2516. Women Restoring America


I hereby open the WWNH door to your political complaints and explanations about, for example:

  • The purposeful tear-down and deterioration of our culture
  • Dumbed-down young people and how to fix it
  • The well-designed, well-executed, and purposeful destruction of America as we once knew it, aka our constitutional republic
  • Benefits and blessings of our Judeo-Christian culture combined with our constitutional freedom
  • Irresistible political forces that deny our freedoms

No electioneering, please. Let’s leave the 2016 nominees out and discuss principles. (I make this as my first contribution: Personalities did not build American greatness; principles came first, wives came second, and political leaders came third in the weighting of influence.)

Don’t give me non-partisan blather; it should be highly partisan. It is time to fight back, and you ain’t fighting if you’re trying to stay balanced or in the middle. And if you’re leftist, you’re only wanting to argue and disrupt, which means I intend to spike your comments.

I welcome an informative and affirming forum if you will, not an argument starter. Not what we want America to become, but that to which we want to restore America.

I bow to your intellect of which I have seen an abundance. It too is what women never hear.

No gripes. Just inform your fellow readers, and I will provide platform and extension of remarks, if appropriate and at the moment I am as smart as you.

I’ll even post them as daily articles if you send them via email and they meet blog quality. Send to: planohelm@suddenlink.net. I’ll post your screen name as author, unless you prefer your real name.

If you need to research something to aid with your thinking, or seek a little more education for yourself, go to hillsdalecollege.edu. They provide a multitude of FREE online lessons and courses in what you would like to know about what’s right with America and what made it work as well as it once did. The college is unique in many ways, not least of which is they refuse to take federal money and provide financial aid from private sources.

God bless each of you with a special encouragement to contribute to the restoration of America as we knew it before the radicals make too much more progress bypassing and destroying our constitutional protections, rights, and replacing the rule of law with rule of man.



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30 responses to “2516. Women Restoring America

  1. This is a great idea, Sir Guy. Women have a lot of skills and good ideas when it comes to culture and politics.

    Your Highness Insanitybytes22,
    Thank you, darling. You were in my mind throughout conception and writing.

  2. Femme

    I’m not American
    but I’m keen to read what people have to say.

  3. Miss Gina

    I like this and look forward to the conversation. And, finally, leftists get the treatment they have earned!

    My first contribution echoes my sentiments on another comment…

    Proverbs 31 says that the husband of the godly woman is prominent among the elders…interesting association, isn’t it? His connection with her makes him prominent.

    Any one of us could and can build our husbands, children, and grandchildren into people who change the world, whether they become famous or not. It is the principles taught here and in the Bible that allow women to inspire greatness in those around them.

    Let’s go a step further and remember that in the early generations of this country, and throughout Western civilization, there have been women who inspired not just one, but two, or even many more close family members to greatness. (Abigail Adams and Susannah Wesley come to mind.) Some families have had generation after generation of prominent and influential members. Surely, there was a wise and godly woman in there building up her family.

    I want to make clear that there are other avenues through which women may affect our society…Margaret Thatcher, Phyllis Schlafly, and many others have done great work. Any woman called to that route should follow the calling. My point here, though, is that often, influence (feminine trait) overcomes, redirects, and molds raw power (masculine trait), and we should never sit down and let someone shame us for choosing that route.

  4. I agree with what you have said here, Sir Guy, about the tearing down of our culture being intentional. What to do to bring it back? My thoughts:
    BELIEVE in the prayers you (and by “you,” I mean general audience reading this) send up for our country. Please add if you haven’t, that not only our country will be set right, but that our individual citizens will bring themselves to repentance from silence, being too involved in television, etc. that serves as carriers to the intentional tearing down of a nation, from immorality, and so on. If we pray only for our country to be set right and don’t change anything about ourselves, we’re still doomed.
    TEACH others, and teach in love, not pointing fingers or getting loud or typing in “all caps.” I could quote scripture but. Well, I will — “For the wrath of man does not produce the righteousness of God” James 1:20. I say that teaching your children at home is best OR send them to a parochial school OR take annoying action at the public school – especially when it comes to required reading. (I finally got fed up with the feminist women teachers and the left-wing history teacher that I took my teenager out and she is now attending a Christian school — at her own request. Yay!) OR support your children and others who decide to home school. Please never feel ashamed of them or discourage them. You should be their anchor, not more wind in the storm.
    LIVE right, as Sir Guy here so eloquently advises over and over. What a powerful tool truth is. For example, I saw on a late night tv news show (on Fox), the story of a violent Muslim man who was given a Bible. He read just a few verses in it and knew that everything he had been taught all his life about Jesus was false, so he secretly read and read and read. It took only a few verses, though to convince him, which brings me to my next point.
    GIVE freely of yourselves, and don’t forget to give your Muslim friends a Bible. They no real preaching until questions arise in their hearts. Then, be there for them. Be the example and light of Christ if you are in Christ and the world will notice the light and difference.
    Is that too simple, Sir Guy? I know we need more advice. I need more advice.

