2519. Battleground USA — The Backdrop

The blog is not shifting away from its original theme, but since I added another theme, I need to contribute. I plan three parts: backdrop, players, and favorite issues as they are opposed.

Today, I summarize the character of the federal government and why it seems so ineffective and contrary to our wishes. Dysfunctional may be a better term.

Under a century of pressure from Progressives, the U.S. government has been altered from a constitutional republic into an executive-administrative state. Symbolic of the ineffectiveness we see in Congress today, I offer the following to describe who really rules over us.

  • Congress writes constitutional laws purposely worded ambiguously to give maximum freedom to the various federal agencies to write and implement their respective regulations. Departments and agencies—e.g., EPA, Education, and Social Security—publish regulations and impose them on us.
  • Ah, but here’s the rub. The regulations are NOT subject to review and change by the president, congress, or courts. The bureaucrats are isolated to do as their ideology guides them. To reverse any agency rule, it must pass both houses of Congress and be approved by the president. Needless to say, few even come up for reversal; the reversal gate is too difficult to open.

Trends prevail without upheavals. We are already a regulatory state becoming more so as bureaucrats follow the behind-closed-door directions of the leftist anti-constitutional ideologies.

The trend has been developing and evolving since passage of amendments 16 and 17 to the constitution and establishment of the Federal Reserve System. All came into being in 1913 under the sponsorship of Democrats with their progressive agenda, and each upset constitutional balances and separations of power.

The decline of America began with this tripartite swap of favors: The 16th gave the House endless access to new revenue to spend, income tax. The 17th gave senators freedom from being responsible to their state legislatures. The FED gave bankers control of the money supply after our forefathers found previous national banks to be dysfunction to the economy, contrary to the constitution, and outside government control.

It was planned in 1908 at a conference of six or so top bankers and a senator on Jekyll Island, Georgia. They were helped along by the influence of Teddy Roosevelt and his Bull Moose Party, the official name being The Progressive Party. Teddy split the Republican vote for President Taft’s reelection in order to get racist Woodrow Wilson elected (who, as the racist he was, fired every black supervisor in federal government except one).

The history is one you have never heard, and the book The Creature from Jekyll Island was total news to me with a BA in political science and MS in International Relations. We the People have been deliberately kept uninformed and misinformed for a century.

Yes, unimaginable as it is to folks on the street, Congress gives away their own power and responsibility to bureaucrats and regulators in contradiction to their oaths of office in order to favor one or more anti-American ideologies that in all likelihood includes a helluva lotta money swapping hands. One-world government advocates are buying us out, but that’s another story described best in the book mentioned above.

Tomorrow, the players in this ever demeaning insult to We the People.


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6 responses to “2519. Battleground USA — The Backdrop

  1. Miss Gina

    The first step to reversing the problem is recognizing it. Men are never so handsome as when they shine the light on darkness to make a better world for ladies.

  2. Some Other Guy

    Interesting to hear your take on this topic Sir Guy. I agree. Washington DC is much too powerful. Out of control really.

    Sir Some Other Guy,
    Thanks. Good to have you commenting again. You raise the quality of the blog.

  3. My Husband's Wife

    …and this is what women (and men) never hear! This was a pivotal point in changing the USA. Our country is in massive debt and therefore we are owned.

    For anyone interested, the pdf version of the book “The Creature from Jekyll Island” is available as a free download here:

    Your Highness My Husband’s Wife,
    Thank you, darling. Your sensitivity remains sharp and a free Jekyll Island book is ideal. Yea, for more vacations.

  4. Lady Penny

    @ My Husbands Wife

    I clicked on that link hoping the said book would open as a pdf file immediately but it didnt. How do i find it on that site? I tried to do a search on the book’s title and author name without success.

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