2501. I Change Some Thinking

After more than a decade of developing and reinforcing my thoughts, I change my mind about a few things.

This is no longer and probably never was a true blog, but that’s no matter. It is a library of articles created to show women a man’s view of what they never learn elsewhere about men, finding and keeping one, and raising children. Reader popularity slows, and I am unsure of how long to continue posting new articles on average four of every five days. No reflection on faithful readers.

I love to learn and presume that others do too. But only about things of interest to me. Others are the same, or so I thought. I am discouraged at how few women want to learn about dealing better with men. It means that men are either of little interest—not believable—or dealing more successfully is of no concern. Now free to exploit sex assets without social disapproval, it seems that women expect sex and what they already know to provide all the expertise needed to find and capture boyfriend or husband without regard for how to keep him. A gal just passes from man to man until one finds her okay for shack up. Then came the dawn. They act more and more like men, and thereby take on the quality that they too are unwilling to change. My conclusion: Masculine-style sexual freedom guarantees female ignorance that may border on stupid. Influential and successful people use valuable assets for self-serving leverage rather than giving them up for little more than hope.

Female dominance is a misnomer I use but no longer. Female governance is more accurate—think kitchen, child-raising, ‘home rule’, castle building, planning future family events.

When women get their minds out of feminist propaganda and rely on their hearts, they find that men are not the cause of womanly misery, they are the misery. They are resistant, stubborn, and refuse to change as wives wish they would. Swift change appeals more to wives than having to morph husband into Mr. Right over the course of a couple decades, especially when they don’t know it’s coming. Manly resistance to feminine influence can be miserable, so wife’s misery originates with her frustrated expectations about her man.


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  1. gonemaverick

    Sir Guy,

    What would I be if you stopped posting articles? #sighing

    Your Highness Gonemaverick,
    Loyalty such as yours is what a man seeks in a wife. I am grateful when pretty women know how to treat this man. It takes so little from a woman to a man. Example: A satisfied husband arises out of seeing nothing but smiles and no complaints from his wife. This writer detects smiles through the ether, and yours have been pouring in for years. Thanks.

  2. Oxford Fan

    Dear Sir Guy,
    I’m a faithful reader, and haven’t thanked you enough for the way you provide fortification to my own convictions and courage to stand my ground in a world where it can feel very bewildering and lonely to trust your feminine intuition and live by the Judeo-Christian moral code that our Western civilization was built on. Your generosity in giving of your insights, time and energy makes a difference to those of us who welcome to better understand ourselves and that mysterious creature called ‘man’! Please don’t under-estimate the blessing the strength of a good man brings!

    Your Highness Oxford Fan,

    “Please don’t under-estimate the blessing the strength of a good man brings!”

    You say a ‘good man’ and women are in charge of producing such men. Natural motivational forces make it work this way. Woman is born to BE good, and she instinctively does DO good to confirm it to her conscience.

    Men are different, Not instinctively inspired to BE good, they have the ability to DO good. Each man’s ability must be energized, and females are routinely prepared to DO their own good of getting a man to DO good. Watch toddler girls preach to toddler boys to BE good.

    When woman or women inspire man or men to DO good, then both sexes can claim to BE good. Men against their nature but sucked into it by women in their lives doing good to confirm that they are as good as their female nature tells them. Unfortunately, it burdens women to reward men for being good, or they won’t stay that way. It’s not in the male nature, and so the female nature guides women to compensate so that their man will DO good and stick around to help raise children.

    When men have their ability to DO good energized, it makes a more female-friendly society. Also, females please their conscience with each man they help make a ‘good man’. Of course direct influence starts with mother but includes indirect influence by every female in a man’s life, if he is to ever be a ‘good man’ by female definition. Look at how many men don’t become admirably good men until they have had a couple decades of tutelage by a good wife.

    To DO good, I’m not talking about charity work or anything like that. I mean everyday goodness that women inherit at birth but men don’t. Goodness in men starts with goodness in women that females spread mostly by example. It’s the preferred method of leadership that appeals most to men. Moreover, they believe in something much better when they figure it out for themselves. Better especially than when told what is expected of them by a woman or women.


  3. Aidos

    I’m also a faithful reader. On days when there are no new articles, I read through the older ones. There’s seldom a day that goes by that I’m not here, and it’s been that way for years.

    You have helped me SO much, and although I’ve read endless relational articles and books, you’re first person I turn to when I have questions or problems. I trust what you have to say above all others, and I’ve told many, many people about this blog – including my 3 daughters.

    You have such a rare wisdom, and I’m often in awe of your insight and your ability to articulate it.

    I am willing to change. I’m in your debt and very thankful to and for you.

    Your Highness Aidos,
    I am encouraged. Thank you.

  4. prettybeans

    Sir Guy

    You sound discouraged and this should not be!

    Indeed there is something very wrong in the world today with men and women alike and as Lady Oxford Fan surmises, it is very hard and rather lonely to live according to feminine instinct and try to abide by the Judeo-Christian moral code.

    Other than you, I do not know of any other man who is telling ladies how to navigate these shark-ridden waters that is modern society.

    Having recently encountered a narcissist and still smarting from that exposure, I am quite saddened by everything that transpired but I am not defeated. And though he is currently dragging my name through the mud while simultaneously ignoring me and refusing to speak to me, I’ve learned something – if nothing else, I have confirmed just how much respect and kindness from a potential suitor mean to me and I have also confirmed that I am not willing to settle for less.

    My point is that I would not have been able to do this without having your guidance through your articles and encouragement as well as the kind feedback from all these lovely ladies and some gents on this forum. This entire team, as led by you Sir is a treat from heaven to me

    We appreciate you Sir.
    Don’t stop

    Your Highness Prettybeans,
    Thank you. Your encouragement has special meaning.