    Your Highness Sharonwithmaryandmartha,

    Thank you, darling. You were also in my mind throughout conception and writing the post. As were Miss Gina and Insanitybytes22.

    It only took me 70 years to recognize and 80 to convince me of the influential role of wives in shaping American greatness. We need millions of more wives and mothers sending table, pillow talk, and prayers out the door to schools and workplaces in order to brighten their own personal, female, and family future. Only in America does it work that way.

    It may take generations without breakout of a strong leader to make restoration popular and fashionable, but wives and mothers are the biggest and strongest advocates for the principles that made America great. Men executed females hopes and dreams, albeit ever so slow.


    • Cinnamon

      Sharon, that was very beautifully expressed. The part about prayer – I believe the Brexit vote was the product of much prayer. The only thing I would add to what you said is the importance of praying that wickedness in high places be exposed, and for protection of those who are sticking their necks out to expose it.

    • And we are so very blessed that you did come to recognize and be convinced. We need to remember that when teaching others — we don’t all get it at the same time. Patience. Praying for all those generations and strong leadership. I shared this on facebook in a “secret” group. I hope some will come and read and answer.

  5. When you talk about “restoration of America” are you talking about restoring that peculiar institution, the chattel slavery system? Are you talking about child labor? Pre-Civil Rights voter disenfranchisement? No suffrage (voting rights) for women? Union busting robber barons? Government sanctioned racist policies? Women unable to have land, bank accounts, or credit in their own name? Separate but equal education?

    What elements of American history are you advocating to restore?

    On order for an honest discussion to take place, you need to make clear what restoration you are talking about.

    Mary Alice

    Your Highness Godsgrace55,

    Why do you keep coming back? Just to displease a man? I guess it uplifts you.

    Those things you cite were all conquered or made better by the indirect,
    persistent, influential leadership of wives, so I propose we return to where wives are once again telling and showing their men and children by example how to make America the most female-friendly nation.


    • Cinnamon

      Hi Mary Alice,
      Not only do I share your righteous outrage but I also feel your pain and would like to help ease it. To this end I volunteer to buy you a one-way plane ticket. Where would you like to go? Afghanistan, Yemen, North Korea, Algeria, Venezuela, Haiti, or Sierra Leone?

      Your Highness Cinnamon,
      Nicely put. Over and above that, you have a good way with words. I hope your ailment is improving.

      • Femme

        I’m thinking of changing my nick to “Confused”…
        I come from a country that had to a point been Catholic, then very damaged during WW2 and then came the revolution. I was born when comunists were still in power but not for long; we had coupons for food and clothes and there was nothing on the shelves in shops worth buying.
        No we have total chaos politically as well as spiritually as the Catholic church has lost its influence (and is being ridiculed in some circles) and politicians push for their own agenda while the people struggle to make ends meet.
        New Age spiritualists seem to agree that we as a planet (not just the USA!) are undergoing a shift for the better and it has to get worse before it gets better.
        Old structures are outdated and we need new ones in order to shape this emerging new world (that is supposed to be governed by love).
        I called a psychic once who said the old paradigm for relationships is no longer working and these days, there are relationships between, say, a woman and 2 men. Whatever works!
        I wasn’t alive when Catholicism in my country was strong and so can’t know first hand what the benefits were.
        But from what I’ve studied history on my own, I can see there were values and morals were high and life presumably was easier for women and children (not necessarily for the guys? – as they had the job of protecting them).
        Now I live in the UK and the country is divided between those who think Brexit was the bets thing that happened to this country for a long time and those who are gutted and depressed because of it.
        The EU was formed after WW2 to prevent anything like that happening in future.
        Now the UK is leaving it…
        I’m in 2 minds about it.
        I can see the benefits. But as a somebody who came to live here almost 2 decades ago, I feel guilty of denying other people the freedom of doing the same.
        As a single mother of 2 kids I’m mostly concerned about what sort of future they have ahead of them. Unfortunately it looks like it will be a long time before there is any peace and stability and any sort of clarity in my own mind as to what I should do next.
        What I do know is women have lost too many good men to pornography and immaturity and have now been left to fend for themselves and their children, and that gets to be called “progress”.
        Can we really reverse all of that by wearing longer skirts?

