2511. Miscellany

The highly feminine woman is very unique to male eyes. She’s not fully understandable but mysterious in ways that are acceptable to husband’s expectations. His acceptance of her relationship effectiveness—he can’t figure how she does it—provides her with the independence she needs to deliver a pleasant life for hubby and herself.

Rush Limbaugh coined the feminazi term to describe the dozen or so radicals that birthed Feminism out of the Women’s Liberation political movement. We need a pleasant and catchy term to identify feminine women who seek to throw off the shroud of Feminism. Any ideas?

I have an idea for engaged women. Befriend your future mother-in-law. Surround her son with a mutually supportive friendship that keeps her on your side. Put him in the middle and it will pay off later. You will be surprised how friendly she will be if you conquer her opinion that you’re not good enough for her son. If you’re a future mother-in-law, do that with your future daughter-in-law. Your son is “lost,” so make the most of it. There are mutual benefits when women take a tag-team approach to make a better man of a son and husband.

It poisons manly commitment to women. Feminism is the philosophy of envy of men, the creed of anger at men, and the gospel of politics-first over men. It blames men for female shortcomings. Then it alibis for female inability to civilize, tame, and domesticate men into female-friendly mates and fathers. Men don’t accept blame; they resist, resent, and retaliate with disrespect of women generally. Sexual freedom for females was devised to compensate, but that too does not work. Sex neither bonds nor keeps a man. Consequently, Feminism brought nothing more than inexhaustible sex to men, which hugely reduces the marrying pool. Men find little virtue in women easy to conquer; moreover, where’s the challenge with her? They find no virtue in promiscuous women; moreover, where’s the competition with men?

OTOH, Femininity is the philosophy of mutual attraction, the creed of mutual fidelity, and gospel of mutual devotion. Its inherent virtue encourages men to suppress their aggressiveness, prove themselves worthy of a woman, act responsibly as husband and father, and otherwise make use of themselves on behalf of women and children.

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  1. Cinnamon

    I like the term “Femininism”/”Femininist”(as opposed to feminism/feminist) but it’s probably too much of a tongue-twister.

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