    • Shermy

      Yes, yes, and yes to this!

      • Amy

        Yes prettybeans. Sir guy right now at age 26 I know exactly what I’m looking for in a potential husband. It’s all thank to you. Looking back at age 22 and younger I always knew I wanted a good guy, but I didn’t how or what to look for… I was lost and confused. But thanks to you and your amazing blog I was able learn from my mistakes and learn about men. I now know what I want. I’m no longer floating in the air… My feet are well grounded and I now know the path I should take with confidence, faith and hope.

        Your Highness Amy,

        Welcome aboard. It’s a great day when another pretty woman joins us on this cruise to WhatWomenNeverHear.

        I am encouraged. Thank you.


  5. Christine Tarquinio

    Hi Guy,

    I still tune in! It is a hard balance to live in the world and not be “of it” and at times, hard to be a Godly wife or to even know what the means. We often learn by watching/modeling and when you are not seeing that design in action, it can be hard to be consistent. There is no one behind you saying “you’re doing it right”. That is not meant as a complaint or a “woe is me” remark, just an observation. Blogs such as yours are helpful. I simply wish there was a similar desire on men’s behalves to improve themselves as Godly men and husbands. At times I feel like the art of self-improving is strictly female in nature.

    Kind Regards, Christine

    On Wed, Jul 13, 2016 at 8:03 AM, What Women Never Hear wrote:

    > A.GuyMaligned posted: “After more than a decade of developing and > reinforcing my thoughts, I change my mind about a few things. This is no > longer and probably never was a true blog, but that’s no matter. It is a > library of articles created to show women a man’s view of what th” >

    Your Highness Christine Tarquinio,

    Welcome aboard. It’s a great day when another pretty woman joins us on this cruise to WhatWomenNeverHear.

    “At times I feel like the art of self-improving is strictly female in nature.”

    In effect, you’re right. Not 100% but about 90% to take a SWAG*. Men are just what they are, who they are, and what they do. That is the baseline that they stick to until a woman steers them otherwise and mostly without his recognition.

    The only way they change is to please a woman that they just have to conquer, or to please a wife years into their marriage just because he is aging and has learned to appreciate her so much that he makes for her a softer life as his heart softens with age and his hard-headedness follows.
    *scientific wild-a** guess


  6. Shermy

    Sir Guy,

    I completely understand your feeling discouraged, but please take heart in knowing that you’ve helped me and most of the women I know come out on the other side of the destructive feminist programming and back to our true feminine selves. Thank you for helping us navigate and master the intriguing world of men and for giving us the tools to succeed in our relationships and in life.

    PLEASE CONTINUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    WE NEED YOUR VOICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    With much appreciation,


    Your Highness Shermy,
    I am encouraged. Thank you.

  7. NautiGal

    Sir Guy,
    I too find your articles a trove of wisdom and have never expressed my gratitude and appreciation. I hope to share your writings with my own daughters some day. Unfortunately, as a loyal and faithful wife for 18 years and with 2 pre-adolescent daughters, the man I love and thought of high moral character was exposed as a lying, cheating, con-artist of sorts. Despite efforts even after this exposure to salvage my marriage and family, we are in the process of divorce. People tell me I’m better off as he really de-railed and became angry, hostile, and violent, but I am forlorn, lost, devastated, and frightened for myself and my children. He is eighth of a Catholic family of 9 children who’s parents were married 62 years! I have reached out to them and they seem to have zero concern for even my children.
    Never having subscribed to the feminist mindset myself (but was instead a harsh critic) I now find myself somewhat empathetic at least to the spring from which it must have sprung. Having an expectation of faithfulness from a very sexually indulged husband in a sacramental Catholic marriage is apparently too much to ask, as is reform or contrition for the sake of keeping ones family intact. I would have done anything for my husband and I bet my life on him. I can practically hear my feminist sisters chanting, “told ya so!” He’s had no lack of new conquests, despite still being married.
    I will be financially decimated in this divorce. My children will lose their home, family, and stay-at-home mother. I will struggle in poverty as my husband insisted I stay home for the children. My daughters will NEVER recover and will suffer untold consequences from this horror indefinitely. The Catholic Chutch has been zero help (I could argue they’ve, in fact, actually done the exact opposite of help.)
    I am lost and vulnerable and no help is forthcoming. I feel I’ve been thrown to the wolves. I do realize the lack of accountability for my husband is due much in part to the feminist movement and rapidly degenerating culture. Any and all efforts to counter that must continue and be encouraged despite the overwhelming odds. And yours are so important, Sir Guy.
    While I’ve been very preoccupied recently and have not come to your site as much, I do read every article that comes into my email box. That you send your articles in full – instead of providing a link – was something that I appreciated as I didn’t have to open another window on my already overloaded phone. Perhaps this is one reason you may have a perceived lessening of readership.
    All my best for your continued efforts.

    Your Highness NautiGal,

    Welcome aboard. It’s a great day when another pretty woman joins us on this cruise to WhatWomenNeverHear.

    Your story is a sad one and, unfortunately, one that is repeated far too often. Your peers are growing in number.

    I have three personal beliefs that I would use were I in your shoes. They may not be proper enough for you, as it is coming from a man rather than a lady, so adjust as you think better:

    • You’re the prime person to recover for both you and daughters. Others may offer help, but turn to your heart for advice. Your female nature, responsibility, and experience prepare you well enough to recover to your advantage. Release your tears on those who only want to listen.