        • My Husband's Wife

          Dear Lady Femme,

          What a wonderful exposé you wrote on the state of current affairs. I don’t see you as confused at all!

          I don’t know if you are aware, but way before the refugees were sent to EU, there were influential people who called for mass immigration into Europe to “blend” the population and make it more multicultural. Two of them being Soros: “Europe NEEDS more immigrants…” and “Europe hasn’t learned to be multicultural yet and it needs to…” Barbara Spectre.

          Interesting enough, the “father” of the European Union (Kalergi in the 1920s) promoted blending races together as well as mixing capitalism with communism to achieve peace. His autobiography claims his friend Baron Louis de Rothschild introduced him to Max Warburg who offered to finance his movement for the next 3 years by giving him 60,000 gold marks. (Wikipedia)

          Here is a quote from his book Praktischer Idealismus (Practical Idealism), [42]: The man of the future will be of mixed race. Today’s races and classes will gradually disappear owing to the vanishing of space, time, and prejudice. The Eurasian-Negroid race of the future, similar in its appearance to the Ancient Egyptians, will replace the diversity of peoples with a diversity of individuals. …Instead of destroying European Jewry, Europe, against its own will, refined and educated this people into a future leader-nation through this artificial selection process.

          I have no problem with immigration between countries and giving those who wish to migrate opportunities. I also encourage helping our neighbors in countries who don’t have what we have. However, I believe it should be a natural process, spontaneous goodness of individual people and groups—not forced through some sort social engineering scheme financed by elites. Funny how their quest for “world peace” seems to brings about chaos. Their plans seem to come back to bite them though since many times it goes against natural law. I think they just don’t understand that you can’t regulate / govern people into being good—there exists God as a source of goodness and Light which manifests itself through people receiving His Word. Not the all powerful daddy government.

          • Femme

            Dear Your Husbands Wife,
            thank you for your response.
            Especially the quotes; I never ran across any of them before, but it does make sense that it was all orchestrated by some sort of conscious effort.
            I second what you wrote on the immigration process being allowed to unfold naturally, organically, because then there is time for everybody to absorb the changes. To me, the problem with revolution (vs evolution) is not only that the changes happen at a tremendous speed and many good things get destroyed in the process as well, but also that evolution tends to spring from need. Kind of like black people developed black skin to be protected from the sun. But revolutionary ideas tend to be just that – some people have an (often crazy or outrageous) idea and seek to implement it no matter the consequences (perhaps to become famous?), just because they think it’s right. They only need big money or a huge group of followers.
            Hitler comes to mind at his point.
            I don’t like this social experiment, be it in education or in any other area of modern life. I’m quite clear on that, because it gives ordinary people no choice (which to me is the opposite of freedom).
            I am confused because I don’t know who/what to believe any more.

            Your Highness Femme,
            Honorfemineity just posted a comment. Believe what she writes and your confusion will begin to ease up.

    • He’s advocating our old ways of morality and freedoms. Perhaps you are too young to remember as a child, riding your bicycle around town was never a reason for a parent to worry, that homosexuality was so shameful, no one ever said the word in polite company, when teachers were hired not only for their ability, but also for their integrity. Sure, we weren’t perfect, but oh so much better. I think you really know he’s not talking about any of those in your first paragraph, don’t you.

      • anon...

        i remember that….. and its best when people are MARRIED
        even RABBI DANIEL LAPIN.. said there are too many single people in the culture, and it makes it dangerous for children to be in such

  6. My Husband's Wife

    So much food for thought here as there are so many aspects to the deliberate breakdown of our country. Feminism is just one aspect in the destruction of our county via the family, so looking at who and how they do it is crucial to restoration. Once their schemes are brought to light, one can better discern the world and personally make better choices.

