2515. Favored Quotes—Collection 50

  1. “Emotional unhappiness can make women exhausted.” [Beloved at 2456]
  2. “A woman is not happy when she hates men, it destroys her inside.” [Sarina at 2446]
  3. “People often tell me how much they admire my wife; I usually reply that I consider it my greatest accomplishment in life to have made myself into the kind of man a woman like her would wish to marry.” [Silberstreak at 2485]
  4. “Honestly, if a single woman can nail pretty time, self-respect, femininity, and unconditional respect for men (loving men for who men are, and treating them as they like to be treated–subjects worth studying), she will never lack for success with males in every realm of life.” [Miss Gina at 2514]
  5. “I didn’t realize I’d married Mr Right until perhaps 20 years into marriage. It was like getting hit with a sledge hammer, as if to say, good grief I have lost my mind and fallen totally in love. I swear, I am worse than a teen ager to this day.” [Insanitybytes22 at 2510]
  6. “The brilliance of cultural Marxism is that you get people to enslave themselves.” [My Husband’s Wife at 2510]


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4 responses to “2515. Favored Quotes—Collection 50

  1. anon...

    NUMBER TWO—there seems to be lots of women on YouTube that seem to HATE MEN
    and MEN going MGTOW–its crazy out there…

  2. Sarina

    Woah, I made it into favored quotes! Thank you, Sir Guy. But #4 is the most important, I’ve seen how even beauties are treated like disposable garbage when they have no self-respect, it’s as if the partner doesn’t even appreciate that a living doll is by his side.

    • Beloved

      I was thinking the same thing Sarina, I made it into the favorite quotes! What an honor! Also, I like what you said here. If beauties are not going to respect themselves why would anyone else?

      • Miss Gina

        I’m honored, also. Wise ladies commenting above:

        “A beautiful woman without discretion (wisely respectful of self and others) is like a gold ring in a pig’s snout.” Proverbs 11:22

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