    • You have to recover alone, so start it alone. Don’t look for relief; push it back in its face. Talk to your mirror about the strengths that God gave you at birth. Go to bed earlier instead of seeking solace from late TV or other diverting entertainment. Facing yourself makes you tougher, which you will need sooner or later. Look for personal strength and dedication to recover without giving away anything that is important to you and yours. Consult your heart and the Lord prior to sleep and take sleeping pills only when really needed. Wrestling with yourself into delayed sleep will serve you best, provided it doesn’t ruin you the next day. It will also settle your sleep after some short time. Enable your heart to settle your mind. You’re a tough doll, honey. Much tougher than you ever thought you would need to be. Now, the time has come to see what you really inherited at birth in terms of personal strength, how God empowered you to survive above all else. Anyone can whimper; few can make it obsolete in front of others, such as pre-adolescents.

    • Find other shoulders to cry on. Never let your daughters hear you badmouth their father, or hear you badmouth your situation. They need only to hear good things that spur their hope rather than your misery. The latter can tear down their own self-image as important contributors in your life; it’s best if they don’t think they are burdens but become winners in their own eyes by being cheerful helpers.

    And I have three suggestions to keep your mind occupied during the day or free time — aka studies to work toward future goals.

    • Make it a project. Prepare yourself for the next Mr. Good Enough. The series Virtual Virginity can prepare you to handle all the nuances that surround screening him. It will help keep your mind busy too.

    • Make it a project. More deliberately prepare daughters for handling boys. The series Boot Camp for Girls is designed for that. You probably know most of it already but it will help keep your mind busy.

    • You may wish to review what I have written about divorce. You pretty much have to search the CONTENT page for the term in the title.

    As for those three suggestions, you already know how you want to do the top two. I suggest them only to keep your mind busy on subjects that you will, should, or ought to be concerned with in the near future. Might help convert misery to loneliness or the latter to productive thought. If in doubt, do something; action cures depression and just about everything else including fear.

    Above all, IF you would ever entertain taking him back, then nothing is more important than this. If you’re his booty, you will never recover his respect. So, never sleep with him under any circumstances until AFTER you pass again before the altar and another full marriage ceremony. It’s the only way you can hope to restore enough of his respect to make it worth your while to take him back. (The presence of the daughters or his promises should carry no weight, because neither adds his respect for you.)

    If at any time I can assist, don’t hesitate. If too personal for the blog, my email is on the AUTHOR page at blog top. I do accept dismal personal issues there from time to time.


    P.S. Joan, darling, know that many ladies are rooting for you to not just survive but recover with a life even greater than before. With two daughters, you are well underway.

  8. MLaRowe

    Yikes! I don’t even want to think about not being able to come here and see your thoughts on these matters.

    Would a short hiatus re-energize you? What about your son or his sweetie Lauren writing some posts? I wouldn’t mind hearing what they have to say even if it didn’t exactly match what you say.

    To me it seems like this blog is a like a great conversation (mostly with me listening I would hope).

    Ideas are brought forth, wisdom is exchanged (mostly coming from you, Dear Sir Guy but others also share valuable advice here too).

    One day I should tell you how much this blog helped me right at a crucial the point when I really needed it. My story will astonish you- I’m still astonished by it myself.

    I was clearly directed here by a Higher Power who was trying to educate me.

    I really would not have received this information anywhere else that I can think of because although I do have some older and wiser friends we do not talk about these things in person.

    Your Highness MLaRowe,
    Thank you for the encouragement.

    • Beloved

      “I was clearly directed here by a Higher Power who was trying to educate me.” I wholeheartedly agree MLaRowe! And I’ve known it from the beginning that God brought me here to show me the truth so that I could use it for my good and His glory. So you see, Sir Guy, this is your purpose I believe. We need you!!!

      Your Highness Beloved,
      I am encouraged. Thank you.

      • My Husband's Wife

        I’m also with the two of you ladies! I can’t completely recall how I made it here to WWNH, but it has been one of those rare moments in my life where I’ve looked back at what happened and just “know” that Divine intervention was involved, working in an unexpected way via Sir Guy and all the ladies who regularly contribute. To be honest, I never thought an online community could be so rich with knowledge and support. After years of coming here daily, I’ve learned so much—yet have so much to learn.

        I understand the frustration about the majority of women’s lack of response/interest/initiative in learning/dealing with men or wanting something better for themselves in general. I’ve experienced it myself with those I know and wonder why so many will rebel against/ignore any sort of relationship improvement in life and choose to remain miserable or in a state of disconnect from their spouse. It remains a mystery to me!

        Coming from a bit of a marketing background, I’m now wondering as I write this: “How does one get this wonderful information out to a broader audience of ladies?” I think cross linking might be an interesting approach. I know of a few global websites that would benefit greatly from sharing a link to this site to their readers. Even though they are great sites, there is nothing else out there aside from WWNH giving us ladies the proper tools for recovery! So I’d love to connect with them, giving out your site’s link and to check it out for themselves, and hopefully post it on their site as a resource or in their blog roll.

        If you do decide to take a break or change your mission from writing at WWNH to pursue another endeavor, I’ll always treasure the catalog of articles/responses written that were gifted to us readers…that somehow I came across the internet to me at just the right time!

        Your Highness My Husband’s Wife,
        I love it when pretty women are so eloquent in their encouragement.

  9. Please don’t stop writing. John the Baptist was a “voice crying in the wilderness”, too, yet we still talk of him today. I’ve been reading your posts for about nine years now. I may not respond back to you but I share, share, share. Someone has got to be writing of the things you do. Our country needs you to continue. Please don’t stop.

    Your Highness Miss Terry,
    I am encouraged. I also remember you from times past, and thank you for returning at a much needed time.

