2507. Leftovers about Love and Respect

To tame and lead a man to permanently accept domestic life with her, she has to tame his conquering urge by refusing sex until his respect underwrites the development and anchors his love.

Men have two instinctive sex drives. A one-time urge with many women and a dedicated urge with one woman. As an unconquered woman, she earns respect through his dedicated effort and her refusal to yield. As a conquered woman, she seeks to earn his loyalty to her alone, which is much easier if she earned a lot of his respect and allows it to grow into his love of her.

Once she’s been conquered, his desire changes dramatically. His respect stops growing. He was good enough to conquer, so he need not try harder. She’s disposable. If he returns to her for sex, it’s for other reasons such as desire, love, or booty. Reserved for women already conquered, the male secondary drive becomes active and energizes his drive for frequent and convenient access to sex. That is, resolve his physiological rather than earlier psychological urges tied to conquest.

A woman need not be virgin, just act like one. She needs to proactively makes herself attractive physically, personality-wise, and with sexual attractiveness protected by modesty. Even if married before, she holds sex in the background. Not something to be spoken of or brought into the dating arena. She hides it behind a curtain of self-respect and modesty, unwilling to share until he has earned it and she doesn’t disclose what it takes to earn her. The more valuable to her and kept to herself, the more his respect of her grows, his eagerness programs his heart about her increasing worth, and the greater is her worth and his self-satisfaction when conquest finally occurs.

Generally, acting virgin-like, she is passive to his initiatives. She competes with him on only one matter, delay his conquest as long as practicable. Refuse to discuss sex, refuse to accept his hands in unwanted places, avoid deep passion, avoid his traps, make him earn whatever she decides to share—whether words or actions.

Men are intrigued by a woman’s unique mystery and self-respect; they are out to conquer that more than sex with her, which in the final analysis of love creation is only symbolic. The more respect she earns for protecting her self-identified honor, the more mysterious she becomes because of strong self-respect, character, and will power.

Over time as he pleases her with his actions, he comes to like it more and more. When those pleasing actions please him just to please her, then his devotion starts to build. It takes time to become habit. But his devotion is more everlasting than just his love.

Good habits develop from his actions and not her words. So, while she spends time refusing to have sex but keeping him from dumping her, she is brightening her future with his accumulating sense of enjoyment with her that after a while morphs into her likeability and his devotion. Likeability and loyalty precede his love, and devotion sustains it. Continued in marriage, it lasts a lifetime.

If a man doesn’t spend a lot of his time and invest himself, neither her importance to him or his devotion develops. So, if she yields too soon, he has insufficient time to self-develop into loving her, and she has too little time earning his respect, likeability, and devotion.

The Virtual Virginity series listed in CONTENT at HOME page explains many of the details of near virginity that any woman can use to promote herself by delaying conquest.


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2 responses to “2507. Leftovers about Love and Respect

  1. My Husband's Wife

    Dear Sir Guy,

    If you don’t mind my asking: what about the women who put out before marriage, but still end up getting married? Has respect been compromised into that he doesn’t go to great lengths to please her so her marriage might be more difficult? Or since he thought she was good enough to marry would things be just as if they didn’t have premarital sex? If they did have premarital sex and married, but respect is low is there any way to restore his vision of her in his eyes to increase respect/devotion?
    I’m looking at the population now at how frequent sex before marriage is and wondering about long-term relationship damage.
    (DISCLAIMER: I’m speaking in general terms as I know there will ALWAYS be exceptions).

    Your Highness My Husband’s Wife,

    Yes, respect has been compromised unless they courted long enough for his devotion to develop. Even then technically compromised, because respect quit growing with conquest but devotion compensates.

    To restore his vision, she needs more successes that demonstrate her uniqueness as an admirable person in the role of an admirable woman. Such as super cook, homemaker, sports figure, admirable mother, political power, model citizen, successful fund raiser, successful founder of a business. IOW, although more conditional than respect earned by not yielding, she can still recoup his respect by being the admirable woman that makes his present life more ideal.


    • My Husband's Wife

      I appreciate the clarification, Sir Guy! I’ve run into a few married women who put out before and are suffering from lack of respect from hubby, wondering what they can do. It looks like extra effort would be involved to maintain the relationship. One friend in particular regrets that she had premarital sex and agreed with the idea of stunted respect from hubby as a result when we were discussing this blog a few weeks back.

      P.S. A few articles back you mentioned that you changed the term: “feminine dominance” to “feminine governance.” I like it as when I’ve discussed “feminine dominance” before with friends, most hear the word “dominance” and think “aggressive female” domineering over men and directly bossing them around.

      Your Highness My Husband’s Wife,
      You’re right. Thanks for the confirming feedback. I was not enamored of female dominance but had nothing close enough to what I meant to say without using it. Governance hit the nail on the head.

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