    One immediate thought that comes to mind when looking at the bullet list above is that it perfectly matches the UN’s goals for its member countries. Most of what they are pressuring member countries to do according to their goals goes against our Constitution—not to mention the New Age Spirituality that’s the driving force behind these UN ideals which are in conflict with Judeo-Christian values. We the people did not elect these UN officials (made up of mostly communists/socialists/dictators) so they should not be able to make and drive our policy. There’s some push back to the UN’s ridiculous programs, but not nearly enough. What are your thoughts on this organization and our membership in it? How much influence does it really have? Or do we not hear much flack about it because it’s really fluff and irrelevant?

    I’m very much interested in hearing what everyone has to say on these matters.

    Your Highness My Husband’s Wife,
    This guy says you’re right on, especially about the U.N. It is hip deep in establishing a system to buy the leaders and thus govern governments all around the world. When the U.S. crashes, which moves Russia, China, and India to the top of the economic food chain, the U.N. will be neck deep in balancing world power so that no superpower emerges. As the Soviet Union proved to the communist world, totalitarian power cannot be achieved with either a middle class or strong religion.

  7. Ari

    This is the way I see it:
    Change and a restoration to principles and values that benefit the family, the governance of this country and our future will not come about until we return to God. This country is in the state that it is in because as a nation it has turned its back on God. Many people in positions of power do not respect Him as creator and as authority for our lives so they do not value life, freedom, moral values and are trying to do away with some of our constitutional rights (or convince us we don’t need them). I believe each item in your bullet list can be resolved by a return to christian values.

    Now I believe that we as women have A LOT of power…power within our families, with our neighbors and with the culture to make a difference. However, we must start with ourselves and pursue godliness so that our influence is not diminished. We must practice what we preach.

    It is obvious to me that feminism has exerted its influence and we see that in the breakdown of our culture, of relationships and of the home. Liberalism and a moral decay because of ungodliness has done the rest; None of which are good for men, women or children. We are inundated daily with media images, movies, music, popular public figures that are morally bankrupt yet hailed as role models…and it is politically correct to ignore this or to celebrate it. We can turn that around, but it will take time.

    If only there was a strong movement to evangelize America! (Imagine if all your neighbors and law makers were God-fearing believers) I believe that is what is needed to turn things around for this nation. God-fearing, godly people look out for each other, respect each other and govern with dignity and respect. We can.

  8. MLaRowe

    The purposeful tear-down and deterioration of our culture– Here are my thoughts.

    Dumbed-down young people and how to fix it- My mission in life is dyslexia awareness. I am well acquainted with the writing and research of the foremost authorities in the U.S. on this subject. Way too many schools in this country are ill equipped (training wise) to teach a large percentage of their population (statisically one in five children is a struggling reader). It’s not the teachers fault that they did not learn what they needed in college. Colleges used to do a better job of training teachers.

    There was a shift to Whole Language beginning as far back as the 1950’s. It continues under various disguises to this day. Some states are better than others but it is my belief that there is a much larger number of non-readers than most people realize. So those people get their information other ways.

    Which leads me to my next thought:

    So there is too much of a reliance on television and movies for information.
    Not only by people who don’t/can’t read but also by the people who have no other places to get information (I am thankful every time I hear a good sermon at church because I know I won’t get that anywhere else).

    The entertainment industry seems to have way too much influence (especially on young people). I am disgusted by most of it. The songs on pop radio. The loss of good role models in popular culture. The glorification of the mafia and organized crime. I think it all counts against good people.

    Entertainment seems to have near limitless power in this country but refreshingly not worldwide (so having a global viewpoint can help).

    But back to education:

    Three generations of teachers in my family can also attest to the fact that educational expectations have deteriorated since the 1920’s through 1940’s (which is when I personally believe that education was at a high point in this country).

    The well-designed, well-executed, and purposeful destruction of America as we once knew it, aka our constitutional republic. I don’t really believe that there was some grand plan to destroy the country. It seems to me that it’s human nature to deteriorate as a population until someone says- Yuck- this has all gone too far.