  10. Femme

    Sir Guy,
    please don’t give up!!!
    I regret so much that I didn’t come across this blog earlier. I started reading only about 2 months ago and still have A LOT left.
    I am also very frustrated at how much women have been indoctrinated…
    We are just about to have a female prime minister and I, for one am not thrilled… But most women around me nod with satisfaction, saying “at long last!”
    What next, I wonder?
    Will we swap over and let guys stay at home and rear kids so that we can show them how things are done?
    This IS frustrating!
    You say women make men… I’ve tried in vain for 13 years to make mine a better husband and have not succeeded. It was HARD. I gave my ex leadership but under it we were all headed towards more and more misery. At some point I had no choice but to take the reins – though I am no feminist. I have lost hope I will ever find a responsible man.
    Or even one who is WILLING to please me, for a change.
    Most of the time, they behave SO selfishly.
    It feels better to be without a man than to let one constantly unbalance you and make you fear for yours and your children’s safety.
    I find this blog really helpful in confirming what I’ve felt deep down to be true for many years.
    This is priceless and can’t be found somewhere else – not easily.
    Thank you for all your effort.

    Your Highness Femme,
    I am encouraged. Thank you.

    • Oleana

      Sir Guy,

      I have read your blog for a long time and always look forward to hearing your words of wisdom. Your posts both past and present continue to guide me and give me the wisdom and know how to relate with the men in my life. I can’t thank you enough for taking the time to express your ideas and help us women out. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Please don’t stop posting!

      Your Highness Oleana,

      Welcome aboard. It’s a great day when another pretty woman joins us on this cruise to WhatWomenNeverHear.

      I am encouraged. Thank you.


  11. Miss Gina

    Dear Sir Guy,

    We ladies are so appreciative of your work here. You may be seeing lower viewer numbers on blog stats, but that doesn’t tell the whole story. I spend a great deal of time weekly sharing your principles informally through other venues. Women (and men) are finding it helpful. I’m certain that others share, too.

    Even after 31 years of marriage in which I have done my best as God has enabled me to live by biblical principles, there is so much here that has helped me in various specific situations. Right now, I am using your quip, “You are wearing out your welcome in my company; please find a new game plan, because I like to keep my friends,” in a situation that is a bit off the wall…and I fully expect it to work.

    It may be that changes to Google algorithms or something similar have affected your search placement. Also, I have heard that there is selective screening out of conservative material by Google in search results. At any rate, you are still reaching a larger audience than appears at first glance.

    Thank you for your labor of love here. If you are feeling the need to take on the subject from some different angles, that would be refreshing.

    Your Highness Miss Gina,
    Even your encouragement is unusually informative. Thanks.

    • My Husband's Wife

      Miss Gina made a really good point about Google. I just tried typing in some of the key words on the right and was disappointed that this site didn’t come up—but mostly liberal articles did. It strikes me as odd for a couple of reasons. 1. WWNH is my go-to site, so it should know to pull it up knowing my habits. 2. Google should know from how it tracks me that I’m conservative and that I haven’t frequented the Huffington Compost, Daily Mail, Salon, etc. sites it promotes—but it always puts those at the forefront. It may be that those sites are so popular as a whole, they drown out other sites.

      One thing I know that search engines like is content that is consistently updated—which is definitely not a problem here.

  12. SapphireYagami

    I really hope you don’t stop posting, I look forward to your post and whether or not people follow you or nor you articles will provide helpful insight that women today truly need.

    Your Highness SapphireYagami,
    Thank you for the encouragement.

  13. Lady Penny

    Sir Guy,

    May I remind you how extremely generous you are! Your time and fountain of knowledge has improved my world and garden a great deal over the years! I am not sure what they would look like if you were to decide to stop writing! What I drink and learn here is what I share with others especially in their moments of drought. I hope you will continue the good fight!

    Your Highness Lady Penny,
    Your encouragement feeds my own garden with seed. Thanks.

  14. Meow Meow

    Sir Guy you’ve helped me personally persevere through tough times and I know you’ve done the same for many other ladies and through your blog continue to do so! You are one of the few male writers who is able to speak to women about what feminine principles, a proper courtship, or a long and loving marriage requires without making it seem demeaning or “old fashioned” but rather inspiring and positive. You have seen, over time, how relationships between men and women have deteriorated and you can speak time-honored truths with authority and wisdom. And you are in fact a huge supporter of women’s actual lives by providing information that can either help us avoid degrading situations, or to see them for what they are, move on from them and do better next time. Whatever you decide to do about your blog, be in peace and know that you have helped and touched many lives and brought hope to so many.

    Your Highness Meow Meow,
    Thank you, darling, for a particularly welcome message.

  15. Miss Mina

    Dear Sir Guy,

    It pains me to see you so discouraged. I’m not sure you understand just how big an effect your words have had, and will have, on so many people (yes, men too!) Think of it like ripples in a pond. A stone dropped into a pond (or a pearl of wisdom in this case) doesn’t seem to have achieved much beyond its initial splash, but where it was received a few small rings begin to grow. They are small, they are subtle, they are quiet… and yet they grow. One becomes many, and further they stretch, until at last they reach the outer bounds and come bouncing back. However this is an imperfect metaphor as the ripples will fade in time.

    Perhaps it’s more like that proverb “Give a man a fish and he eats for a day, teach a man to fish and he eats for a lifetime.” Only it doesn’t stop there, for he teaches his children, who then teach their children, and so on. Though some of his descendants may choose not to fish, and others may forget how, countless others will not go hungry, all because of the kindness of one man teaching another what to do to help himself. You are that teacher for us. You have affected more people than you may ever know.

