2513. Journey to Feminine — Group 19

Men and women possess these dynamic motivational forces that trace back to when they were born. You are likely to get confused, so let me familiarize you with the major terms: be good, do good, do better, be better.

Both sexes are born to be better, to improve themselves in their self-development, but with men it means independently and without reference to others. Men can be better without doing good; they can do bad or even evil, and they need only call it better for them.

Women OTOH lack that freedom. Also born to be good, it pressures them to do good, which makes them better. They cannot sit around and claim to be a better person by doing nothing. They are instinctively inspired to prove they are good, and that action confirms both their goodness and self-improvement.

Men lack those dual and primal interconnections of self-development. They are, however, born capable to do good. But they lack the motivational energy to be good in the process of making themselves better aka improving their abilities. Until, that is, they are prompted or pressured by someone else, usually a woman they respect.

Consequently, women are not as self-centered as are men. They parlay their importance greatly by inducing men to do good, which diverts a man from doing less bad or evil. Thus, he becomes better, which confirms her as being good, which elevates her self-importance as his partner and his appreciation of her worth.

It is an instinctive reaction. Great satisfaction arises in a wife’s mind when she gets her man to do good things. She makes possible bad and evil thoughts vaporize, which makes him become a better man to himself by feeding his psyche with thoughts favorable to others. He becomes better simply by allowing her to guide him to do good things. It takes his enormous respect of her to allow it. Contrary to what she thinks, it is not her love, but his respect of her as living and productive example of a good woman. She confirms that he choose correctly, which is extremely satisfying to a man.

Men thrive on a woman’s goodness, and when she also adds other feminine traits, he can lose himself in her. It’s what women expect and want to see, but they have to know where to start, which is intensifying her feminine side. To be womanly earns a man’s respect; to also  be feminine earns his love.


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2 responses to “2513. Journey to Feminine — Group 19

  1. Dear Sir Guy,

    What are your thoughts on which woman, mother or wife, will influence a man into good behavior? It would seem that as a boy, he would be influenced to “good” by his mother doing good herself, and by watching how that impacted his father. Certainly, at least I would hope, he would be given lessons and advice from his father on what qualities to seek out, and perhaps hear how his father is proud to have such a good woman in his life, along with lessons on how to become a fine, respected man. Perhaps culture, peer pressure, and self pressure to “better” himself would circumvent “good” temporarily? Would not he be set already on that good path before meeting, courting, and marrying his own good woman? Is her role then to just to freshen up the road paint markings and quietly add a “right turn only” sign here and there? Or does the hormonal fervor of adolescence and young adulthood push that to the background, leaving it to be brought forward once again by the indirect and gentle nudges of a good wife? Curious as to whether or not the “good” comes and goes in stages within a boy/man’s life?

    In re-reading, quite a few questions! Sorry! Just trying to understand what makes the other half tick.

    Kind regards,
    Honor Femineity

    Your Highness Honor Femineity,
    The ‘gooder’ before puberty, the ‘gooder’ for life.
    Yes, ambitions less than admirable to the public can lead to less than good temporarily.
    Yes, I like your traffic markings as coaching.
    Yes, to the sentence about gentle nudges by a good wife.
    Yes, to the stages, except for when doing good is deeply imprinted on him before puberty.

  2. prettybeans

    Sir Guy,

    I have a question – what are your thoughts on dating shows such as the Bachelorette? I haven’t watched it before until this past week and of course aside from the mindless TV entertainment angle, is this how dating should be done?

    Lots of options for girl who then gets to build a shortlist over time?

    Your Highness Prettybeans,
    Sorry, I choose not to respond.

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