    History seems to show this time and time again (example: the Puritans). Not saying we need to become Amish but we have veered too far as a society from what is pure and good. I think our country’s collective greed is mainly responsible.

    Benefits and blessings of our Judeo-Christian culture combined with our constitutional freedom. First, I am a Christian (forgiven for my numerous past sins and still far from perfect). I believe in a loving God. Marcus Borg and Father Richard Rohr have my attention for good writing and understanding of Christianity.

    Irresistible political forces that deny our freedoms. It is my opinion that we live in an oligarchy and have for some time. Until there is election reform and there is a fair and equitable (and aboveboard) way for both candidates to receive their funding and so it doesn’t continue to cost 1 billion dollars I believe all politicians are going to be the puppets of the most wealthy who have arranged the laws to their own benefit. I am now going to declare myself Independent. I see no representation of the poor or even the middle class and their welfare.

    It is my belief that our most historically marginalized minority populations are going to be the catalyst that comes together to demand better treatment for the masses. So in my viewpoint those historically thought of as least valuable people are going to save us if anything can. These are the people marching in Ferguson, the people of Occupy Wall Street and those lending as much of a hand as they can at the Mexican border.

    I side with them.

    • Meow Meow

      I can agree with much of what you have written here and admire your inner strength and the time it has taken to develop your clarity. Greed and unpunished crimes have caused most people to lose faith in our society because to see such hypocrisy is deeply disheartening, and until that is widely acknowledged i’m afraid apathy will rule the day:(

      Your Highness Meow Meow,
      A favorite of mine: Apathy, apathy, apathy everywhere, but who cares?

  9. ◾Dumbed-down young people and how to fix it
    In order to snap our young people out of their fog, we have to address the three primary culprits that children are being neglected by, targeted from, and brainwashed by. Welcome into the spotlight: many parents of today, the media and advertising conglomerate, and our public school system.
    On the neglect front, we need to address the parents of today with regards to the lack of investment that they put into their own children, lack of personal pride not only in themselves but in how their children and corresponding behavior are reflected back upon them, and how money and materialism is exalted over the true and meaningful needs of their children and spouses. Harsh words, I realize, but we are past the point of niceties and there has been more than enough coddling, coincidentally resulting in our current predicament. When a couple decides to have children, it must with the willingness to invest in them- time, patience, life lessons, energy, and limited money. Far too frequently, parents are relying on educators to be the only ones teaching their children, law enforcement offices to be figures of discipline for them, and television or other electronics to occupy them. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve seen parents, upon the start of any fussing from their kids, merely hand them a smart phone or tablet to distract them with whatever game or video can be found on it, so that they can go back to whatever it is that they were doing before the “interruption.” It used to be, not that far back at all, that parents took pride in how their children looked upon leaving the house, in how well behaved and polite they were in any public setting, and in the quality of person they grew up to be- all of which reflected back admirably on the parents and the entire family by association. Sadly, in great numbers, true family values and expectations are replaced by larger homes, fancier cars, more lavish vacations, shopping sprees, and the latest in tech gadgets. Those items, material items, have become the measure of how successful a family is- an obvious display in their worth. Meanwhile, the true and meaningful barometer of character and quality, that of their legacy and family reputation, lay discarded like last night’s take out dinner boxes. Children will see where the parents’ priorities are as they get older. They will realize that there was greater quantity of gifts over conversations, more short term distractions over time spent together, and this will distance these now growing young teens emotionally from their parents, leaving them feeling that Mom and Dad are not a necessity in their lives- but they won’t realize that their parents shorted them quality of character and life lessons because they sadly never knew any better.
    The next front that must be attacked, simultaneously, is that of the media and advertising conglomerate. By producing shows that feature flippant, irrespective children and teens, primarily with each episode built around the children and their dramas, and conveniently excluding the parental authority figures, leaves vulnerable viewing children with the notion that they can have a full life, excitement, and solve their own problems all without parents. If the parents are shown, it’s usually either a smothering mother or a bumbling father. Either way, it pushes the image of tuning out mom and not respecting dad. The damaging part is that when the nurturing aspect of a good mother is rejected, the child grows up with a lingering feeling of being unloved and unlovable. A good father is a figure of authority and safety for the family, but when that anchor is rejected, the child will carry with them feelings of neediness and lack of self-confidence. Advertising and marketing to teens and young children is a $200+ billion dollar business, both with what the teens buy for themselves and what the parents indulge them with. Child psychologists are regularly employed by advertising companies to help manipulate children, exploiting their vulnerable developing sense of self and needs, in order to sway them into purchasing social acceptance. All too frequently, the messages that bombard teens and tweens are highly sexualized, far past what is appropriate for their age and emotional capabilities. By pushing the adult style life, they damage children in two ways: one- the innocence of youth is cut far too short, and two- if they are made to feel like adults, then what do they need their parents for? The guidance that they truly need during adolescent years is rejected because they are being programmed to think of themselves as adults- capable of doing adult activities, and not needing authority figures in their life. With the constant bombardment of sexualized imagery, the sense become dulled to it- seems commonplace and then becomes a commodity rather than a precious expression of love and devotion from one person to another. Business and the media are in bed with each other with the end game of separating kids from parental control and care, and then becoming the surrogate themselves.
    The third front that must be tackled is that of our public school system. Children are being taught what to think, but not how to think. Sanitized history, biology, and lesson books push a state and national government agenda instead of a well-rounded education that prepares school children for life after high school. Teachers are forced to administer tests designed only to serve as a gauge for how much money the various states should reward the school with. These same teachers are frustrated with helicopter parents who only pass blame for bad behavior onto the school staff, not taking responsibility upon themselves or the child who apparently is in need of the discipline. There are incredibly fascinating TED Talks, by Sir Ken Robinson, on the state of our school system and why it needs to be completely refashioned. I would encourage anyone with school age children, or anyone else who may simply have an interest, to check those out.