    I have been a faithful reader for about a year or so now. Though I can’t recall exactly how I came across your blog, I do know it was blessing that I did. I like men and adore their masculinity, and sought out sites that could teach me how to be more feminine, but they were more about how to look feminine swinging between one extreme of silent church-mouse, or the other of pin-up girl, neither delving into what it means to be feminine in spirit, nor addressing the (proper) interaction of masculine and feminine. The closest I found was the whole Red Pill thing, but that seemed to skew very much to the benefit of men at the expense of women. It was then that I was reading some rather depressing Manosphere blogs, when I somehow tripped onto this gem. You were the only one who understood both sides and could help me to understand as well.

    P.S. If it isn’t too much to ask, I could really use your advice. I’m going to be a first-time teacher at a christian school where I’ve been working for many years as a teacher’s aide, and was wondering what advice you could give on how to develop respect between the genders and self development (although self development I have a pretty good idea of how to achieve)? I did a search and the most I could find was 1285. Adults Escape Blame by Stigmatizing Children—Part E which deals more with public school type teachers restrained by unions and government, where I’m affected none by the former and only slightly by the latter. One example of my curiosity, as trivial as this might be, is how to have them line up? Girls always first? Split into two lines, girls and boys, and competing by behavior to get to be the first line in? Every child for themselves, competing for the next spot in line? This is something I have seen change from teacher to teacher, and was wondering what your take on it would be. I know in the end I’ll have to decide how best to teach them, but I value any insight you may have. Also, thank you for taking the time to read this ridiculously long post. I promise to be brief in the future.

    Your Highness Miss Mina,

    Welcome aboard. It’s a great day when another pretty woman joins us on this cruise to WhatWomenNeverHear.

    Don’t you dare be brief. First half is eloquent and second half challenging. Women seldom get prettier. And thank you for the encouragement.

    My suggestion is this:

    Definitely separate them in two parallel lines and have them fall in by age, with boys on the left and girls on the boys’ honor side, their right, in the direction they move. Most senior even if by one day at the front, youngest at the rear, and by birthday in between. It helps teach the youngest to keep up, so GENTLY make the ones immediately ahead responsible to look out for them. If not moving, then girls in front rank, boys in the rear, and oldest on left or right by your choice. Get them to recognizing two very different genders and that age means something and everyone has a particular place in the body language of a given situation. They will soon learn how they rank by day or month of age and immediately see where to fall in line. Then they possess that place. It is always nice to own where you happen to be.

    You may find a lot of good tips in the series, Boot Camp for Girls. Tips on how to integrate the two genders and teach respect at the same time. Respect is what we need more of throughout society.

    Good luck in your new job.


    P.S. Learn birthdays and they get to know one another sooner and better.

    • Femme

      Sir Guy,
      I heard on the radio the other day of a nursery where boys are encouraged to wear skirts. Apparently, some of them do and enjoy it a lot!!!
      Unfortunately I switched the radio on too late to find out why – the word “transgender” popped up twice, but I will never know if it was to do with some parents at the nursery being transgender, or what – but I nearly fainted when I heard that.
      To disagree with nonsense like that means one will be accused of being politically incorrect.
      I’m already having trouble teaching my 7 yr old daughter she is NOT a boy.
      But I do it at home only, for fear I will be considered backwards.
      If I’m to be totally honest, your blog is a bit of a lifeline for me right now.
      Please, don’t stop posting.

      Your Highness Femme,

      Thank you for the encouragement.

      Skirts in the nursery? The American military is forcing men to wear high heels in a demo of some sort. We are being ripped asunder from within, hung by a rope of our own making as predicted by Soviet dictator.


      • Cinnamon


        Yes, we are living in “interesting times.”

        Irrational hatred of Christianity is nothing new. I came across this fascinating article earlier today:


        Things like this have happened before, but just never in the United States, and I fear things will get much worse before they get better. It is a distressing time for those who love the Constitution.

      • Femme

        Sir Guy,
        I can see all of this but what is the remedy?
        Women face the same pressures at the workplace as men do and yet still are expected to harmonise home life and be the nurturers.
        Not doable, at least not in my experience.
        From what I’ve observed a lot of women – possibly to avoid burnout or in an attempt at equality – now expect their guys to do relationship work, and yet it doesn’t work, either.
        But where do I even begin to look for a man who is willing to make a go at traditional marriage, including earning enough money for the whole family so that I don’t have to work full time just to make ends meet?

        • Sarina

          Great point, Femme. Nobody can be blamed but women themselves, it’s not like guys ever forced women to become involved in ‘everything’, they took it upon themselves to be career women and ‘moms’ and ‘wives’. Those are in brackets cause clearly kids are raised by someone else other than mom and husbands don’t get quality attention since wives are stressed out and nag the daylight out of them. It used to be a choice, whoever wanted to meet ‘all these requirements’ but now we’re basically forced to perform excellent in all areas. No wonder women suffer so much emotional and mental distress. Discussing expectations with future husbands might solve a few issues, it all depends on him, if he’s willing to accept a woman doing part-time since most men basically will expect or outright mock you if suggest that you want to be a homemaker.

          • Femme

            exactly, Lady Sarina.
            We are being forced to work full time and have careers and our children are being looked after by other women whose chosen “career” is a childminder or nanny or nursery worker…or whatever.
            Kids bond with nannies and the latter get sacked by jealous mothers.
            We are expected to have our own businesses or full time careers AND be womanly and take care of our appearance and be nice all the time.
            This is insane.

            • Hi, Femme,

              You are right. The superwoman standards are insane.

              If women were men, they would long ago have said, “Hell, no.” But women, by virtue of their innate multi-tasking abilities, always take on more and more crap, thinking, “Oh, sure, I can fit this in IF this goes right and that goes right and the other thing goes right.”

