2522. Battleground USA — The RIGHT

I continue the second part of my opinion piece on the subject, the players who are primarily motivated to act in distinct ways that depend on beliefs. Post 2520 was about the beliefs of the LEFT.

THE RIGHT believes in the Constitution as originally intended. which is still founded first and foremost on individual sovereignty and natural rights that accrue to each of us. Implicit in our sovereignty and rights is the denial of power to others to tell us how to live—except as granted constitutionally.

That and much more is original intent. It’s how We the People govern. We are individually sovereign—each a king or queen in their own life—and we each elect representatives to present and merge our individual interest with that of others at local, state, and federal levels. It is the responsibility of each king and queen to know what to do to protect their own interest, or it enables others to do it for them.

Conservatism — It is based on principles, the foremost of which is natural rights that accrue to each of us as sovereign individuals. Followed by other principles, such as government of, by, and for the people; power balancing by separation of three branches; and strict adherence by federal government to powers enumerated in the Constitution. Our respective states are supposed to be the primary governors over our lives. Local conditions and interests are supposed to be primary for each person. No longer true, of course, because the federal government usurped state powers by nullifying the 9th and 10th amendments, as it has done with so many other laws written beyond its enumerated powers.

Conservatives — They seek to make American exceptionalism rise again by restoring free market capitalism, traditional American culture, rule of law, original intent of the Constitution, and returning constitutionally endowed power to the individual states—such as returning education to the local level and parents.

Libertarianism — It is much the same as conservatism but more so. More freedom, less government interference, and a platform to move many government functions into the private sector.

Libertarians — They pursue conservativism but with greater emphasis on more individual freedom and less government. They quite often seek to plus replace government functions with free market solutions. Even privately operated courts and prisons are advocated by some.

Those two philosophies function collectively to restore individual freedoms and get government out of peoples’ lives. They often intermingle politically, collaborate, work in parallel, and some call themselves conservatarians. The people on the Right generally fall into one small centralized gathering of sovereign individuals. Their beliefs are built on morality, power-restraining principles, and producing a brighter future, which also happens to parallel the female primal need of a brighter future for her and hers. While forced to participate and many enjoy the process, however, the Right tends to shun ideology and expediency, both of which are oriented around the present, which just happens to parallel the males’ primal time focus on today rather than the tomorrows.

Classical Liberals — They are quite often conservative democrats—those who may even remain unassociated with the political game. They may also shun labels and even the Republican label although many tend to vote their conscience more than politics exclusively.

The background and quickie summaries about Left and Right are my opinions to contribute to the dialogue for this series; they are not precise enough for argument about who believes what. Our dialogue here should not be about personalities but about beliefs, principles, and resolving issues that will return us to what we used to have. Example: Globalism vs. patriotism/nationalism, or free trade vs. fair trade, which you may think are issues beyond your concern. But they are vital to any restoration of America. Many more examples will post Sunday.

NOTE: Special thanks to Missy, Caitlinshea3, and Kathy for the assistance making this article fit the page. I now see the error of my ways and can prevent it the next time, which I think will be tomorrow. Special smile to you, gals. Guy

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One response to “2522. Battleground USA — The RIGHT

  1. It’s all grown very complex, Sir Guy. They’ve gone and moved the middle and now nobody can figure out what these labels even mean anymore. 🙂

    Your Highness Insanitybytes22,

    You’re absolutely right, and the powers that be did it purposely to keep us arguing about non-specifics while they deal with specifics behind closed doors and keep it there. Also, they think we can’t operate from a confused base.

    They have played us as suckers and we have not dissuaded them. Time to turn the table on them.

    As you will see in the next post, I reduce a lot of issues that we should be dealing with. If we stick to such issues instead of broad names, we may make more progress than we have been making in the past few decades. We gotta dig deep, learn more, and advertise what we know to the people we know. We can’t restore anything, if we don’t understand the issues well enough to be influential.


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