    Your Highness Honorfemineity,
    You are underemployed on all three points. Whatcha’ doing next? One or two million women with your thoughts and ability to analyze should be enough to restore America. You have so much that women never hear.

    • Kristiane

      I curtsy to your well thought out and written comment. How did you get so well informed on these issues. I am in college, and I don’t hear about any of these issues in my classes. Any sources you can direct me too will be much appreciated! I will check out the TED Talk by Sir Ken Robinson right now.

    • Meow Meow

      Thank you so much for this deeply thought out, well written comment. I couldn’t agree with you more about how materialism is deeply corrupting our families, and for everyone to live like the rich few is an impossibility and leads to debt and despair. Even young children in my neighborhood are consumed with wanting designer sneakers, clothing and cell phones as soon as possible, then taunt the one’s who don’t have them. Really disgusting behavior. They want the things they see valued on TV—which is only supposed to be entertainment, not real life!

      Kids can also tell at some level when they are being taught to be purposeless drones and cogs in a wheel, not being prepared for real life. Reading the great works of literature/fiction are important for thinking critically, learning about concepta and values, and finding meaning in life, but it is these very things that are being pushed to the wayside by the new curriculum. I also would say that few kids or adults today have any understanding of the workings and importance of natural science/ecology, and are pushing the limits of the natural world, not understanding that it actually has limits and that there are physical consequences for degrading and overusing it. ‘Helicoptering” kids and denying them a chance to go outside and play also denies them a chance to explore and understand the natural world.