              And why wouldn’t it go right, since women are born problem-solvers? We hear so much about sixteen-year-old boys who are super-hackers. Yeah, right. Women hack everything, figure a work-around for everything.

              And women do it because why? Because it makes them feel and look important, significant, needed.

              What woman does not want to be viewed as a superwoman, an empress, a Hollywood star?

              I find it very ironic and depressing that, thanks to feminist propaganda, learning disabilities, and the necessities of earning a living, I have spent most of my adult life in a constant sometimes debilitating struggle to get out in the world and succeed in the world that God has better gifted men to handle.

              I am not a numbers/details person; I get overwhelmed by too much external noise and confusion; I feel much safer and more secure when I am at home cleaning, organizing, cooking, gardening, showing hospitality to friends and family . . . but thanks to the load of crap I got fed as I was becoming an adult, I was burdened with the false belief that I could never be considered a real woman . . . and a real man would never love me . . . unless I became a superwoman.

              So after trying to prove for forty years of more that I can leap tall buildings at a single bound, I here I am, single, middle-aged, and a failure both in terms of the feminist agenda and in terms of achieving the deep desires of my heart. And I certainly feel more than a bit insane at times.

              • Shermy

                I completely understand how you feel and share in this sentiment. The thing to do now is move forward with the sanity we’ve gleaned here. Hugs!

  16. Thankful

    Dear Sir Guy

    Please be encouraged. This week I have been reading Geri Scazzero’s book “The Emotionally Healthy Woman.” In the book she mentions ‘Your God-given Personal Freedom Kit’ – one component of which is the Hat of Wisdom (the ability to live wisely, to anticipate consequences and to not live foolishly). I instantly thought of you Sir Guy and how you help build wisdom in my life.

    Though I live in Europe your daily wisdom is a constant and welcome voice which coaches me as I try to keep on track and run the race graciously. Never underestimate the power of your coaching nor the accumualative effect of what you have given to our spheres of influence.

    As for the silence which follows your post I can only think of the adage that one learns best when one listens more. We are listening Sir Guy and we are learning 🙂 Blessings.

    Your Highness Thankful,
    For your encouragement. I too am thankful.

  17. Cinnamon

    Sir Guy,

    I am late in sending you an email and should get to that this coming weekend (apologies) but just wanted to say I’m looking forward to reading the responses to this article when I have some time. I have only been able to glance at the responses, but it truly amazing how many voices are out there listening who very rarely speak up.

    What I would say to the ladies out there is this:

    In order to make WWNH thrive we need more interaction from loyal readers who are too often silent. As a long-term student of WWNH my own strong belief is that WWNH is actually a classroom and not a newspaper or journal. Some of you may not realise that Sir Guy is a retired college professor who prior to his academic career also taught leadership to officers in the Navy. It is apparent that he is the kind of instructor whose teaching thrives with intelligent class participation and interaction. Unlike some professors, he doesn’t want to stand and pontificate as he admires above all the sound of his own voice. Sir Guy’s ideas develop, and are clarified and even enriched, by the thoughts of students. So we need to make more of an effort to ask questions, and to challenge him when appropriate, to help us learn even more. This is the missing link at WWNH – the discussion is always excellent here, but we need more of it.

    There are a lot of questions I could ask that I don’t because I don’t have the time to devote to this class that I would like at the moment, But I will try harder going forward and hope others will too, particularly the wonderful readers who remain mostly silent.

    In sum, I think we need more and broader class participation. Moreover, Sir Guy will not always be here with us. There will come a day when all his wisdom will be recorded here, but we will not be able to speak with him personally.

    Finally, as to the question of why there aren’t MILLIONS of women reading this blog, all of whom desperately need the life-changing information it has to offer – it’s one of life’s great mysteries and it perplexes and vexes me enormously. If anyone figures out the reason, please let me know.

    Your Highness Cinnamon,
    You are a stalwart worker on my behalf and have been for years. My gratitude knows no bounds and you are near the center.

  18. Etu

    Dear Sir Guy, this blog/library has singlehandedly revolutionized my life. You have had as profound an influence on me as my childhood. More than college and grad school and so many people floating in and out of the parade of life. Of course there are so few women interested in learning how to properly relate to men- we live in a country where murdering your unborn baby is a constitutional right. As women go, so goes society says a wise man. Our culture is eroding fast, but God will always have His people. You will always have women who seek to learn what is right, even if it’s a small group. The size of your influence on just one soul is magnanimous!


    Someone always grateful for you

    Your Highness Etu,

    I love to tease pretty women, it makes them prettier, which can be more imagination than reality.

    Now I see that their expressions of gratitude have the same effect.


  19. Kay

    Sir Guy, you are So appreciated! You CANNOT stop writing. I have learned so much from you and your readers. I share your words of wisdom with my beautiful daughter who is in her mid twenties and feels like she was born in the wrong generation but you bring us both peace that she is on the right track. I have a great hubby of 30 years but I understand him so much better since I started reading your blog. I probably should speak up more so you know I exist . I’m always tempted to get your opinion on some of the young men my daughter has encountered and their odd behavior but I never do. Maybe I should start. But let me say this: if I was ever to meet you in person I would want to give you the tightest hug ever and a big kiss on the cheek!

    Your Highness Kay,
    Thank you for the encouragement, and I yearn for the hug and kiss.

  20. peachblossoms

    Keep going. We love you and believe in you.

    Your Highness Peachblossoms,
    Thank you for the encouragement. And I believe in you.

  21. I love to read what you write, Sir Guy. You are charming, funny, and full of wisdom.

    Your Highness Insanitybytes22,
    Thank you for the encouragement. And you know how to put so much in a few words. Love to read you.

