2503. Both Born to Love

Not surprising, the sexes differ many ways at birth but amazingly different about love. It’s a wonder they ever find enduring compatibility when they mate up. It’s a major reason women have to work so enterprisingly to catch and keep a man.

Men are born as described below but they don’t live life that severely. Mothers and girls touch their lives before they grow up, and it makes them much more acceptable and female friendly. Later in life, however, women mistakenly think a man is simple to understand, that he can be captured by sex, won by her love, and kept by her intention to produce a great married life. Her exuberance turns him off as he takes it as unearned gift, which men do not appreciate nearly as intended.

Men are born to love sex for the sake of sex, love work for the sake of personal satisfaction, and love a woman for the sake of comfort and enjoyment she adds to his present life. Love to men is more a series of independent actions than words or process. He has other things to do; his agenda calls.

Oriented toward accomplishment, words mean little but actions mean much. A man is a self-developed, -composed, and -strengthened individual. He requires so little from others, only what he determines he needs, and that is seldom words of love. Consequently, he doesn’t easily share his love, and when he does it is with actions rather than words. He is notoriously inconsiderate, shortsighted, or absent when a woman’s ears crave just a few words to confirm his love.

Women are born to love 1) someone bigger than themselves for the sake of guidance in how to live, parents in childhood and God later. 2) They are born to love love for its own sake and can’t be happy without sharing the love in their heart. 3) They love a mate for the sake of being loved intimately, both emotionally and physically. 4) They provide mother love for the sake of completing their personal fulfillment. Love to women is more a continuous process of mutually confirming actions and words.

Women wonder why their man can’t be more expressive with his love. Three reasons: He’s more a man of action than words. Disclosing his inner feelings is a sign of weakness. Perhaps more importantly, it puts him in competition for who can express their love more meaningfully for he knows he will lose—it’s why men don’t compete with conquered women—and so he just lets his actions speak and gives her the floor for words of love. Unless he’s been trained to recognize her needs, he is basically unaware of how her ears crave his words of love, importance, and intimacy.

In the final analysis, men are much more complex about love than are women. His single mindedness, compartmentalized mind as we call it today, has to be structured to love one woman. Women are born with the relationship expertise to handle that task. They have to rely more on their female nature than modern life, pop culture, and feminist propaganda, if they hope to capture and hold a man for life. That’s what this blog has been about from the get go almost nine years ago.

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