2492. Friendly Reminders — 09

  • She does not love being a female, but she expects to keep one man around. Nature places heavy odds against it happening.
  • Managers tell people HOW to do their job. Leaders tell people WHAT to do and leave the details to followers. When leaders can’t distinguish between their two roles and act accordingly, they generate poor morale. Parents are predominantly managers before puberty and leaders thereafter.
  • Women like for men to hold doors open for them to enter first. A man’s good character shines brighter when he displays such courtesies for all females.
  • Don’t be so quick to want rules about flirting and other male-female interactions. Rules bypass individual natures and turn people toward phoniness or manipulation. It works against making relationships last.
  • Necessity is the mother of invention. Frustration is the father of both invention and cuss words.
  • Love isn’t enough for a woman. She has to put it to good use and show it. Her primary reward is in the giving, her secondary is having it returned.
  • Act respectably and respectable people will treat you respectfully. Act otherwise or deal with unrespectable people and unintended consequences rise up to bite you.


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5 responses to “2492. Friendly Reminders — 09

  1. Some real pearls of wisdom here.

    Sir Joseph Elon Lillie,
    Welcome aboard. It’s a great day when another man joins us on this cruise to WhatWomenNeverHear.

  2. Jello

    Hi Guy, I just have a few questions on virtual virginity.

    I was on a first date today, and the guy asked me about past relationships I have had. I said nothing serious yet. He looked surprised and asked how? I said I’m looking for the right one. Then I bounded the question back to him. Is that a good way to answer??

    Your Highness Jello,
    Yes, you did well. It’s a good strategy to respond with a question to what you don’t wish to answer. Many other options exist if you get a chance to study the two series, Her Sexual History and Virtual Virginity. But you sound like you’ve started to master the art. Another good question, Why would you ask that?

  3. But Sir,

    I have a query on the ‘don’t be too quick to want rules about flirting and other male-female relationships…’

    Do correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t this blog intended to guide (advise) accepting females in exactly that – the manner in which to more productively conduct male-female relationships?

    Your Highness Agirlmaligned,

    Welcome aboard. It’s a great day when another pretty woman joins us on this cruise to WhatWomenNeverHear.

    You’re absolutely correct, but not in the form of rules. Rather, I present info that women can choose to use or not use as it fits their circumstances. Rules tend to invite someone to abandon sincerity or pick up manipulative techniques to get what they are after. I prefer to let women decide what’s best for them when they know the inborn nature of both men and women. There is a big difference in results to be achieved.


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