  22. Dear Sir Guy,

    Please don’t be discouraged. I only discovered your lifeline, as this is truly so much more than a simple blog, at the beginning of this year. Your voice is the only one offering guidance from the male perspective that delves any deeper than merely dating and attracting a man. There is a dearth of information to explain the nuances and outright challenges that buffet marital relationships. While many of us had intact homes from which to glean some of the inner workings of marital and parental issues- what we were permitted to see, many of our children today grow up in broken homes, bereft of that experience. We are fighting this battle, the return to normalcy and mutual respect, not only for ourselves, but for our children as well. I sat down today with my eighteen-year old daughter today and had a delightful conversation. She wanted to know what I thought of “black lives matter,” and “all lives matter.” That conversation segued into a discussion about the true goals of the media and the true goals of politicians, and that my greatest wish is for her to always remember her inner three-year old and ask “why?” Always think about what other people’s motivations are, always gather information from more than one source, always question and think for yourself- don’t be a sheep who will only meekly follow the crowd. We discussed the true meaning of free speech, and that it was to allow intelligent discourse with logical and well thought out positions, not that it was ever meant to defend hate, threats, or even cyber bullying. She expressed dismay at how cruel people can be from behind the perceived safety of a keyboard. She has a twenty year old beau, and they have been an item for almost four years now. They wish to get married in a year or two and she wants to stay home and take care of him and the house, while working at a part time online job and growing a small garden of food that they supplement their groceries with. I told her that she can have this but must also prepare to weather a storm of do-gooders who will want to “rescue” her from that life. We discussed women’s rights and how feminists have hijacked the ability for women to choose for themselves and turned it into “only their way is the right way.” Then we moved on to the topic of having children. Do you know, Sir Guy, that girls are not taught in school, even at high school level, that the best window for childbearing is in a woman’s late teens to late twenties, and that after that, the risks of fertility, pregnancy complications, and birth defects rise with each delayed year? I made it a point to go through her biology lessons and found barely two sentences addressing that. Our children are being force fed an agenda, not a true education. This is what you are up against, what we are all up against. It is difficult to stay upright when you are being pummeled by Hurricane Liberalism. I did not intend for this comment to run so long, and it is not meant to be a pat on my back or an attempt at pity. It is merely a lengthy entreatment for you to continue to be the eye of the storm- a calm and reassuring breath that we can take in to fortify ourselves with before the winds start swirling again. Please do not ever underestimate the importance of your work and the impact that it has on the lives of those willing to listen and grow. I am immeasurably glad that I stumbled across your blog. It has been a salvation and an inspiration to me in my journey both as woman and a mother. Looking forward to sweeping away the storm debris and encouraging new growth!

    Warm regards,
    Honor Femineity

    Your Highness Honor Femineity,

    Welcome aboard. It’s a great day when another pretty woman joins us on this cruise to WhatWomenNeverHear.

    Thank you too. Your encouragement is contagious.


  23. This is the perfect moment for Ed Ames’ “Man of La Mancha.”

    What you’re saying and why you’re saying it is something that most people really don’t want to deal with these days: the truth.

    It’s too hard for people to deal with, female as well as male. It requires honest self-examination and persistence and sacrifice.

    The prevailing attitude about everything is “don’t harsh my mellow, dude.” Someone who provides a reality check is not going to be greeted as a hero by everyone.

    But heroes do what is right anyway and bring life to those who are desperate. That’s why they’re heroes.

    Your Highness Edith mklveen,
    Thank you for the encouragement and musical tribute.

  24. Maddy

    I also echo the sentiments of all the positive comments above. Sir Guy, your wisdom and teaching is SO IMPORTANT. PLEASE continue to guide us. If a happy marriage and raising happy well adjusted children is not addressed – what will happen to our society? Schools should really teach students all that you do alongside other life skills like maths and English!

    Your Highness Maddy,
    Thank you for the encouragement, and I extend my best wishes for your concerns.

  25. elisabeth

    Dear Sir Guy,

    I have been reading your blog to start each and everyday for the past two years. I truly value your wisdom and it is really very unique. No where else can women read reasonable practical and truthful guidance on gender relations. I admire your courage. Please if it makes you satisfied keep sharing with us.

    Your Highness Elisabeth,
    Thank you for the encouragement and your loyalty.

  26. Jai300

    Dear Sir Guy,
    I just wanted to say that I read your emails every day. I look forward to them, and they give me insight to the minds of men that I would not have otherwise… so Thank you.

    Your Highness Jai300,
    Thank you for the encouragement.

  27. Cinderella

    Dear Sir AGM aka Guy,

    I am one of your many silent nonetheless loyal readers. Your posts are like wisdom from a grandfather. Please go on. It is quite selfish of me to take freely the help you so magnanimously bestow, but do know that the world wide web needs more of the great man that you are!

    Your Highness Cinderella,

    Welcome aboard. It’s a great day when another pretty woman joins us on this cruise to WhatWomenNeverHear.

    Also, thank you for the encouragement.


  28. 1jarofclay

    Loyal reader here for three years since I heard about this blog elsewhere and stopped by. I’m hooked! I’ve learned so much with you, Sir Guy. Please keep up the great work that you do at WWNH. In my opinion it’s your calling. Don’t know where I’d be without it. I’ve received so much guidance and consider myself very blessed to be part of the readership.

    P.S. I got married! 🙂

    Your Highness Magnolia,

    Congratulations on your marriage. I hope it’s an eternal one, you deserve it.

    Also, thank you for the encouragement, darling new wife.


  29. Mia

    Sir Guy, I fully understand your discouragement. But keep in mind, there are lots of readers, who just never post comments. Many of us hardly get the time, or feel like we don’t want to bother you with our questions. I’ve already been reaping the benefits from what you write. Especially the value of mirror time. That’s some wisdom right there that nobody put into words.

