2523. Battleground USA — Left Promotes, Right Defends

I suspect some readers may like a reference page to get an update on what’s been happening between the Left and Right. So, I compiled a list of 35 major points at which two sides battle in the background, while all the talking heads hide the fundamental principles the Right needs to support, defend, and initiate a comeback to restore America.

To my view, the list is essential to the proper defense against the Leftist ideology and regulatory state—aka federal government—that is the culprit destroying our nation. There are more, and I’ll post as they become more evident.

The Left has for years been on open attack against everything on the Right. Empowered by the way Congress deliberately writes ambiguous laws, bureaucratic regulation is the main vehicle by which they have already changed our country. Successful in regulatory bits and pieces, the Left is encouraged to finish the job without restraint. It’s up to the Right to stop it.

So, I cite major points from which the Left is attacking the Right’s defense. It is offered for those who may profit mentally. I list political opposites for background, but I can’t make a list very reader friendly. But neither is losing our country very friendly to mainstream Americans.

The LEFT dismantles, the RIGHT is the only hope. No one else guards the values and standards that generated American greatness.


  1. The group comes first vs. Individuals come first
  2. Secular-Humanism vs. Judeo-Christian culture
  3. Rule of Man vs. Rule of Law
  4. Rights come from government vs. Rights come from God
  5. Regulation vs. Freedom
  6. Propaganda vs. Truth
  7. Progressivism vs. Free-market capitalism
  8. Power vs. Principles plus common sense
  9. Popular vote vs. Representative’s vote
  10. Political preference vs. Political principle
  11. Political correctness vs. Freedom of speech
  12. National popular vote vs. Electoral College
  13. Nanny state vs. Self, family, and opportunity
  14. Multiculturalism vs. The Melting Pot and e pluribus unum
  15. Moral relativism vs. Morality based on the Bible.
  16. Materialism vs. Self-reliance
  17. Malpractice vs. Tort reform
  18. Living Constitution vs. Amendment is required
  19. Judicial activism vs. Only Congress legislates
  20. Hate speech vs. Thoughts are not criminal
  21. Government growth vs. Limited government
  22. Government grants freedom vs. Liberty comes from Natural Law.
  23. Government creates jobs vs. Wealth creates jobs.
  24. Globalism vs. Patriotism/Nationalism
  25. Feminism vs. Feminine
  26. Federal mandate vs. Local control
  27. Expand the popular vote nationally vs. State and local power
  28. Equality vs. Fairness
  29. Environmentalism vs. Private property rights
  30. Diversity vs. Merit
  31. Democracy vs. Republic
  32. Competition bad vs. Competition good, balances power
  33. Collectivism vs. Individualism
  34. American faults vs. American exceptionalism
  35. Aggrandize more power vs. Balance power to prevent excesses

I encourage all readers to use their superior gender talent and influence to energize themselves and the men in their lives to turn up the heat to restore what we used to have. I don’t have enough time left to enjoy it, but I’ve done my part with a little more to offer as we go along. Men won’t do it on their own; too many have already been bought off by the Left, or are too busy, or just don’t care. My hope is that women care enough. They are not alone, but they have to recruit others to help.


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3 responses to “2523. Battleground USA — Left Promotes, Right Defends

  1. Cinnamon

    Sir Guy,

    To #15 I would add the mocking and ridiculing of monotheism vs. supremacy of a transcendent God (as referenced in the Declaration of Independence).

  2. My Husband's Wife

    Sir Guy,
    Just got back from vacation and am anxious to read through these new posts. I believe that conservatives have been silent for way too long in the public square and are now paying the price.

  3. stephanie deGange

    What a great list. I’m showing it to my husband! Thanks…

    Your Highness Stephanie deGange,
    Welcome aboard. It’s a great day when another pretty woman joins us on this cruise to WhatWomenNeverHear. And Thanks.

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