  10. Dearest Kristiane,
    You have a lovely name, by the way. Thank you for your kind and curious comments. Any knowledge that I may have comes from a wide array of sources which include my upbringing in a traditional setting, having a father who taught me to read even before kindergarten and who passed down a story from his father which was to never be a sheep- always question what people tell you even if they are teachers, having a mother who read to my brother and I every night- even if it was the same book twenty-seven times in a row, attending an all-girl college where we were told that we could pursue our passions and still have dignity, witnessing for myself the abrupt changes to television programming and advertising just in my lifetime, and becoming a mother. Having to guide a growing child through life is a eye-opening experience. You now view everything through a new lens, and you will no longer care for everything that you see. What you might have been willing to ignore before, “it doesn’t affect me,” “I’m not going to let that bother me,” etc., suddenly is unbearable because you know that it will buffet your vulnerable child and steer them in a direction that is not in line with your family-driven compass. I’ve had teachers come up to me and admit that their entire curriculum is based around making sure their students passed state sanctioned tests. Their hands are tied by the school districts, who themselves are controlled by the state and federal government for funding. The schools with the best performing test scores gets the most money. Why? I would drop my daughter off to middle-school dances and school parties and watch as some other girl students walked around in outfits that looked like they were prostitutes-in-training. Why did they feel that they need to dress that way? Did their parents not care how they looked when leaving the house? Why not? I also watched as the other girls noticed how much attention the cheaply dressed girls were getting from boys. It’s easy to tell which ones were jealous or needy to have attention too, and which ones were empowered enough not to be swayed by that- by the way- that group looked happier. Why? As for the business and advertising comments, those were spurred on by a school assignment that my daughter had. One of the subjects to choose from for this particular lesson was whether or not marketing to teens is ethical. She shared her finished essay with me and I was fascinated, proud of her work, and horrified- all at the same time. I kept looking into it myself afterwards and have never been pleased by what I found. When she was taking her Biology class, one of the assignments was about reproduction, of course. She said that she might to wait to have children. When I mentioned that it was easier to have them in your twenties and early thirties, she looked at me blankly. It turns out that there was not one paragraph dedicated to informing high school girls that the chances of fertilization decreased for women, and that the chance of complications rose, the longer that they waited. Why does a school lesson not inform of such important facts? Why do they want girls ignorant about their own bodies?
    Your generation is our next hope, quite honestly. If I could implore you to do three things, it would be this:
    1. Rediscover your inner two-year old and ask “why” to everything and everyone. Do not blindly follow whatever you are being told; do not be a sheep. If people, even professors, cannot intelligently and thoroughly explain why, then they do not have a deep abiding passion and knowledge about that subject. You deserve answers. You deserve full knowledge. You deserve to have people in your life who have your best interests in mind. If they can only offer rote, flat statements, then their objective is merely to recruit you, and that is in their own best interests- not yours.
    2. Learn on your own from many different sources, even opposing views. What is your perspective on that issue/situation/etc? What is theirs? What is their background? Why do they think the way that they do? Listening to other people’s views does not automatically mean that you agree with them. You may at times find common ground, or it may be that what you will find will just cement your own beliefs.
    3. Be a lifelong student. One of my father’s favorite quotes was, “the day you stop learning is the day that you are in the ground with your arms folded over your chest.” Succinct, but that’s to be expected from a Marine- there’s never a reason to mince words.

    Specific sources are dependent upon what I’m checking up on, so they vary greatly. I look on Twitter, and subscribe to email feeds, on all of the major networks, liberal and conservative, along with smaller independent sources, and even European sources. If headlines grab my interest, I will seek out more info. I fact check consistently before I jump into feeds and conversations. I have taken a great and vocal interest in this upcoming election and all of the issues around it. In addition to those:
    this very blog: What Women Never Hear- wish I had found it years ago!
    Business Insider
    Wall St Journal
    TED Talks
    The White House
    United Nations
    Department of State
    Forbes Women
    plus many more including personal interests – over 240 in total
    I try to avoid following groups on Facebook- I detest being data mined

    Hopefully some of this is helpful to you. Please don’t hesitate to contact me back if you so wish.

    Kind regards,
    Honor Femineity

    Your Highness Honorfemineity,

    Now I know why I so appreciate your inputs—a marine’s daughter. Give him a Semper Fi for me if you can. If not, I understand. Once had a captain and gunny work for me, and those were shore duty navy days made splendid by their presence and leadership examples.

    I have said for years if I could start over it would be as a marine. But now, I have applied to be reincarnated as a fog ………………
    you see, I want to be mist.


    • Dear Sir Guy,

      You made my evening! I did pass along your Semper Fi and he salutes you back. To the “start over” comment that you offered, he chuckled and said, “He’s on the right track, better late than never.” 🙂 Regarding your last comment, you are “mist” when I wake up without a post to brighten my day. I am truly grateful for your passion, teaching skills, and dedication to the subjects that you grace us with. “Non sibi sed patriae”

      PS. If you have the patience to indulge me, my mind is churning on the other topics that you offered up. I had already been collecting thoughts and jotting notes on similar topics when your invitation arrived and beckoned.

      Warm regards,
      Honor Femineity

      Your Highness Honor Femineity,
      Thanks for the Latin compliment. I got one of my favorite mottoes from marines. I know you’ve heard it, Illegitimatus non carborundum aka don’t let the bastards grind you down.

