk a man into marriage or living together, consider it merely for practice. It won’t last.
  • To duplicate male sexual behavior and capture boyfriends in adolescence, girls abandon female modesty. They give up old school character strength that protects against embarrassment. They accept without protest new school embarrassments caused by males. Then, following embarrassment, they blame themselves for being too sensitive and they lower standards out of fear of offending boys.
  • It used to work well for him to rule the roost and her to rule the rooster. Now, she tries to be the rooster, he looks elsewhere, and the family crumbles. Modern women ignored their mothers and grandmothers. They never learned the skills for ruling the rooster by letting him rule the roost.
  • Men appreciate female virtue and women appreciate masculine character as most promising for a good life together. Virginity gets the most publicity and is over ranked in desirability. She has many other qualities that a man can admire, and they qualify as virtues for some man or men. Personal integrity, sense of responsibility, and strong work ethic should rank highest on the character scale.
  • Men are the bricks of society and women are the mortar. Bricks don’t weep, but mortar often does. Socially conditioning boys to cry weakens them as adult bricks. The female mortar hardens automatically to compensate, and confusion follows when relationship strains and stresses arrive.


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2 responses to “2491. Friendly Reminders — 08

  1. anon...

    the last bullet is quite interesting… and also, i notice the reversing of clothing of men and women, long hair on men, with pierced ears, along with tattoos for women, which also weakens men—-i am one who thinks even ONE TATTOO on a woman is one too much…(although there is DERMABLEND which could cover them)
    at high end stores

  2. Beloved

    “Modern women ignored their mothers and grandmothers.” No, they didn’t! They didn’t tell us a damn thing! And fathers don’t tell daughters about men and how they think. (Never have! Probably too embarrassed about their gender to explain to a daughter). I for one would have listened and done what was needed to protect myself. Luckily I was shy and not of a promiscuous nature. But I wasn’t totally spared from mistakes. I think many mothers and fathers were so wrapped up in their own lives and problems that giving advice fell by the wayside. In their defense, without a guide (God, the Bible) they probably weren’t completely sure what was what for their own lives during the changing and confusing times of the past (and present). And this is why we are dying to hear everything you have to say! Like thirsty nomads in a desert and you’re the oasis.

    Your Highness Beloved,

    It got lost in the pass-down-the-line sloppiness that is the result of seven or so generations that have passed in the last 50 years. You would have had to listen to your great-great-great grandmother to have been learned what women used to know and hand down to daughters. Ditto for father’s side.

    You can tell by kids’ toys, idiom, habits, and relationships with peers that a new generation with all new values, standards, and expectations arises about every seven years.


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