    Your Highness Mia,

    Thank you for the encouragement.

    Also, thank you for the endorsement of mirror time. It’s one of my favorite concepts to women the restore power to their gender.


    • Kristiane

      I second this comment.
      Daily pretty time, especially before my summer Spanish class, readies me for the challenges I will face. As a devoted reader, but rare commenter I am grateful for all of your writing. After putting your words to practice, I get significant looks from potential suitors as I go about my day. This is much more than I have had before. Slowly I am becoming the feminine woman that I envision I can be. I don’t know if this has been addressed on the blog, but here goes. The guys I feel are more humble and, I feel are more suitable do not try to ask me out. Yet the more bold and flashy men are the ones that try, and I don’t want to go out with them. How do I appeal to the more down to earth men that I encounter?

      Your Highness Kristiane,
      Reject the bold and flashy men. Every rejection elevates your worthiness and makes the more humble respect you more. Then, make a point of befriending the more humble. Then let the latter do what they do cautiously, which is to learn to like themselves to please you, which is the doorway to the devotion of one or more for you to choose.

      • Kristiane

        Sir Guy,
        Thank you so much for the help! I am grateful for your guidance, and.I will put this in practice.

  30. Karen Robertson

    I just wanted to thank you for taking the time & making the effort to help. The things you say would never have occurred to me without your messages & I have only made mistakes in this area so far. Hopefully there will be a next time & it will be different.

    I am usually reading messages that are several days old by the time I get to them, and this one is no exception.

    May you be blessed beyond measure for what you are doing. I have needed your input and I appreciate every word.


    On Wednesday, July 13, 2016, What Women Never Hear wrote:

    > A.GuyMaligned posted: “After more than a decade of developing and > reinforcing my thoughts, I change my mind about a few things. This is no > longer and probably never was a true blog, but that’s no matter. It is a > library of articles created to show women a man’s view of what th” >

    Your Highness Karen Robertson,
    Welcome aboard. It’s a great day when another pretty woman joins us on this cruise to WhatWomenNeverHear. And thanks for the encouragement.

  31. Dear Guy, I haven’t commented in a while, but I do still check in and review articles now and again. I just recommended this blog to someone today and a couple of weeks ago was thinking that I had to figure out how to print it in book form to pass onto my future daughters. Your wisdom is greatly appreciated and your work by no means in vain.

    Your Highness Denise,

    Thank you for the encouragement. I have no intent to take down the blog, but I may be forced to slow or quit adding. So stick with me.

    Once again I’m underway trying to write a book. I’m more determined than ever but it is by far not my long suit.


    • Miss Gina

      Sir Guy,

      Could you publish a compilation of blog posts? Would that accomplish what you are hoping for?

      Your Highness Miss Gina,
      Do you have something in mind other than the CONTENT page on the HOME page?
      Every article except the last few is there and they will be added today or tomorrow.

  32. Amanda

    Hello 🙂
    It has been a long time since I have commented on this blog but I started reading it again recently; it is one of the few relationship blogs out there that I trust (the Bible comes first for me). I started reading it in my early twenties when I realized that I wanted to get married and start a family more than anything else, and Mr. Guy’s writings helped undo a lot of feminist brainwashing. I’m 29 now and have been married for almost four years, so YES what he writes is true and will help you if you can muster up the energy to buck current trends and follow his advice in real life. It is hard work, but it is deeply rewarding in the long run (as hard work always is).

    Honestly, back when I started reading this blog, I had sparkly hopes that things would get better for society because my thought was “they can’t get much worse.” But it seems like things *have* declined even further, and I too feel shocked because I believed that in our heart of hearts most women wanted to marry and raise a family. It seems like common sense that women would follow advice like yours if it works. So what gives?

    Well advice like yours isn’t common. I stumbled across your blog when it was linked by another one I had frequented in college (The Art of Femininity, I think it was). But above commenters are right, this blog is tough to find if you don’t already know about it. For instance I just typed in “men’s relationship advice to women” on Google and the first thing that came up was a link from Cosmopolitan magazine. That is the kind of advice that women are more often exposed to.

    Some people say it is a testament to how many incentives are out there that make putting off marriage, or getting divorced if already married, more attractive than getting and staying married. (Or at least these options are made to seem more attractive on the surface, by appealing to our lower animal brains). So how to make marriage more attractive than the above options? That seems like a big question of our times and I have no idea what the answer is…

    It does seem that all the anti-marriage propaganda out there (which has really ramped up even within the time I have been married), is so strong that it takes constant, conscious efforts to keep a marriage strong, healthy and intact.
    I often feel exhausted trying to protect my own marriage, and sometimes think it is only God’s grace that has saved me from myself in moments of weakness! Our culture is truly a mess in regards to relationships…it is probably the topic I think most often about.

    I love this blog and think the teaching is excellent. I will do my best to stop by more often.

    Your Highness Amanda,

    Welcome back and congratulations on your marriage. Glad that all works for you.

    As to Google, until sometime in the last year or so, What Women Never Hear was always at the top. They changed their algorithm or whatever to make it more feminist friendly. Leftist politics captured Google’s interests several years ago. Follow the money.


  33. sharon

    i love your blog sir guy

  34. Dear Sir Guy,

    Please don’t be discouraged. The tide is turning in our favor. More and more women, including college-aged ones, are speaking out against the feminists and their cohorts. Many times, online and on social media, I’m witnessing these women calling out the lies and ideology of the feminists. They are freely admitting that they want strong men in their lives and that we, in fact, need them. They are telling men that they would be happier if they could stay home to raise their children, much to men’s astonishment. Please keep the faith and keep a light in the window. Warmest regards…

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