2512. Feminism Dragged Out of the Closet

Taking a couple of days off. Found something that may keep you occupied.  Truth catches up in the most unusual  ways, but it always emerges.


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5 responses to “2512. Feminism Dragged Out of the Closet

  1. anon...

    this may be how the next generation, the one either being born, OR very small will become totally LGBTQ in the west or heavily into neo pagan type polygamy…. unless PARENTS NOW, change it..

  2. gonemaverick

    great discussion. #feminismandpoliticalcorrectnessmustfall

  3. 1jarofclay

    Lol. I agree with most of what he says. PC is used to censor people. But I’ve known of this guy for a while. He’s a really interesting character to say the least. Look him up!


  4. My Husband's Wife

    These two, Alex and Milo: great dialog, how funny…but not really. I’m glad that Milo doesn’t seem to take his Twitter ban all to seriously since it’s so ridiculous. It sure made me smile today!

    …but even better, the title of this post, LOL!

  5. Cinnamon

    Thanks for this link Sir Guy – what a great interview! Milo Yiannopolous and Alex Jones have great chemistry – watched it twice for all the laughs – and the material is hard-hitting.

    Speaking of Milo, I think he may turn out to be the most pivotal figure in American conservatism since William F. Buckley, Jr., not because he is saying anything new (there are many fine conservative intellectuals writing in the U.S. today) but simply because he has these great intellectual gifts coupled with a genuine common touch. Milo loathes the hypocrisy of the Left (which he understands from the inside out,) and he also knows that political change happens from the bottom up at the level of culture and not from the top down – ergo he is bringing his “cultural deprogramming” directly to college students, speaking in their own language. One Milo speech at a college has more cultural impact than a thousand articles in “Renew America” or WND (excellent publications, by the way), or 20 years of the Rush Limbaugh show. My heart is so hopeful whenever I listen to him speak.

    With all that said, this gifted, delightful, and courageous young man has stuck his head above the parapet and become arch-enemy number one of the Left and I do fear for his safety – may God bless him and protect him.

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