  11. Meggrz

    An “affirming forum” where conflicting viewpoints will be “spiked” out of hand as “disruptive” and “argumentative,” rather than discussed?

    This, friends, is where I disembark. My journey on WWNH has been challenging and full of growth, because this forum provided conflicting viewpoints to what I held. Some of my foundational beliefs about human interaction have been developed here, because I sought out your disruptive beliefs, and used those as a tool to question mine.

    By all means, use this space to develop your political views. I agree with many of them here. But then, please, please question them. Seek to understand other views with the same vigor. Either you find you were wrong and correct, or affirm your current beliefs more deeply. There is no downside.

    Please don’t let a single, affirming forum lead you to believe that you are well-informed and anyone who disagrees isn’t worth listening to. Hold your beliefs to the fire like you held mine, and see what remains.

    “Test all things; hold fast what is good.”

    • Cinnamon

      Hi Meggrz,

      You seem to have forgotten that dialogue is not an end in itself, but rather, is a means by which the intellect can perceive truth, which the will then either affirms or denies. With that being said, Sir Guy – as you already know – is nonetheless patient and tolerant (sometimes excessively so in my opinion) with commenters who put forth opposing views at WWNH; there are approximately 2500 articles on this site wherein readers are given a platform to engage in dialogue about a wide spectrum of issues from the mundane to the highly contentious.

      There is no moral obligation to dialogue with error, nor does the refusal to do so indicate a lack of understanding of said error. Sir Guy does not wish to dialogue with Luciferians, Globalists, and Cultural Marxists on this particular article (again, one of 2500+) because that would defeat the article’s objective. If that makes him ill-informed, close-minded , and intolerant in your eyes then perhaps you might ask yourself what “holding fast to what is good” actually looks like in practice.

    • Meow Meow

      Meggrz, I’m sorry you’re leaving. I love this last, so eloquently well-written post. Your tone and concern comes through. I always try to do what you suggest in your last line. As you say, there is no downside.

  12. My Husband's Wife

    Dear Sir Guy and Ladies,

    As my journey continues in discovering why our nation is crumbling, I discovered a free online book on the Tavistock Institute. Do any of you know much about this organization? If this book is accurate, it’s serves as more proof confirming that feminism was a planned psy-op for the destruction of the West. I found the book sobering, yet extremely insightful as is fully discloses the psychological brainwashing used on us through media/politicians/artists—even those claiming to be “conservative.” I’d like to share the following except with you:

    “Classical and Western are the only two civilizations that could bring a modern renaissance to the world. …The unsurpassed beauty of their literature, art, their classics, spiritual and moral advancement of the female sex with a very large corresponding degree of protection, was what distinguished Western and Classic civilizations from others. It was this bastion that Spengler saw coming under increasing attack and the thinking at Tavistock ran on parallel tracks, but with a totally different goal. Tavistock saw this civilization as a stumbling block to ushering a New World Order, as did the emphasis on protection and elevation of the female sex to a place of high respect and honor….The planners at Tavistock saw that the way to upset the balance of Western civilization was to force unwelcome changes by removing control from the deserving to the undeserving in the manner of ancient Roman leaders who were supplanted by their former slaves and aliens, whom they had permitted to come and dwell among them.”

    Taken from the book: “The Tavistock Institute Of Human Relations: Shaping the Moral, Spiritual, Cultural, Political, and Economic Decline of the United States” by John Coleman. Free download here: http://www.pdfarchive.info/pdf/C/Co/Coleman_John_-_The_Tavistock_Institute_of_Human_Relations.pdf

    I wonder what you all think of this? To me, it makes a lot of sense putting another piece of the puzzle together. I realize that this might be a bit controversial, going way down a rabbit hole, so understand if this post may need to be removed.

    Your Highness My Husband’s Wife,
    Thank you for the lead to the important document. It’s a great contribution of the new blog theme.

  13. Just superb
    My Story pl have a look
    •Women• let’s Love ❤️ and Respect their Being 💋
    It takes a life time to undrstand a Woman..

    “Love ❤️ is beyond any physical relationship”

    May be she is your Sweet heart ❤️ /Girl friend/Best …

    Sir Sibananda Bhanja,
    Welcome aboard. I love it when another man joins us on this cruise to WhatWomenNeverHear.

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