2509. Flirt and Tease (Revisited)

NOTE: I was wrong yesterday, miscounted. This is the most popular article ever, posted in February 2011. Yesterday’s post, Exotic vs. ‘The Girl Next Door’ is in second place.


Teasing makes a woman smile and thereby prettier. Flirting makes a woman show an interest in the face that makes her highly attractive. Those results reward men. They feel good for having energized her that way.

Men test at flirting and play at teasing to confirm that their ability to attract female attention doesn’t wane. God designed, Nature endows, and hormones energize them for life. Real men do both but you’ll notice that young men flirt more and old men tease more. They all need confirmation when opportunities arise to prove their ability. Or, they just want to feel good.

Women know how to read it when men flirt and tease. But modern women are sometimes wrong, take the simple way out, and seem to have lost the art of taking advantage.

Men flirt and tease for two reasons that sometimes combine into a third. They want to feel good. They want something from a woman. They want both. All are natural to the male nature but women doubt the first reason can ever be exclusive or sincere.

The feminine nature intuitively knows when a man flirts or teases as lead-in to getting something from her. Females learn early in life to both spot and deal with it.

The womanly dilemma comes when a man’s motivation is not so obvious. She can’t really tell if he wants something, but she suspects it and acts accordingly. Modern women consequently consider all flirting and teasing as early warning sign of invitation to sex. They miss much of the fun of life among two genders.

Many married men tease and some even flirt. With good cause, wives object to husband flirting. With poor cause, women profile men—married, single, and old—as always in pursuit of sex. Many more honorable married men exist than credited among women.

Women have an innate bias against teasing and flirting. Emotional fidelity means more to women than sexual fidelity. They see emotional infidelity as precursor to unfaithfulness and both as threat of abandonment.

Not so with men. They believe sexual fidelity is everything. Emotional infidelity is neither perceivable nor all that important unless it leads to sexual infidelity.

More realistic judgments can provide more fun in our two-gender life. Women can have more fun if they can moderate their doubts about men and credit them with more honorable if not totally innocent motivations.


P.S. Personal story. I’m 85, she was in her forties. She takes my toll on the WV Turnpike. I offer my routine greeting to women, “Hello, your highness.” She reacts with a radiant smile. I respond with, “Wow, I could chase that smile to find out if I’m young enough.” She responded with bigger smile and, “I’d let you.” I sure felt good the rest of the day. She’s probably also happily talking about it.


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9 responses to “2509. Flirt and Tease (Revisited)

  1. Ari

    Oh what a great story Sir Guy. Love it! ☺

  2. Mia

    “The womanly dilemma comes when a man’s motivation is not so obvious.” Haha. I feel like you wrote this article just for me. 🙂 But you’re completely right. We women often underestimate just how good teasing / flirting makes men feel.

  3. “Modern women consequently consider all flirting and teasing as early warning sign of invitation to sex. They miss much of the fun of life among two genders.”

    I am quite pleased to read this post. Amen. One of life’s greatest pleasures is light hearted interaction between the sexes. We should flirt, tease, compliment, play with one another. If you’re married you may need to keep it classy and target the older gentlemen, but I say go for it. Make one another smile and feel good about themselves. I know some younger men, physical therapists and the like, who absolutely delight the older women by gently flirting with them. I find it quite charming. A merry heart is good medicine.

  4. Miss Gina

    I’ve noticed that women too much influenced by feminism take themselves far too seriously…hence their perpetual scowls…How refreshing to take a lighter hearted approach to life. This must be obvious at first glance to observant males, I think. Refreshing in both genders, actually.

  5. prettybeans

    That lady in her 40s is an absolute gem! Giving us ‘youngins’ a run for their money 😉

  6. 1jarofclay

    Sir Guy, your story is just so cute!!! ❤

  7. Southernbelle

    Sir Guy,

    What is your insight of men who get angry when they think a man is flirting with their woman?

    Your Highness Southernbelle,

    A man’s greatest fear is insignificance. Unable to keep his woman in the highly competitive male world is the height of insignificance; his competitive reputation is at stake.

    He’s threatened and responds visibly with anger or worse, then or later with her. His woman thinks it is jealousy or envy, which would upgrade her importance to him. But she fools herself. There are plenty of women available who would not think that way. For him to lose dignity in the male world where he can’t strike back for fear of consequences, that is more insignificant than losing her. Sorry, ladies, but it’s the male nature.

    If you want to avoid your man sensing threat, do this. When a guy flirts with you and your man is present, call him over and introduce them to each other as if they might have something in common. Grab your man’s arm and hang on. Go proactive to show how proud you are of him. Have your fun flirting when he is not around.

    Now, I know a woman in her right mind thinks she could never do that. Okay, then learn to snub the flirts when your man is present. See, women are usually in charge of what their man thinks.


    • gonemaverick

      great answer Sir Guy. wise and practical.

    • Southernbelle

      Thank you Sir Guy for the detailed insight. Ladies love the details 🙂
      My man was actually present, I did not at all perceive the conversation with the other man (who happened to be a high ranking superior from work I was meeting for the first time) as flirting. But my man later that evening told me he wanted to punch him in the face. I just smiled and loved on him but found it eye opening experience perhaps to my naivety of male perceptions/interactions.

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